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  1. People who have early dining , up late dancing or playing in the casino. Many people don’t stuff themselves at dinner ....small meals . When 1:00 or 2:00 am roll around you might like a lite snack.
  2. I totally agree. I was surprised at how not crowded Allure felt when we sailed. Smaller ships seem much more crowded
  3. This was on my statement yesterday...paid off my cruise🤗
  4. I thought it was just announced that it’s going to be called Wear your Best , saying goodbye to formal dress what you feel is right for you.....so it’s changed back or the change hasn’t been made yet ? Is it cruise specific?
  5. You don’t need to explain anything to anyone ! Wear your jeans and enjoy your cruise, it’s doesn’t matter.
  6. Our week and we stopped and did the turtles , sharks off out boat & iguanas
  7. What a difference from when we were there. Maybe we hit it at a different time of day or even just the day we went. I’m happy we went and really enjoyed it , it’s something to check off of my bucket list. I loved watching them swim up to us for the food....they ate very well ! we did GC stingray bar some years ago...crowded but still fun!
  8. I was lucky enough to be on a private catamaran for a week and were able to visit all the great little cay’s from Nassau to Great Exuma so we stopped and seen all kinds of stuff from the pigs to the turtles. Pig island was not busy when we were there and the people there were from private boats like we were on. Didn’t see any excursion while we were there. as stated above some of the original pig had died and were replaced . There was nobody there managing them or people and I didn’t see restrictions on where you could feed, that’s said I could of missed it. We were there in May and like I said we didn’t see any excursion boats , just private dingy’s for private yachts .
  9. It’s really cool to just be on your tender and feed them and see them swim around the boat
  10. There are trips to Pig Island, Big Major Cay from Nassau what I’ve read. It’s on a speed boat and the tour is 8 hours. They also stop at the iguana island and the turtle farm .
  11. Ahhh okay. So a something that was created for people to go see pigs swim🐽🐽
  12. We stopped at pig beach in May , we were sailing from Nassau to Great Exuma on a 60ft cameraman. What I will say is it was pretty cool feeding the pigs and see them swimming up to your boat looking for food. Now as far as swimming with them .......you don’t. It smells bad as they crap wherever and whenever. You can get off you dingy and go onto the beach ...wear swim shoes. This being said I wonder if they actually take you to the real pig island as it’s a cruise from Nassau......maybe they made a place for people to visit as an excursion.
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