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  1. Hopefully someone will post photos soon. I've seen pics of the Oasis Lagoon cabanas posted but not Chill Island as of yet. I too am curious to see them.
  2. Enjoy your last night onboard! It's been awesome following along this week. Thanks for taking us along!
  3. Yikes! I guess it takes all kinds but, who in their right mind would steal someone else's luggage?? That is just sad & scary!! Good for y'all for taking it anyway! I am assuming she never called for security. If it was truly hers she would have put up a fight. (at least I would have) CRAZY!
  4. How exciting! Thank you for sharing! I can't wait to start reading posts about boarding there as we will be boarding her there in Sept.
  5. Congratulations on your degree! I'm sorry for all your recent loss. Sounds like this was just what the Dr ordered. Loving your review so far. Thank you for sharing with us in such great detail! I too love photo & detail intense reviews. It helps ease the pain until our next adventure!
  6. I think the longest I've ever had to wait is maybe 15 minutes. I believe that was on the Allure with a party of 8. We had to wait for a large table to open up. A 2 top is generally faster. When just my DH & I, I can't remember ever having to wait more than 5 min or so. However long it takes for them to seat the people in front of us.
  7. I still enjoy the smaller ships too. It's just a different kind of vacation. They are awesome when I just want to lay by the pool & do nothing. The bigger ships I enjoy for all the activities & the entertainment. But then again, I've never met a cruise I didn't like!😉
  8. Right??? Those things were soooooo small. I'm sure those sailing on them thought they were big too. LOL
  9. I remember thinking the Monarch was HUGE!😂 I was totally amazed at the size!
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