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  1. We're taking the Freedom in August and we'd love to get some form of tour of San Juan and/or nearby places that picks us up from our pre-cruise hotel with bags and drops us at the pier when we're done. Problem is, we're traveling with a couple of teens whose idea of hell is going outside and seeing old and/or pretty stuff. They're going to want to sit in an air-conditioned bus all day and watch YouTube, and although we may be able to persuade them to see one or two cool things, their attention span is pretty limited. (Criticism of our parenting can be put in another thread 🙂 ) But it's our first time going to Puerto Rico and we would still like to see some of it even if they won't. Does anyone have any good ideas for tours and/or tour operators we could use?
  2. You must be our clones! We're also about an hour north of Manhattan, we're also going on the Freedom (in August at the end of the summer vacation), and we're also staying at the Condado Plaza beforehand! Really looking forward to hearing more about your trip... (Our kids are a bit younger though -- 15 and 12.)
  3. There was, back in the past, but it stopped a few years ago. If you have a car, the best bet is to drive -- you don't need to go through Manhattan, there are some decent routes to get there, and parking costs are significantly less than any train fare you'd be paying. If you don't have a car and you don't want to arrive the night before, you should take Amtrak to Newark Penn Station (NOT New York Penn Station) and take a cab/Uber from there. Obviously, go as early as you can given that there's an inherent risk in traveling the same day, but it's probably a risk I'd take. (I've driven same-day from the Boston area without worrying at all.)
  4. One restaurant I haven't seen mentioned here (and it's my go-to in the Theater District, and a block from my office!) is Osteria al Doge on 44th. Great food, pleasant ambience. I've been to Frankie and Johnnie's -- it's pretty good but very traditional. But honestly, there's so much great food in Midtown that you'll be able to find something: just prebook on OpenTable well ahead of time for pre-theater dining.
  5. From your history, it seems like you're in Redding... so really the best answer is Metro-North here. If Danbury branch trains are a bridge too far, get a friend (or Uber) to take you to Katonah or South Norwalk (there's long-term parking at South Norwalk but it's limited to five days max, or at least it was a few years ago when I used to park there long-term; Katonah is a pain and a half for parking) for more frequent trains. The fare will be about $12 each way to Grand Central. Then just a straight shot cab to the port. It will be more of a pain than just parking at the port but you'll save about $300. Your choice.
  6. Not from Cape Liberty, but you can park at Port Imperial in Weehawken and take a ferry from there. It drops you off about ten minutes' walk from the Manhattan Cruise Terminal, so if you are in reasonable shape and can roll your luggage, it's quite doable -- or of course it's a quick cab ride.
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