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  1. So far, I've not seen anything posted about what the Celebration's decor (or theme) will be.
  2. I suspect that there may be some over the door organizers that have cheap hooks that could potentially scratch the door. To prevent this, wrap a little duct tape around the hooks to keep them from damaging the door. I've also read that some people will use wash cloths under the hooks to protect the door.😉
  3. Nov. 27, 2021, on the Mardi Gras. We'll be celebrating my retirement. We booked this cruise nearly a year ago, before the pandemic hit. Hopefully, it's far enough into the future that there will be a safe and effective vaccination, that masks and social distancing will no longer be required, and that the world will be able to start returning to normal.
  4. I wonder if anyone at Carnival ever considered auctioning off (or outright selling) certain items from the retired ships to those of us that would like to have a bit of cruise memorabilia. Items such as furniture, ship's decor (i.e. paintings), etc. The money (or at least a portion of it) could go to St. Jude's. Oh well. Too late now.
  5. We booked our cruise for the Mardi Gras nearly a year ago, before the Corona pandemic hit the U.S. We're booked for Nov. 2021 for the week following Thanksgiving. It will be a pre-retirement celebration for me. My wife wanted to be on the ship to see it decorated for the holidays. We chose a cove balcony cabin, to be closer to the water, as well as the added privacy. This will be our 5th cove balcony. To the OP, and anyone else that hasn't quite decided about which cabin to choose, this video has some very good information, and may be helpful to you.
  6. "Peace of mind policy" for what? There are no guarantees in life. Carnival will do what they can to provide a safe and fun-filled cruise for everyone, whenever cruises start up again.
  7. Once the CDC gives the okay for cruises to start, I'm wondering if the home port cities will be ready to comply., especially if their cases of Covid-19 are still high.
  8. I found this information on Carnival's home page in the F.A.Q. section. Hopefully this helps to answer your question. You may have to call Carnival for additional information. https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3668/kw/do children pay full price
  9. After doing some searching on GOOGLE, I found this list of ships (and itineraries) scheduled to start cruising in November 2020. It was provided by the fine folks right here on Cruise Critic. https://www.cruisecritic.com/cruiseto/cruiseitineraries.cfm?cl=8&startDate=2020-11 I realize that schedules are subject to change without advanced notice. but, this information may be helpful to some of you.
  10. There are a few web sites that sell Carnival Cruise and cruise related face masks. I don't think I'm allowed to mention them specifically. Just go to Google and type "Carnival Cruise face masks" in the search bar.
  11. Why stop with blaming Coca-Cola for causing obesity? Maybe Mexico should include beer consumption too. There are a quite a few people that sport what is typically referred to as a "beer gut". And, might as well target McDonald's too. Their signs proclaim "Billions sold". I'll bet none of their hamburgers or cheeseburgers are low calorie. I'm in total agreement with TNcruising2's comments on this.
  12. As to how well a magnet or magnets will stick to the door depends on the strength of the magnet. It's a good idea to bring some Command strips with you, just in case your magnets won't stick.
  13. richbum, if you're not able to get gift cards for the Build-A-Bear on the ship, there is another option. Let the grandkids put the charge on your on board account. Or, if they have their own on board accounts, just go to Guest Services some time prior to Debarkation Day and pay for the charges yourself.
  14. If social distancing while going from one deck to another is of such great concern to people, take the stairs. Leave the elevators for those that have some sort of physical disability and can't use the stairs.
  15. Oh well. Maybe the person at Guest Services just didn't want to take the time to contact Carnival. Too late to worry about it now. It wasn't a huge amount. Only $50.00. And, I was able to have applied to the next cruise after that.
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