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  1. We have a aft wrap on the Legend. I can’t wait.
  2. This is what I’m asking and trying to figure out. Are other ports in the Caribbean that can handle cruise ships?
  3. So a lot of people are talking about waiting for different ports? Do they have ports the ships don’t stop at that are equipped to handle ships? Do people think Carnival is making new ports? I’m just confused what people are speaking of.
  4. We booked and Im excited !!! I think it sounds fun. I'm sure the logistics will be worked out. Not like the wind running a ship into another ship. It's going to be something different I haven't seen before. They are bringing back the huge midnight buffets and other foods. We got our favorite cabin and I'm at sea !! We have the Panorama in April and NCL Escape in Jan thank goodness because that's a long time to wait. Anyone else on the Legend?
  5. I’m excited also. Thank goodness we have a couple before this cruise. We are sailing the Legend out of Baltimore. I just hope it’s an early Spring so it’s not too cold. We got our favorite cabin the Vista Wrap Suite. Maybe they will do fireworks or something.
  6. I think if you have children it would be easier to wait. Why stress about getting in early. It’s a relaxed day and you will not miss anything or do without by waiting. We all know children do things on a slower pace and sometimes we have meltdowns. If the parents are rushing to get to the first shuttle it’s hard. So if you are all ready to go fine but don’t rush it.
  7. Can anyone tell me what type of benefits you receive. Let me make this clearer. I know after 100 shares you receive a small OBC. Can anyone tell me how much and how often?
  8. gotcha. I love the room we have but the villa would be nice surprise for my husband and son. Lol
  9. So we are in the 2 bedroom in the Haven on a Pearl sailing for the beginning of Jan. The Haven is showing sold out and has been for a about a month. I keep getting emails to try to upgrade to the 3 bedroom villa. So I put a bid in. My question is why if it’s sold out would they keep sending emails ?
  10. Yes I was confused also. You do have to add it your self
  11. Hello, has anyone heard of a day pass at the Spa on the ships?
  12. Lordy, I have never seen 2 or 3 price drops and we sail a lot. May I ask what type of cabins are you booking to then get these price drops?
  13. This happened to us on the sunrise and when we tried to book something else. Everything was filled.
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