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  1. Yes I see two problems, you may not find a totally dark/black area on the ship, any stray light on time exposure would ruin your image. Second would be movement of the ship. Timed exposures would not have proper focus on moving ship. Besides that, for shorter exposures (5-10 seconds) you are going to need a very sharp wide angle lens 1.4, 1.8, 2.8 etc.
  2. Interesting discussion. To date I have only shot still with DSLR. I would like to use the iPhone, every now and then, including shooting some video clips with iphone. So here are my options: Upgrade to iPhone 11 Pro, it has 3 lens combo built-in (right now I have iPhone XS Max to trade in.) Buy a set of 4 used Sandmarc lens (being offered locally at a very good price, 50% off of new) Buy one new Moment Lens wide or tele, as they are expensive. So, some guidance or input would be helpful, to deceide which way to go. Thanks
  3. No kidding, I am impressed. Safe travels. Booked on Apex, very much interested in your review. Don’t forget to post pictures. One picture is worth.,,,,, It will save you a lot of writing.
  4. Great pictures Thom. I saw a name come-up in SmugMug, is that your photo gallery?
  5. For my Alaskan curise this summer, I am taking my camera bag with 2 bodies, several lenses (16mm to 500mm) and a tripod. I may not use most of it, but I don't want to regret not have the equipment, when I have an opportunity to use it.
  6. Very nice pictures. If possible to shoot some long exposure, do take a tripod on the ship. We are heading to Alaska this summer and I am planning to take my tripod with me, just to shoot some nice long exposure shots on the ship. Otherwise I will be using Monopod for my NIkon D750, only becaues a 200-500 lens might get difficult to carry around. Plus another body with wide lens.
  7. It might have helped fix the 'motion' with higher ISO and shutter speed. Perhaps at the cost of some noise.
  8. On Edge or Apex, would SV on deck 12 not preferable? Would there be noise issues from above?
  9. Sorry to repeat, SV vs C1 on Apex. SV is showing higher price than C1. Is it worth it?
  10. I am keeping RX RX 100 III, no need to upgrade. I have 2 Nikon Full Frame bodies, plenty of lenses from 16mm to 500mm range. Heading to Alaska (Cruise) this summer, with all that gear for outdoor shooting. BUT for inside the ship, it will be my trusted friend Sony RX 100 III
  11. We are looking at one of these SV on Apex vs IV Veranda. SV is priced even higher than C1 class. But we still want to try it. Is it worth it? Thanks
  12. Last November we were on Equinox, no sight is Anejo Don Julio or Patron. Had a Premium package.
  13. I have used Sony RX 100 III for quite a while now. One the best small camera I have owned. When I am not carrying my Nikon Full Frame DSLR's, I take RX 100 III. Low light 1.8 lens, 24-70mm. Love it.
  14. I have not used clip-on lenses for iPhone. There is a very useful and inexpensive gadget for iPhone or smart phones. Its a Tripod with iphone bracket that retates smoothly for video clips and 'no shake' stills. It also has a bluetooth trigger. I recently used it on our November Cruise. Great for Selfie's, 3-5 second timed group shots and so much more.
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