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  1. I got the same message today using Google Chrome. Switched to Explorer and got into my account with no issues.
  2. I am curious as to why the Express Pass shows your drink package. Wouldn't your drink package be shown on your key to the cabin? We are on the Feb 24, 2020, Infinity cruise, and received the 4 perks under the old "Go Best" program. Our express pass does not indicate any perks.
  3. I considered myself to be very lucky Celebrity changed our cruise to a future date once let alone twice. I didn't expect them to and wouldn't have been upset if they hadn't. I read the contract, I knew the penalties that would be applied. I wanted to share they provide great customer service not have someone take away from my comments they wouldn't need insurance. Thank you for letting others know how important cruise insurance is.
  4. I would never cruise without insurance and would never encourage anyone to do so!
  5. I was looking at the Celebrity website many years ago and put a courtesy hold on a cruise I was interested in taking. The next day I received a call from Steven regarding the booking and from that point on, whether or not I called him, he was listed as the point of contact on my booking confirmations. I was a little slow figuring out Steven was my point of contact but once I did and started calling him, I never wanted to deal with anyone else. He is very efficient!!!
  6. Because I have read so many negative comments regarding Celebrity’s poor customer service, I want to share the outstanding service that I have received from Celebrity, not once, but twice in the past 3 weeks. Our sweet sister-in-law was suddenly taken away from us 3 weeks ago. Because of other issues within the family, my brother wanted to delay her celebration of life until June 8th. We had a cabin booked on the Summit sailing on June 5 and my husband and I knew there was no way we weren’t going to be with my brother during this time. We had cruise insurance so we decided we would cancel and file a claim but discovered you had to provide a copy of the death certificate. There was no way I was asking my brother for a copy of my SIL’s death certificate so we could be reimbursed for a cruise. Asking for a death certificate to be reimbursed money seemed callous to us and we decided we would just go with the loss of funds. I called Steven M. (our cruise consultant/travel agent) at Celebrity to cancel and before I knew what was happening Steven was contacting the Resolutions Team and received permission to move us to the Summit June 16 cruise. We were very thankful to Steven for taking the steps to change our cruise, and to the Celebrity Resolutions Team for approving the change. You may have heard the saying “Life happens while you are making plans.” I was busy planning and making a reservation for our daughter and grand kids to travel with us on our rescheduled June 16th cruise when we found out my husband had to have urgent hernia surgery. He had the surgery and was told by the doctor it was okay to go on our cruise just no swimming or hot tubs. Yippee! Then, five days later, hubby is in the ER with a hematoma from internal bleeding the size of a basketball caused by having to take a blood thinner for his artificial heart valves. Because of his inactivity and weakened state from loss of blood, he is now in rehab and unable to travel for several months. I again call Steven at Celebrity, and again Celebrity comes through like a champion, for us and our daughter, and moves our cruise out in a hold position until we can make plans. Perhaps Celebrity made these changes because I have additional cruises scheduled, but I prefer to believe they made the changes because they understand life doesn’t go smoothly and they can help make things a little smoother by simply changing or moving out a cruise. I can’t thank Celebrity and Steven enough for going above and beyond in providing exceptional service!
  7. Kennedysa


    I enjoy my coffee and carrot muffin each morning from Cafe Al Bacio. The desserts are the best!
  8. Kennedysa


    I plan on checking with both Blu and the MDR when we get on board. I did go to Manage Your Reservation and the site allowed me to make reservations in the MDR, so we shall see if they honor them.
  9. Kennedysa


    Bermadu22 - Thank you for your positive comments. We will definitely do Blu once or twice and most certainly breakfast. I know our daughter won't want the MDR every night and will be content taking the boys to the buffet.
  10. Kennedysa


    Thanks everyone for your comments on my question above. We will be sailing on Summit to Canada and New England on the June 16 sailing. I booked this cruise for myself and hubby last year and upgraded to Aqua class for $20 each last month. Daughter decided last week she wanted to go also but could not book an Aqua cabin since there were three of them and we couldn't downgrade to a lower cabin category because we were within the 90 days of sailing. I spoke to the Celebrity Agent that I have been booking through for years this morning. He has always given me the correct answers and gone out of his way to be helpful. He informed me that we would be able to dine in the MDR with our daughter and grand children. He indicated he had put us under Select dining and therefore we could go to either Blu or the MDR. I am sure we will at least try Blu one night but are happy that being assigned to Aqua will not present a problem dining with her and the grand children in the MDR.
  11. Kennedysa


    We booked Aqua class so our dining room is Blu. Our daughter decided to join us on the cruise but Aqua cabins are no longer available. I know those who have booked a suite dine in Luminae and can pay a fee for guest to dine with them but was wondering if guest were allowed in Blu for a fee. I know we can dine with her and family in MDR and we can eat in Blu without them but would like to have them join us in Blu if tables are available.
  12. We will be on the June 5 sailing of Summit and staying at the Embassy Suites on International Blvd. We have stayed at the Embassy Suites in the past and driven to the port, however, it has always been on the weekend. This time our sailing is on Wednesday and I would like to know if we will be dealing with heavy traffic to the port. We usually leave the hotel around 10 am.
  13. We did the Dyea Dave Emerald Lake tour in May 2017. They provided a small comfortable bus and made many stops for viewing and pictures. We had a stop for lunch before going on to Emerald Lake. We were very lucky to see a black bear on our way up to Emerald Lake and a Grizzly on the way back. He stopped the bus and stayed in the area until the bears were out of sight.
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