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  1. You are correct!! Sorry about that. I was indeed thinking of the vista suites. Thanks for catching that! 🙂
  2. We've had a signature suite twice on the Koningsdam. I can't compare it to other similar suites on other ships but I can say that compared to a verandah/balcony room, there is not much difference. I felt like the room was only slightly bigger and the balcony was the same size. If given the option to upgrade from a balcony to a signature suite, I personally would not spend the money.
  3. You can book through Flight Ease but you don't actually pay for the flights until your final cruise payment is due. So, if you just book without paying, you could cancel at anytime until you do pay in full.
  4. Yes, at our last cruise I saw people who had trouble walking using the elevator. Staff are all around to guide folks to their muster stations and I'm sure if you just ask, they will allow you to use the elevator.
  5. As someone else said, I simply like pre-paying for as much as I can. So, by buying $200 worth of beverage cards, I don't have to worry about paying that $200 at the end of the cruise.
  6. Not rude at all. We do it all the time. Be warned, however, sometimes those table for 2 are so very close to the next table that it is essentially a table for 4. On our last cruise in December we had reservations for a table for 2. Our table was literally light next to another table for two. We were so close that we could pour wine for each other. The first night it was a bit awkward because there was just 1 woman at the table. Eventually, we felt compelled to at least say hello. We did and from then on it became a table for 3. Best dinner companion ever!
  7. I've been on 10 HAL cruises and normally i drink a cup of coffee every day. I absolutely do not care for the coffee in the Lido and MDR. It has a bad taste. The only exception to that is when i order room service. My husband thinks it is fine but I don't.
  8. Yep--knees, stomach and shoulders need to be covered.
  9. Airport is just a few miles from the cruise port. Taxis are lined up and the line goes VERY quickly. So, if you have a lot of luggage (like me 😞 ) you are going to have to manage it while moving fast. The cops tend to blow their whistles if you take too long!
  10. Sure. Anything goes on non-gala nights--except for shorts for men and swimwear.
  11. Last December on the Koningsdam the head maitre d' told us that daily afternoon tea was still hosted by HA but their special teatimes--Indonesian tea service, cupcake tea, and the Royal Dutch High tea services had been eliminated.
  12. I love dogs. And I absolutely adore my dog! I cannot say enough about how much I love my little dog. And I would LOVE to take her on a cruise--but only if it was a dog cruise. Otherwise, the only animals on board should be true service dogs--i.e. those for the blind, etc. While i understand that people feel they need their "comfort" animals, that whole business has gotten out of hand IMHO.
  13. Following. I, too, have purchased HAL transfers from FCO to Civitavecchia for an August sailing. I have no idea how they work nor have I gotten any sort of info. I hope someone can help out.
  14. They work just fine. I mean, they are not top of the line, but I've found they are perfect for what I need. Saves the trouble of packing one.
  15. As a former over packer, it took several times before I learned to pack wisely. Here's a tip. I own several casual dresses from Old Navy. I first wear them with a wrap, jewelry, and heals to dinner. They are easy to dress up and look great. Then, I wear the dress again with flats/sandals and no jewelry during the day while at port. Two looks, one dress. Saves on the packing and no one ever remembers what you wore anyway. By the same token, I have worn the same basic black dress to dinner more than once--each time with different jewelry or wraps.
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