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  1. beachbum53

    Recently off the Magic -- any questions?

    One of the things we like to do on an at-sea day is play putt-putt golf. Is the mini-golf course on the Magic in good shape, or is it due for some refurbishing?
  2. In no particular order: Lunch ( a burrito from the Blue Iguana), take a nap, people watching on the Lido deck.
  3. Correction. The cove balcony cabins are on Deck 2, which is below the MDR and galley, NOT above.
  4. beachbum53

    FTTF passes

    If you haven't already done so, you should probably post this information on your Roll Call. ;)
  5. beachbum53

    Do you love your beach bag? (Random Question)

    Do a search for a water resistant packable daypack. We used to use a large beach bag for our shore excursions. But with beach towels, sun block, bottles of water, and a couple of other things, it got to be a lot for one person (me) to carry. So, about 4 or 5 cruises ago, I bought each of us a packable daypack from Eddie Bauer (but there are several brands to choose from). Now, we each carry our own stuff, whether it's for a day at the beach or a land based excursion.
  6. beachbum53

    Just off the Breeze

    We've cruised on the Breeze, and no, the cabin doors are not magnetic. If they were, there would be eating utensils stuck to the doors when people put their room service dishes out in the hallway. :D
  7. beachbum53

    Cold or not?

    It depends partly on where you're sitting. We once sat at the back, closest to the automatic doors that lead to the interior of Deck 9 (or 10, depending on which ship you're on). Every time someone would go in or out of those doors, there would be a rush of cold air from the ship's AC. We eventually moved to a different spot, away from the blast of cold air.
  8. beachbum53

    Public display of affection on a carnival cruise

    About the same as any pda you'd show in church. I'd say you're safe with holding hands while in public. Pretty much anything else should probably be reserved for the privacy of your cabin.
  9. beachbum53

    First Time Steakhouse question

    Unless you provided more than one booking number for the reservation(s), it will all be charged to one booking number.
  10. beachbum53

    Steakhouse question

    I realize that Deboinkc. However, since the OP said this would be their first time going to the steakhouse, I thought it would be helpful to include this information.
  11. beachbum53

    Steakhouse question

    Just FYI. Shorts are not allowed in the steakhouse, not even on the first night. Some may say they were able to wear shorts into the steakhouse. It probably depends on how strict the hostess is. It's been my experience that anyone wearing shorts is turned away and asked to go change into long pants. So, be sure to pack something appropriate to wear in your carry on, in case your checked luggage isn't delivered in time before dinner.
  12. beachbum53

    6450 carnuval liberty, any cons?

    We've stayed in that cabin. The stairwell you see in the deck plans is used by the crew, not passengers. We never noticed any noise from there. Since that cabin is in the rear corner of the ship, it's fairly quiet, except for one thing. The lounge that has karaoke nights is on Deck 5 just below that cabin. Those that drink alcohol tend to get louder, but not necessarily better. Also, on Deck 10, there is a security flood light on that corner of the ship that points straight down the side of the ship. It lights up the balcony like it's daytime. Great if you want to sit out there and read at night. Not so great if you want to be able to star gaze, or sit out on your balcony in your undershorts. Just a couple of things to keep in mind if you decide to book that cabin.
  13. beachbum53

    Embarkment Question?

    Correction: You have a CHECK-IN time at the terminal for 11:30 - 12:00. That means you will not be able to enter the terminal before 11:30. You cannot choose a boarding time. The boarding time varies, depending on when the arriving ship clears Customs and Debarkation has finished. Boarding might start anywhere between 10:45 - 11:45. On average, it's usually around 11:00. So, with your check-in time of 11:30 -12:00, there's a pretty good chance that boarding will have already started, and you'll be able to board very soon after you check in.
  14. Hmm. Maybe it's time to go back to glass bottles. Or, just like when we had glass bottles, maybe there should be a deposit on the plastic bottles that you would get back when you return the empties.
  15. Don't waste your time (or money). You won't get past the security people at the port terminal with your bottles of soda.