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  1. I was counting on a quick, accurate and informational response from you! I honestly think CC just needs to have a separate space on the boards - "Ask martincath about Vancouver!" Thank you!
  2. We're booked on Alaska Northbound on NCL leaving July 1. Our flight arrives at YVR at 8:20pm on June 30 and we have reservations for the Buchan Hotel that night. What are our best and/or cheapest transport options to get from the airport to hotel? Also, it LOOKS like we're close enough to the port that it's walkable the next morning so that we can sightsee a bit before boarding at 11:30 (steam clock, etc.). We're only going to have a carry-on bag and "personal item" to tote around. Am I correct? And close by food recommendations would be appreciated as well! Many thanks for
  3. Does anyone have recent NCL Jewel menus for the main dining room? This will be our first time on NCL (Alaska this July). We've seen all of the recommendations for the specialty dining, but are trying to go as low budget as possible. We are not foodies. Just curious what to expect.
  4. REI is an awesome place - pricey, but you can find deals if you are a co-op member and watch for sales! The anniversary sale is a good one. My oldest son spent a month out West last summer on his own - New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Utah and then Yellowstone & Glacier. Had an REI tent and one of the poles bent in high winds. Tent was still functional, but... Took it in to ask about replacing the pole and they simply replaced the tent. And he got the new model since they had just upgraded!
  5. Yes. This is exactly what we got for July!
  6. I couldn't find a thread on this, but may have just missed it. Not new to cruising, but first time on NCL. Can you request ahead of time for the beds to be pushed together and made up as one? Any idea where on the website, or do I call? Or just wait until boarding, find our room steward and request?
  7. No worries! Good information is always good to share in my opinion. Unfortunately, as pretty as it looks, Devil's Punchbowl won't be on my itinerary - training for a marathon, I am not! I hope you have a lovely cruise and hike.
  8. Do you recall - is that what comes up as the Mill Street location?
  9. tysmomm: Would you care to share what information you received? Husband and I are in the same quandry (different boat, though! ) I can get a $25 gift card for Avis from CC points, and another couple on our cruise is interested in splitting the cost of the rental. Makes it very affordable, I think. But I would like to know what you found out about distance, etc.
  10. Good to know! We are close to and spend a good bit of time hiking in Pisgah Forest in Brevard. It's a lovely area and much more like Saluda. There's really only mall hiking in Arden which is just a bit north of my house! Is it doable to squeeze in Lower Dewey on top of Yakutania/Smugglers Cove and Lower Reid Falls? The view overlooking the cruise ship sounds like something not to be missed. We're there the first week of July if that makes any difference. Hubby is a better hiker than me, but I do alright, especially when motivated by scenery and/or waterfalls! We're figuring on Skagway
  11. dyeadave: Lower Dewey looks pretty, but it also doesn't look all that different from hiking at home.... Yakutania Point and on to Smugglers Cove, lunch in town, and then a separate hike to Lower Reid falls - doable? We're in port 8am-8pm.
  12. Anita - thank you for the input! I've seen a few of your other posts on various boards, and checked out your trip report. I really enjoy your writing and the photographs are beautiful. Scrolling through your trip report was probably a bad idea, though - now I'm chomping at the bit even more! DH booked us a July 1 northbound NCL sailing - the 49th state during the year I turn 49. 137 days to go...
  13. We've started some research, but getting a little overwhelmed with options. There looks to be great, close to town hiking. We live in the mountains in NC, so we do some hiking, but not wanting anything strenuous. Just a nice day hike to see beautiful scenery. Lower Reid Falls, Yakutania Point, Smugglers Cove and Lower Dewey Lake all look like good options. What are everyone's preferences and recommendations?
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