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  1. Ours was 5.30 pm on the day of arrival only had to attend once
  2. When getting of grande anse water taxi I'm sure I'll get loads of offers for beach chairs etc from vendors etc Should I turn left up the beach or right I'm looking for comfy chairs and a nice spot on the beach for a swim and snorkell, shallow entrance into water and a drink Any advice please
  3. Tickets are available around 6 months in advance, keep an eye on the website and book online
  4. As above cruise lines will probably dictate your disembarking and embark times and I wouldn't think you would have much time to leave the celebrity ship and find your land legs, have you thought about disembarking early, hire a hotel dayroom for the day, leave your luggage in your room and explore southampton locally ie , shopping, tudor house, titanic museum then embarking later, www.dayuse.co.uk have rooms ms for around £50 a day in or near the high street, mecure dolphin, ibis etc, hope this can help
  5. Hi, we are visiting for a day from a cruise ship, family of four, our first time to antigua would like to see do the touristy sights such as the shirley heights pics, vist to nelsons dockyard and finish off with the afternoon on a nice beach, don't mind a busy beach, Can anyone recommend a pre booked tour or do we or can we just get a taxi at the port Any advice would be appreciated and possible prices, thanks ☺
  6. Been researching ideas on here and tripadvisor on what to do on forthcoming cruise stop, looking on tripadvisor photos of menu's show prices for drinks and food at various grand anse beach bars in dollars, is this local caribean dollars or us dollars ? Also water taxi prices is this local or us dollar prices, many thanks in advance
  7. Hi can anyone who's been to st maarten with p&o tell me what time, they arrived, departed the port, as I'm keen to take a taxi to maho beach when I'm there and wondered how much time I've got to get back as hear the roads can be quite busy, or any other ideas to maho beach, also if youve been whats the state of the beach after 2017 hurricane, many thanks in advance
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