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  1. You can use your imagination with this package ie get the alcohol free cocktails and order a shot of vodka, whiskey or rum. Am sure there are other ideas people can chime in with here.
  2. nyk24

    Soda Package

    Can anyone give me a definitive answer about getting a soda Package onboard. MSC being MSC you need a degree to know everything about it lol. I know all about the changes from the old packages to the new ones. I also know that the internet packages you can buy in advance but they have other options onboard like social media package which you can't buy in advance. Just wondering if there's a slim chance that they might offer a soda Package on board because you can upgrade on board from loads of different drinks packages including the old ones to a better one and on here I saw an image of how much it was to upgrade from the soda package to the non alcoholic package. Either soda is an old package that's now defunct or its one they hide til you get onboard?
  3. Looks like everyone is turning up early (including us), we should have a queue line embarkation party lol 😛
  4. nyk24

    Drinking water

    Dunno if it's true but someone on here mentioned about getting a jug of iced water from their waiter when requesting it. The post is buried away somewhere on here about ordering cocktails in the MDR. Am sure if you have a nice waiter he or she will accommodate you but dont count on it.
  5. 15 drinks max a day and having to wait a few minutes before your next was a bit crazy on carnival. I'm hoping I can refresh myself with a couple of sodas in quick succession with the self service machines on seaside, although I think a time limit on ordering your next alcoholic drink is probably a sensible thing.
  6. Hi cruizinbabe Pretty sure the zip line is either 10 bucks a go or 50 bucks per cabin unlimited per day or per cruise not sure someone on here will know better than me. The soft serve ice cream is only available on deck 16 and only at limited times so not at night for example and yes someone serves you the ice cream. The ice cream on the non alcoholic and kids package is soft ice cream and reading between the lines that sounds like MSCs literal translation for gelato as gelato is a form of soft ice cream (although technically not ice cream). Lastly I don't know about any soda/soft drinks only package. If there is one then it's not listed online unless they sell a package on board? That actually wouldn't surprise me about msc as they sell a social media internet package on board but not online!!!!!
  7. Hey aimcat we are the same age group as you and we have been on different lines and they all have their pluses and minuses. We are going on the msc seaside soon (can't wait). We have done carnival horizon and msc armomia and both were good. But big differences for us was the food. Buffet food for breakfast and lunch was actually alot nicer on msc than carnival but as we are Brits thats a very subjective point. However horizon Has alternative free lunch venues. Dinner in the main dinning room we found better on the horizon and the service was alot better too. However things like a new york strip aren't free on the horizon but they are on the seaside. The breakfast menu in the main dinning room seems more extensive than on the horizon. You will also find that people go out alot more late at night on an msc ship (it's a European thing) than compared to what we noticed on the horizon. We loved the free room service and the certain free items that I could order on the horizon. I think they are stopping free room service now? MSC still does free room.service for fantastica experiences and above and I have seen online there is alot more free food included than we got on the horizon whether it's better room service food I have no idea. Only one ice cream machine on seaside, there were loads on horizon and they had freshly made ice cream in the buffet - 2 different flavours every day. The cakes in the buffet were large slices from a cake - loved the German chocolate cake. MSC like most lines has those fancy little cakes. The sports bar on horizon was great and so was our bar tender. I watched a couple of football matches including the champions League on there. The sports bar on seaside looks even better and has free chips there. The horizon didn't have any free bar food and if you didn't get there early for the match it could be hard to see one of the numerous TVs......the seaside seems to have more space and more TVs plus it has more private booths with little TVs in them so technically it should be better if they have the football there. The horizon has like one slide I think the seaside has alot more. Muster drill is alot quicker on MSC. Horizons drill was in a smoke filled casino and as a non smoker with kids that was very annoying as we had no choice to avoid it. Lifts on Horizon were not only slow (most ships are like that) but there were annoying to operate as you couldn't just press a button, you had to go to a touch screen and tell it what floor you wanted and then it was meant to tell you which lift to take. You would think this would make things easier but the system never worked properly. If you like live music the music was good in the horizon and so too were the comedians. MSC live music I don't think is as good but the night life is more livier on MSC late at night as Europeans like to go out late. MSC don't have comedians as such but they do have live improv and from the YouTube videos I have seen it looks pretty funny. Design wise the seaside looks alot nicer than the horizon. This point doesn't bother me much, however a running point I found before cruising was how much horizon hyped up their ship compared to seaside which meant we didn't enjoy it as much as we should of done if that makes sense? Last but least - the beds. MSC beds are very comfortable compared to what we experienced on horizon, that's not to say they were uncomfortable just not as much to our liking. I prefer a firmer mattress but if you don't then you won't like the beds on seaside. If I had to decide which ship to choose I would base it on what is important to me. The price? The food? The entertainment? The ports? Or the amenities and if you still can't decide go with the cheapest!
  8. Hi there does anyone know how msc handle dairy Intolerances? Will be on the seaside on 26 January and was wondering if anyone had any similar experiences traveling with a young son that cant tolerate milk very well unless it's baked into foods like bread etc. On other lines we have been able to ask for soya milk for his breakfast and for his bedtime drink. We also usually get menus from the night before from our waiter. Will it be a similar system on the seaside or do they do things a bit differently? Much appreciated any responses.
  9. Thank you so much for clearing that up for me.
  10. Hi folks. I have booked a Fantastica cabin for MSC Seaside next month and have heard alot of talk about the 12 free drinks you get with the Fantastica experience. Although this perk is mentioned on the msc USA site it isn't on the UK site at all. Has anyone from the UK had this perk? P.S. As a Brit I automatically get the free water and tea or coffee in MDR so maybe this is instead, although that perk is for any experience! Thanks in advance guys 🙂
  11. It is definitely 12 drinks per person for anyone on the fantastica package however this benefit is only mentioned on the msc USA site and not mentioned on the UK version. If this is true if so is there a work around, ie manage your booking on the USA site???
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