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  1. Does the quench package include soda cans, or fountain soda? Thanks
  2. Where did you get the soda card?
  3. Can the soda card be used for cans? Or is it fountain pop only? If I buy a drink card for the adult, can i get the soda package for the child? Thanks!
  4. Does every person in the room have to purchase a drink package, even if its non-alcoholic? What happens if it's one adult, one child in the room?
  5. Has anyone booked the excursion? If so, what were your thoughts on it? Also, does the price include the fee to mendenhall glacier?
  6. I'm doing the inside passage cruise (Vancouver return) at the end of August. Will the northern lights be visible at all? Will they be visible at the end of September too? Thanks!
  7. Does the Noordam have NY pizza?
  8. Hi, Do you know what HAL's policy is on price drops? How far out from a cruise will they do a price adjustment? Thanks.
  9. I booked an inside guarantee for August 31st and have not yet received a cabin assignment. Should it be coming soon?
  10. Aug 31 on Nieuw Amsterdam. All the letter states is expect delays during embarkation and immigration process.
  11. Hi, I received an email from HAL this morning saying there will be delays on debarkation and embarkation for my cruise in 3 weeks.... is this not a bit early for them to know??? It also stated boarding times according to deck... Has anyone else experienced anything like this in the past? Thanks,
  12. Hi, Has anyone been to Alaska at the end of September (basically right at the end of the season)? What was the temperature like, and weather?
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