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  1. Can standard balconies sleep 3? Probably, but it would be a lot more comfortable to sleep in the cabin as opposed to the balcony. ☺️
  2. That is possible.Travel agents are sometimes able to reserve a block of cabins to sell. If you're working with a TA, ask if she/he can help you get the balcony cabin (or one similar) that you'd prefer.
  3. groundloop, are you only able to go during one specific week, or would you be able to book at a different time when there might be more balcony cabins available, specifically any that don't have any lifeboats beside them?
  4. Along with carefully studying the deck plans, our PVP was very helpful in choosing our cabin. We've booked cabin #5356, which looks like it's directly below the Java Blue Cafe. Once it closes for the evening, there shouldn't be much noise from above. Also, it doesn't appear that there are any lifeboats directly above our cabin. Looks like a win-win to us. 😃 I'm guessing any cove balcony cabins from 5306 to 5386 should be pretty good.
  5. It's already been announced by John Heald (and Carnival) that there will be no FTTF for the first six months on the Mardi Gras. So, if Mardi Gras' inaugural sailing date keeps getting pushed back, and ends up being in June or July, FTTF may not be available in Dec. '21. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.
  6. Until you read something official from Mexico's Department of Travel and Tourism, I would advise disregarding any hearsay from hotel employees, taxi drivers, or anyone else in casual conversation.
  7. If you purchase FTTF, there will be an "FTTF" emblem on your Sign & Sail card. Plan to arrive early at the designated area (typically the ship's theater) where you would get your tickets for the water shuttle. Show your S&S card to the staff member that is giving out the tickets so that you can get tickets for the first boarding. Nothing has been posted by Carnival regarding any changes to seating in the MDR. If you choose Early or Late dining, you will already have an assigned table ( no reservation required). If you choose Anytime Dining, unless there is a change in the procedure, th
  8. The only ship that for sure won't have FTTF right away is the Mardi Gras. For any other ships, it's purely speculative. I guess we'll find out what Carnival has planned whenever they post the information.
  9. I know that FTTF is a money maker for Carnival. But once cruising does finally start back up, I wonder if Carnival will temporarily suspend it in an effort to give housekeeping (i.e. cabin stewards) time to do whatever additional sanitizing is required before embarkation begins. It could be reintroduced at a later date, after certain protocols would no longer be needed.
  10. Unless Carnival changes the most recent information they've posted (which is certainly possible), there are a handful of cruises scheduled to set sail in April, most notably the inaugural sailing of the Mardi Gras on April 24th. If (and that's a big "if") there are no further changes, the April sailings are not that far away.
  11. There's something I haven't seen much discussion about. I've been wondering what protocols and embarkation procedures will be in place once cruising starts up again. I know there's been a lot of speculation about a couple of issues, and I'm not sure exactly what Carnival (or any other cruise line) is planning to do. Will face masks be required, and if so, for how long? Will proof of a vaccination or negative test result be required for boarding? Will there be any changes to arrival time appointments at the home ports? Will social distancing be necessary at the home port, or on the ship? If so,
  12. So far, I've not seen anything posted about what the Celebration's decor (or theme) will be.
  13. I suspect that there may be some over the door organizers that have cheap hooks that could potentially scratch the door. To prevent this, wrap a little duct tape around the hooks to keep them from damaging the door. I've also read that some people will use wash cloths under the hooks to protect the door.😉
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