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  1. Yes Katherine. It is unlike me. I've just been so busy with all kinds of things lately. Just the other week, I had jury duty one day, stress test another day, I took my neighbor for her PT and every Thursday, I take my handicapped Aunt for her hairdresser appt. It was just one of those stupid things you do sometimes. Of course age doesn't help remembering things either....I always leave all our cruise papers next to the computer, so I can keep tabs on them. Anyway. I couldn't get into my reservation for May this morning, so I called C&A and they had to unlock it for me. I did print out our set/sail passes for now. Luggage tags will be printed when they release the docs. Looking forward to cruising away next Saturday. Can't wait. I am in the middle of packing now. Have to take an extra suitcase this time, because I don't want the suitcases to be too heavy for Fred to handle. Or me, with my bad back...lol Look forward to "sea"ing you next Saturday.... Gwen 🙂
  2. Oh, I have gotten reminders several times. I found it unusual, but, it was nice. I book directly through RC. I know it is my responsibility and I am really upset that I messed up this time. We've done about 35 cruises with Royal and have never been late once. Just too many things going on this time. I hope I have learned my lesson. And I always put a reminder on my calendar...except for this time. Gwen 🙂
  3. Thanks Bob. I still can't believe I forgot it. I am always a stickler for making sure I pay them at least a week before they are due. Gwen 🙂
  4. Thanks...he's doing good, he just needs some more tests when we return for our cruise. I'm just a little apprehensive and will be a little nervous on the cruise, but, all his doctors said he is good to go. At least we always take out the insurance. But, glad this didn't happen on our cruise. It was a close call...... We enjoy all our cruises! Gwen 🙂
  5. I was surprised that I forgot, because Royal always sends reminders by email. But, none this time. I know it is my fault, but, just one of those things that you have to live and learn by.... Gwen
  6. Thanks, I did call last night, 24 hrs after it was due and they took my payment, but, just a little worried that they already may have cancelled it without the agent that I talked to knowing it. I might call today and double check. I was just preoccupied after my husband had a heart attack 3 days after our cruise in December and we have an upcoming cruise this Saturday that I've been trying to get ready for and completely forgot about the final payment for our May cruise. Just too many things going on right now. Gwen 🙂
  7. Has anyone ever missed a final payment for a cruise and were able to make it a day or two after the date? Gwen 🙂
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