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  1. I received a full refund with Allianz ,. Go to your travel insurance page and look , most are giving refunds . Your TA should know this. Additionally, for a temporary period, we are offering refunds for the cost of your plan if your travel supplier cancels your trip due to COVID-19, as long as no payable claim has been filed under the plan, and you do not wish to apply your plan to a future trip.*
  2. I would definitely wait to cruise if masks are required...won’t do it! I have no problem wearing one here in my homes state but I’ll pass going on vacation if it’s required.
  3. I would of thought the cruise lines would of worked together and combining crew from all the ships by country and work on getting them home , especially the ones that are sailing them home . Maybe there’s a reason they couldn’t or maybe they did.
  4. Well as far as Disney, the parks are not opening only Disney Springs is.
  5. If the islands aren’t going to reopen I can’t imagine ships will sail. I know BVI isn’t opening for a long while and not sure other island are either. I think the islands are going to pay attention to what’s going on in the states and how the virus goes . the islands will open for resorts before cruise ships
  6. Received an email yesterday from my TA and then from my Allianz travel insurance company that they refunded the cost of my travel insurance , that was unexpected and a nice surprise . If you purchased insurance and haven’t received a refund look into it
  7. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones. Royal cancelled my cruise at the end of March and I received my refund April 19th the day I was set to cruise on Harmony. Now if I haven’t received my refund at this point I’d still be okay for a little while longer but come June I’d be getting irritated.
  8. Nobody should be trying to book or give them a dime unless your fine with never getting it back
  9. It’s just my opinion, I don’t think there will be any cruises out of the US until September or October. once again....just my opinion. I hope I’m wrong
  10. We were booked for this past week on Royal Harmony of the seas and I got my full refund on the 19th. I’m surprised it came so quick . I hope Carnival starts issuing refunds soon too. we cruise between Carnival and Royal.
  11. Can they delete this thread as I see we are still using the other thread for this.
  12. Received my full refund today as well . It’s marked the 19th but I just seen it today. Im very happy🤑🤑
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