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  1. Look on your reservation at "Onboard Reservations" and go to the bottom of the page to the summary. It took about 24 hours for ours to show up.
  2. We had it last month in our TA coupon book and used it.
  3. I have not seen it offered in years or I would be all over that.
  4. We have had it on the last 5 cruises and for us it is a good value. My Husband and I had about 85 pictures from our last cruise. I really don't care about the hard copies as I make photo books online and will use most of them in my books. I use all of the port pictures to open that port in my books. The 8X10 pics were $25 each without a package.
  5. There is a lot of walking on uneven surfaces. There are no sidewalks and no taxi's. The ships tours picked you up at the shuttle docks after you came over on the tender boat.
  6. We were in Qaqortoq, Nanortalik and cruised through Prins Christian Sund in August on the Pacific Princess. All were memorable! The Sund was one of the best days ever on a cruise ship. Nanortalik: We walked the town and as others have mentioned, there is no shopping but lots of local culture. Take $5 for the outdoor museum. Checkout the two supermarkets--no fresh meat. Walk across town in the other direction to the cemetary-the view is amazing. Check out the colorful homes-we saw fish drying outside of several. We had a local whale watching tour booked but it was cancelled as the ship changed dates twice within two weeks of arrival and all of the flip flopping was too much for the tour company. Qaqortoq: Planned to walk around this town. We saw the rock scultures throughout the town, the harbor, museum and don't miss the fish market. All of the locals were hanging out at the fish market and there were lots of freshly caught fish. We had a hot dog and fries at the best hot dog stand in Greenland-or so we were told-and ate with the locals. Right off the pier and it was good. Prins Christian Sund: We had fog all morning and could not see past the railing on our balcony. Then as we entered the Sund the clouds parted and we had an afternoon of clear blue skie and crisp sunny weather. We spent the entire afternoon on the deck taking pictures and enjoyed talking with our fellow passengers. About 2/3 of the way through the Sund there was a small village, Aappilattoq, of about 132 people. Only accessible by boat the small colorful homes were amazing. If you want a tour, book early and have a back up plan in case weather causes a cancellation. There is plenty to see with or without a tour. Enjoy your cruise!
  7. January 2021 Regal Princess Cruisetour Australia/New Zealand was booked the week it opened up. We wanted certain cabins--and got them. Will refare if something somes up that interests. So far we have a better deal as it is now.
  8. Not sure if the whole thing was transferable. There were notices sent out everywhere , in the Patter and there was a big sign at the past passenger desk. We got 3 flyers in our cabin with specific lists of cruise deals that could be booked (in addition to any other you wanted) as well as two forms already filled out for FCD that you could just sign and put in the box. We were on the Pacific Princess and they told us that 89% of the passengers were Platinum and Elite so they were well traveled. There was nearly always someone waiting to book a cruise and get the bonus. They did say it was for new bookings only.
  9. We had USB ports in the bedside lamps last month on the Pacific.
  10. On our cruise last month they were offering double the onboard credit for buying and using FCD--so if you would normally get $100 credit when using the FCD you would get $200, for $300 you would get $600. They would also transfer the booking to the TA of choice. There were a lot of people taking advantage of the offer.
  11. We boarded in San Pedro and it was around 11:30am when they started boarding.
  12. The chicken salad with apples and walnuts!
  13. We just got off of the Pacific Princess last week. On most port days the onboard time was 5:30pm with a 6pm sailing. There was one port that we did not leave until 1am and it was open seating that night. The two "actual" on board dining times were 5:30pm and 7:45pm, although they almost always opened up at 7:30pm. We had second sitting and were not affected at all. The first sitting folks needed to be onboard earlier. I did hear a couple of people say that they had asked to join a table on second sitting when they missed their dining and they were able to accomodate them. (There were many empty tables regularly around us on most nights)
  14. We were on the Regal and docked at Oceankaj.
  15. I would have no issue with any of our names on cabin. I want our friends to find us. I feel safe on a cruise and take all proper precautions to guard my identity and property. My Children would be under adult supervision at all times and those who are older would never be out alone. We had several family groups on our last cruise. We worried more about the 94 year old getting lost or in trouble!
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