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  1. I think it’s pretty safe that everyone will need to be vaccinated to travel especially out of country. I can see all the Caribbean islands requiring it Tickmaster has even started working on something via a third party app in order to go to an event. Will have to prove you had the vaccine or have a Covid test to go.
  2. I will be one of the last people to get it . This being said if people want to travel your not going to have a choice but to get it.
  3. It’s just my opinion but I can’t believe people think there will be any cruising this year at all out of the USA. I doubt there will be any until at least mid 2021 here..
  4. That’s good. Glad to see something moving even if it’s not in the states. will be interesting to see how it all goes
  5. We were insured with Allianz and received a full refund
  6. We too are very happy how quickly we received our refund from Royal. Cruise was for April 19th and we received our refund on April 19th.
  7. I’ve been browsing. Thinking not until February 2022 thought
  8. Personally I think it’s going to take years for the cruise industry to even recover. I hope to cruise in 2022 if things get back to normal by then.
  9. Oh okay. I’m actually not familiar with that class of ship.
  10. If they get rid of all the smaller ships what would they use for Port of Tampa? I’m not sure what ships are the right size for that port.
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