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  1. In April we were on Symphony and had room 8293 (right next to Dazzles) and it was quite noisy. The band set up in Dazzles was on the same side as our room and really loud at times. I had read a warning from another cruiser that had this room and brought a small white noise machine. This really helped to drown out the sound but we could still hear the base most nights. I think if you are not one of the rooms that “shares” a wall you will be fine.
  2. Deck 11 (5th from the back). It was SO loud pretty much every night until 1am. They showed movies until then or the fine line. However I think our balcony door had issues sealing - maintenance came a couple times to fix it. We could hear wind whistling until their 2nd visit. But even after the fix we could hear all the shows like the speakers were in our room. Our Central Park balcony on the Allure last year was super quiet. Good choice to go that route.
  3. The port (took Indy in 2017) into Amsterdam was about a 45 min drive with traffic. We did the ship tour that took us into the city, did a boat canal tour and then had about 2.5 hours to explore on our own and then toured a windmill. I though it was great and would recommend it. I don’t remember seeing HOHO busses at port but I could have missed them. Good luck! Love that city.
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