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  1. I'm pretty sure that's not how supply and demand works. If less people are cruising, prices will go down. Supply of rooms won't go down.
  2. Yes, but it is hit or miss as to what beers are allowed. I got Red Stripe one day on Liberty and was told another day (at a different bar) that it was not included.
  3. This, they can join in any organized teen activities or just hang out on their own. We barely saw my teenager on our last cruise. I would also consider the internet package as it will allow you to "text" on the ship using WhatsApp. Its a good way to keep in touch with your teenager and they can keep in touch with any friends they make onboard.
  4. We were on Liberty in January and my 13 year old had a great time. Make sure your teen is at the meet and greet on the 1st night - this is the best way for her to meet the other kids. There are organized activities but the kids can either participate or not. My son had a group that sometimes did their own thing but also did a lot of the organized stuff. If you are doing the internet package, she can exchange numbers and use WhatsApp to keep in touch with them (and you) - This worked really well for us.
  5. We were on a week before and they had done the other "slow" door and were replacing stairway carpet. I thought the ship looked great considering how many people are on it every week.
  6. If you do the all digital package, you can have any photos you want printed for only $5 extra on the ship. The price is OK, although I was able to get $149 for a recent 7 day on Liberty. I thought we got very good value - it would cost quite a bit for photos from a studio and you get more of a variety of photos from the cruise.
  7. It would cost a little more, but you could book your wife in the room with the in laws, and you in a room as a single. You would get double points which your wife would basically share. Obviously, once on board she would stay in your room. To be honest, its not really worth it for Platinum - If it were diamond, it might make sense.
  8. To me, it doesn't matter. The RC video that was released clearly shows that Anello spent some time looking at the window before he lifted her. You would have to be an IDIOT to lift a child up to those railings, even if the window were closed. RC has ZERO fault here and I hope that they do not pay out for this ridiculous lawsuit.
  9. I prepurchased the Digital package precruise for my recent cruise on LOS - it was half the price they were charging onboard. I paid $149. One thing that I did not know was that you can have any of the photos printed onboard for only $5 extra. We made it a point to stop at all the photo locations and ended up with 98 pictures to download after the trip. We printed 3 8x10s onboard for on $15 extra. With the precruise discount it was roughly comparable to what you would pay for professional portrait photos and we have more variety since we were wearing different outfits and some are formal and some more random.
  10. Thanks!, We were given the option to download to our phone while onboard. They did not offer a USB.
  11. I completed a cruise on Sunday but have not received a link to download my photos. Is this normal?, I would have thought it would come pretty quickly.
  12. I tried to convince my wife that trying Carnival might not be so bad...She wouldn't budge. Then I saw the video of one Carnival ship crashing into the other one and had to say that I was wrong. Add to it that several of their ships have either failed or almost failed health inspections.
  13. I pulled into EZcruise parking lot this morning at 1015am. We took the shuttle over, checked our bags, checked in and immediately boarded. Walked on at almost exactly 11am.
  14. I drive in from Austin and prefer to be there early in case something happens along the way. For me, it's a 3 hour drive and even though its Sunday, there could always be an accident to delay travel. I try to arrive at parking around 10am. I have not found lines to be long and we are usually on board around 11 - 1130 am. Make sure you check in online as that will save a lot of time. Make sure your passports or IDS and check in paperwork are in your carry on luggage. You will check your bigger bags with the porters before starting the check in process. Its really pretty easy. There are definitely more people around at 1030 than at 130, but I like to get onboard, explore the ship, and get some lunch. I am actually going to be on Liberty starting tomorrow, so I can post my actual times for check in after.
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