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  1. That was my point. I spent years playing the MyVegas to get those points, and used 2 million points as well. If they dont see value in it, no problems - refund me 50% of my points so that I can use them on another cruise. But that would be another can of worms. The lady who told me "you paid nothing" was a "Reese", that spoke with me when I called them the last time. Eventually that call got transferred and the next person was more reasonable.
  2. Nicole Heather was the same person who replied to my first email explicitly saying $826.00
  3. Yes - I have the "promo code" now for a $500 off the next cruise.. they claim "no strings attached" - but I dont think I can count on it. I did not use the casino credit... did not want to give them the opportunity to tell me later "oh - we gave you the money.." And I spoke with guest services, ClubRoyale, mother Teresa, Barak Obama and Big Foot... they just kept pointing to one another... They closed my Twitter chat with "Sorry about the wrong info we gave you - bye".
  4. I hate to tell you this, but you wont fix it during the cruise.. unless this is a 10 days cruise and you spend all days calling them. When I started complaining about my missing OBC, they told me "we are working to fix it right away" and that changed to "dont worry - if we cant get it done now you will get the money back after the cruise" and then to "what money??? we owe you nothing!". One lady had the guts to tell me this in my last call : "So you think deserve to get money back when you did not pay for the cruise?"
  5. Just dont tell them how you got this: vanessaelizabethtorres@rccl.com
  6. Mine was in writing too... made no difference. Finally today I spent 3 hours (yes - 3 hours in a single phone call to RCCL) and after a lot of fighting they agreed to give a *future* $500.00 discount. I spoke with 3 people today, and one of them even insinuated that I misunderstood the offer, and later that I was "trying to convince them to refund me for something that was not wed to me.." Bottom line - be prepared... there is a pretty good chance the credit wont show up as OBC and if that is the case, it will be a lot of trouble to get them to honour the offer. I think this only applies to those who used the MyVegas points.
  7. On the last day, they gave us a partial refund for the port fees too.. some 21.40 less per person.
  8. Well, I used some "points" from playing their online casino (I refer to them as MyVegas).. I guess it is considered "comped" in this case. If you paid in full with your CC I dont think you will have any issues... well, maybe or maybe not. Because I learned now that if RCCL tells you one thing in writing, it does not mean they will actually follow through.
  9. Just got back this past Saturday.. and STILL NO word from RCCL regarding the correct OBC amount. Since mid last week, they simply stopped replying to my emails and have been ignoring me. While on the ship, the casino called me some 9654654 times to get me to go there and spend some $400.00 in free play, which I politely declined as this was not what RCCL had offered me BEFORE the cruise. So, those of you getting in writing that you will be credit X dollars in OBC - keep in mind that RCCL will determine later on the actual amount you will get, based on some random formula. I was told (verbally and via email) that my OBC would be 826.00.. 1st day on the ship I saw a credit of $395.00, and after 2-3 days they credited me a difference of $430.00 as casino credit (use it or lose it), while telling me via twitter that I would get those $430.00 as OBC (which never happened).
  10. They had promised a 826.00 obc and we got 395.00 I reached out to rccl again today and am convinced they won't even try to handle this in the short term... They told me "not to worry as any unused obc gets refunded to the card ".. That tells me they won't fix it while I'm cruising. What will happen later is anybody's guess. They also stopped replying to my emails.
  11. As off now, no updates. Just a bunch of 'we are trying to get more info on this matter...' but no concrete answers. Sadly this is day 4 now. The last message I got from rccl was that once they correct the obc amount, if unused, it would be credited to my. Credit card on file. But between what they promise and what happens in real life there is a fine line, as I have learned.
  12. Well.. bad news for those (like me) who booked throught the club royale. After being told over the phone AND confirmed in writing (email from ClubRoyale) about the amount we would received, we got the the ship and discovered the OBC was for less than half of the 50% of the cruise fare they told us. Guest services has NO idea what to do.. just told me to contact Club Royale... I emailed club royale, and got no reply... then called them (Im still on the Majesty as I type this) and the 1st person there told me"oh.. you use points so you qualify for ZERO dollars in obc.." I explained to her that this was nonsense as there was already a decent credit, just not the correct amount.. she did not belive me, and I had to forward her the email from Club Royale... still, no solution.. told me to wait. I then sent a Twitter to RCCL.. someone replied to me quickly, and it has been 2 days.. they still have no idea.. just keep telling me "we are trying to get more info on this matter and will get back to you shortly". Today, they sent me a direct message via Twitter telling me they would credit me 200 pp in casino money. Club Royale keeps telling me to contact Guest services, and guest services has no idea of what ClubRoyale is (a man at the desk kept looking at me like I was an alien explaining extraterrestrial affairs). We were told if we cancelled, we would get the full cruise fare... and if we took the cruise, we would get 50% of the cruise fare as per invoice, which would have been 826.00. 1st day of cruise, we noticed a 197.50 obc per person.
  13. I sent an email to ClubRoyale and they just confirmed.. we get a credit for whatever is the cruise fare on the invoice. Im my case, 826.00 US$ for the cabin.
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