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  1. We were on the Regal and docked at Oceankaj.
  2. I would have no issue with any of our names on cabin. I want our friends to find us. I feel safe on a cruise and take all proper precautions to guard my identity and property. My Children would be under adult supervision at all times and those who are older would never be out alone. We had several family groups on our last cruise. We worried more about the 94 year old getting lost or in trouble!
  3. We have 3 ports with Princess excursions on our next cruise. For those 3 trips they have increased in price $10, $30 and $50 for a total of $90 per person since I booked them months ago. We had a 4th tour that we changed our mind and canceled. I would book any trips that are "unique" or in high demand as soon as you know you want them. Keep checking for newly added excursions as Princess does add selections as time goes on.
  4. We paid TJ with a credit card (no fees) and the transaction was exactly as quoted in $$. The guides will graciously accept any tips in dollars, Euros or Rubles. They were a wonderful company to tour with. Enjoy!
  5. Pikes is basically on the other end of the Princess parking lot. It is a wonderful restaurant! The Sunday Brunch is amazing.
  6. We have purchased the package for our cruises for the last 4 years and love it. I have had the same issues with handing my nice camera off to someone for photos.....very poor photos....so we like to have photos taken. I make albums online from our trips and really only want the digital copies. I just checked our drives from the last couple of cruises for the picture size. It ranges from 450kb to 3.5mb depending on the type of picture and the ship. Photos from the Star were larger than those from the Regal. I've had no issues blowing any of them up for my albums which are 11" x 14" so some of the prints were 8 X 10. We don't buy many souvenirs. I figure that the pictures are my best souvenir .
  7. We used TJ Travel last summer for the 2 day tour and could not have been more pleased. Our Guide was so efficient at keeping us out of lines and on schedule with time to spare. Enjoy your trip!
  8. I collect Russian Santas and bought 6 throughout St. Petersburg all with a CC. There is a very large selection of Matryoshka dolls at several shops in the Cruise Ship Terminal and the prices were comparable to the shops in town. (I found some of the best Santas there) All take CC. We had no need for Rubles anywhere.
  9. We took a taxi from our hotel to the ship. We did not want to hassle with all the luggage and a bus. It was very easy/fast to embark in Copenhagen.
  10. Just one. They had a letter from the court allowing the travel with the parent who had full custody.
  11. We had 6 family members use it in March to board for our family cruise. 3 were children. We were told it is equivalent to a passport for travel only to North American countries only and is valid for flights. Here is what I found: You can cruise with just a passport card. But… ... Although US and Canadian passport holders are not currently required to sail with a passport on most domestic itineraries (includingAlaska, Bermuda, Canada, Caribbean, Hawaii, and Mexico and Panama Canal), Princess Cruises highly recommends they are carried.Jan 28, 2019
  12. If cost is the issue, a passport card for $30 works for Canadian ports. That's what my niece got for her kids on our last cruise.
  13. We did the Regal last summer in the Baltic. I just put laundry on our "to do" schedule working around our tours/sea days. I went early and always managed to get right in and out.
  14. We booked one flight from Copenhagen last year on BA through EZair. It was regular economy with one bag included. We were not able to pick seats until it was completely paid for, which we did early as I wanted to pay/select certain seats. This year we are flying to Heathrow roundtrip on flights that are AA serviced by BA. We booked one leg through EZair and the return direct with AA on points. They both include one bag and we were able to select seats right away for both without paying upfront on EZair. We paid for upgraded seats for 1 seat going and 2 seats on the return.
  15. We have always been picked up around 11-12 noon when using Princess Transfers.
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