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  1. My thoughts exactly. It appears we're in the same boat (no pun intended).
  2. I think that's part of the reason that most people stopped buying Hummers. They're too big to fit in a normal garage. As for the (current) itinerary choice, if those are the only two that are offered, I'd probably choose the Western itinerary. We've been to Amber Cove and didn't care for it. We've been to Grand Turk several times and I'm getting burned out on it. San Juan is the only stop on the Eastern itinerary where I might actually get off of the ship.
  3. If you don't want to wear a watch, and are concerned about your smart phone not staying on ship's time, there is an alternative that might be worth considering. Buy a carabiner watch that you can clip to a belt loop or onto your backpack. Or, slip it in your pocket. Keep it set to ship's time, just as you would with a wristwatch.
  4. We're trying to plan ahead for a cruise on the Mardi Gras in 2021. Currently, there are only two itineraries to choose from. 7 day Western Caribbean to Cozumel, Costa Maya and Mahogany Bay. 7 day Eastern Caribbean to San Juan, Amber Cove and Grand Turk. Neither itinerary really excites me. I hope that by the time the Mardi Gras is home ported in Port Canaveral that more itineraries will be posted. Guess we'll just have to wait a while before choosing.
  5. That is correct. Buy 6, get the 7th one free. My wife likes to have a latte in the morning, so she always gets the card. I drink regular coffee, so I don't need the card.
  6. (I meant to say, "If all else fails..." )If you don't have the proper footwear required, skip the galley tour. The ship's galley is pretty much like any large commercial kitchen/cooking area. Really not that big of a deal if you don't get to see it.
  7. There are a few people that will try to smuggle cans of beer mixed in with their cans of sodas.
  8. Unless you have physical limitations that would prevent it, i highly recommend the zip-lining excursion. My wife is afraid of heights, and even she had a good time, and said she would do it again without hesitation. The view is awesome as you glide above the treetops. If this is something that's on your "bucket list", I can't imagine a better place than St. Kitts to do it.
  9. I love the cove balconies on those ships that have them, and same for the Waterworks.
  10. In order for Carnival to keep cruise fares as low as possible for families and those of us in the middle income bracket, Carnival has had to cut corners ( what some refer to as "cutbacks"). Unfortunately, some of those cuts include entertainment. The theater orchestra was replaced by pre-recorded music. On a previous "Behind the Fun" tour, we learned that there is a bit of a turnover for talented singers and dancers. A number of them tend to move on to other cruise lines (or land based theaters) where the pay is better. The Playlist Production shows that many have mentioned typically range between mediocre (at best) to downright awful. The steel drum band(s) that used to perform on the Lido deck were replaced by a DJ playing mostly hip-hop music (at an excessively loud volume). This led to a large number of complaints, and so there is a musician that alternates with the DJ. It's usually someone that plays guitar and sings, or someone that plays steel drums accompanied with a synthesized keyboard. If you're hoping for top-notch entertainment, you may be disappointed. Despite the less-than-great entertainment, Carnival is still an enjoyable cruise.
  11. Just let your waiter (and your tablemates if possible) know ahead of time that you'll be dining elsewhere on whichever evening you choose. That way, no one has to wait for you to show up. Whether you dine elsewhere once, twice, or more, as long as everyone knows ahead of time, it won't be a problem. What is unacceptable is NOT telling anyone of your plans, and causing your tablemates to wait unnecessarily to be waited on.
  12. If my memory is right, I think they have the keypads. With the keypad, you have to use a 4 digit code. We just use the last 4 numbers of our telephone.
  13. Contact Carnival and explain that you have certain dietary restrictions. Although you may or may not be allowed to bring homemade items on board, the ship's kitchen staff will try to accommodate your needs as best as they can.
  14. Could be a computer glitch of some sort. Why not give Carnival a call? I doubt that anyone here would have the answer for you. All we can do is speculate.
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