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  1. Thanks for sharing your photos. The pool areas, while busy, do not seem to be too crowded for a Caribbean cruise. I hope your sunburned feet healed quickly!
  2. I think we are saying the same thing, or we are both correct. 😃 "The cruise ship will be powered by Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) a new growing trend of environmentally friendly fuel. She will be an identical design to sister ship Aidanova which is the first in this new LNG class for the German cruise line."
  3. Don't make me do an infographic of Cosma's top deck! I'm fairly sure Cosma is built on the same platform as P&O Iona and Carnival Mardi Gras.
  4. I wonder if it's the Cantare from ten years ago? That was the male vocal quartet in the "popera" style. It was actually the first show I ever saw on HAL.
  5. Koningsdam will be in Alaska, which we all knew already. That is it.
  6. "exc talks" expanding..."not lectures!"...cultural connections. "We're continuting to evolve our main stage entertainment." Cantare being added, but no explanation of what it is. Finally, "let's talk about Alaska."
  7. It's live streaming now. Ryndam will sail Europe in summer 2021. Noordam updates. Club Orange fleetwide roll out ("an exceptional value.") Enhanced youth program!! 😫 Huge game room called High Score. Kristen Kish added to culinary council. She was very popular on Top Chef. More to come...
  8. Ooh, exciting! I'm anxious to learn about all the new updates. Thanks.
  9. Wow, that's a drag. Although, I had a similar experience boarding Norwegian Pearl in Los Angeles a few years back. Unfortunately I think it happens sometime, which does not make it any more pleasant. Hopefully you have a drinks package and can get the party started.
  10. Thanks for the vivid picture, Frank. I have only done one Brazilian cruise and that was on Holland America Line, which has a more subdued vibe--more like a smaller-ship P&O experience. There was the passenger mix you are looking for: Brazilians, Argentines, other South Americans, Europeans, and quite a few North Americans. I guess that experience was coloring my perception of what an MSC cruise would be like. The MSC South American experience seems to be a lot more wild. And I will confirm that the Brazilian bartenders on Magnifica this past summer were not as friendly and helpful as other bartenders. I don't know that I would do too well with a lot of pushy people; my whole idea of a cruise is that it's as close to Downton Abbey as you can get on a vacation. To be fair, what you describe is a much more extreme example of the Carnival cruises to Mexico out of Los Angeles, which are generally perceived to be "booze cruises" that feature perpetually drunk passengers and late night parties. That puts a fine point on it.
  11. Thanks for posting. I'm glad you had a pleasant time. I was on Magnifica last August, and I had the same impressions about the dining room staff and the pools. I'm on Preziosa in September. Sound like I can expect more of the same.
  12. I could see where that might be an issue. Could you describe how the on board experience was different? Was there different entertainment or activities? Were things just more free flowing?
  13. Understated, yet elegant, metropolitan hotel (above, British) versus Italian Piazza (below, American). This American is more inclined toward the former.
  14. Here's a link to the sailing on the US Princess website. It's a really good value, perhaps because there are so many sea days. An overnight in Rio is nice, but I would have preferred another stop or two in Brazil. Buzios, Ilha Grande? MSC has repositioning cruises that return to Europe that have a lot more stops in Brazil.
  15. I sailed Magnifica to Italy, Greece and Montengro with four other guy friends in August and we had no issues whatsoever. If anything, I found the crew on board to be indifferent to very friendly, but certainly never hostile. There was no listing of an LGBT gathering, but I did not miss it. I had so much fun that I am already booked on another MSC cruise.
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