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  1. Thank you so much! Makes me feel a little better about that large purchase! I basically told my husband that I couldn't imagine taking the kids on a cruise there and then saying, "sorry, no waterslides..."
  2. I just purchased the Coco Cay waterpark tickets for our family of 7. Kids range from 8-15 years and are all tall enough for slides, I am just curious about others' experiences with the waterpark. Is it super crowded with long lines? Are the slides fun? Are there enough pool chairs? Overall, would you do it again with kids? I know it's more expensive than our local waterparks, but is it worth the extra cost for the slides and wave pool rather than the free beach?
  3. We will be on Ovation from Vancouver to Hawaii with 4 or 5 days at sea. Just a few questions about different activities on board... Is there an extra charge for North Star or Ripcord? What type of events go on in 270 during the day and evening?
  4. Is there a dive shop offering rental equipment to snorkel, or do we need to bring our own? And is there a fee to snorkel (in addition to renting equipment)? Is the water usually calm? We've snorkeled several times, but just once was the water so choppy that I felt uncomfortable (in Aruba). Is there a place to leave towels, bags etc?
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