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  1. I'll see you on the ship as we are cruising then too! Jane
  2. They do not apply as this is a third party special rate booking.
  3. I had no problem before with them but noticed in the past six months it has been very difficult to get hold of them.. I am going back to Marseille and wanted to tour with William again. I sent numerous emails and no answer. When I did get one after 4 1/2 months I found I had another question. Still waiting for an answer. At this point, I would not deal with them
  4. I did consider LATAM and that was the airline I flew down and back on. There were no flights at the time I wanted them from AEP. I do think they might have added more since I had booked this trip about eleven months out (used AA points to book on LATAM).
  5. I just did Basel to Amsterdam and was on the starboard side doing downstream. Almost all but 2 nights we were docked on the starboard side so when we looked out in the morning or at night we just saw a concrete wall.
  6. In 2011 we paid $2000 for a wool rug at the Carpeterium in Ephesus. This is a cooperative where they bring women in from the villages and teach them how to weave rugs. They can then go back to their villages and make rugs to be sold here. It was a very interesting visit as we watched them making rugs, had a lunch outside and then tea inside. I've been told there is little markup compared to buying it in Istanbul from one of the carpet merchants.
  7. No, when I did Colmar with Avalon a few years ago it did not. We walked around the center of town, went into a museum. It was wonderful but had nothing to do with battles.
  8. I think you are asking silly questions "do I think Viking hires negligent people". No, obviously I do not but perhaps they are not as experienced. Whether the captain was fired or not, I have no idea - after all he wasn't on the bridge during the accident where two were killed. Regardless of whether they are inexperienced, negligent or just made a mistake, there are more accidents by Viking than any other cruise line. I actually googled accidents with other lines and didn't find any other than a cargo ship hitting an Avalon hip and AMADagio getting caught in a malfunctioning lock. Tour guides are great, fine and okay on all lines and the CD tried to gauge our reaction to our tour guides when we returned. With the ear pieces you do not have to hover around your tour guide to hear but it is more awkward being in a large group particularly if you are all trying to see something as well as walking together in the city in a group. Much easier to travel in a group of 15 than 40, wouldn't you say? When we went to a truffle farm and even the vineyard, the owners/speakers did not have a microphone so yes, we did have to get closer to listen. Yes, I agree - we need to agree to disagree based on our experiences and the information we have gathered that helps us make the decision of which cruise line to travel on.
  9. I found the same thing with my cruise in December regarding the size of the Viking tour groups - they were, in some instances, more than twice the size of ours. Regarding my earlier comment about more cruise accidents on Viking, I agree that they have more boats on the river but when I was sailing on AMA a few years ago, the captains bridge was not lowered when they encountered a bridge and the two inside the bridge were killed - that is negligence and not from a fact of having more boats on the river. Follow this link Here is another bridge accident coupled with water issues. Here are some reviews from Vikings own site
  10. Avalon without question. When things do go wrong, other cruise lines appear to do a better job. Viking has also had more river accidents than Avalon
  11. We spent three nights in Prague pre cruise. We were able to pay for the transportation through AMAWaterways to get to our ship from Prague. Here is thee first of three posts that i wrote on our activities pre cruise in Prague, including a cooking lesson in a home: https://airlandandsea.wordpress.com/2015/07/08/prague-in-3-12-days/
  12. When we booked our tickets they asked us if what price we would pay to travel first class. I added in our amount and a few days before the flight, we heard from them. So you like both of my locales TMLA alum! Most people don't notice it. My third locale is playing in the Super Bowl this weekend - originally from Boston and I have the accent to prove it 🙂 Enjoy your trip!
  13. I'm flattered. Thank you for reading and posting your comments. Have a wonderful time. Jane
  14. Was there last year and just getting around to writing my blog post on it. Hope you enjoy it: https://airlandandsea.wordpress.com/2019/01/31/iguazu-falls-have-you-been-there-or-heard-of-them/
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