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  1. Not contacted? Inexcusable! We moved our cruise to the Aug 29th Marquesas from March 2021. No aft cabins then, either, and no upgrade or bonus. Sticking with deck 7.
  2. Cindivan, My info on those forward deck 7 cabins is from a family who were in one on our 2017 Fiji to Tahiti cruise. She complained many times about the anchor noise and rough ride. Granted, we were in some high seas around the Cook Islands. I'm thinking PG wants the fan tail for suite passengers. Sorry you got whammied by this change too.
  3. I'm with you, larro9! I was really looking forward to cabin 767 for my big 60th birthday cruise!!☹ I still feel PG should throw in some OBC too. Or a laundry package! For all our disappointment. Again, a butler is not a perk I wanted or need.
  4. Sadly, no hot tubs will be added. It's the one thing I wish were added to the ship. Here's the dry dock lowdown from corporate: Overview During The Gauguin’s two-week drydock, refurbishments in the ship’s public areas, staterooms, and suites will take place along with regular ship maintenance. Ship Refurbishments New furniture Refurbishments of the staterooms and suites Modifications/refurbishment of the public spaces Environmental upgrades including advanced water treatment and energy efficiency systems Steel work Deck and engine upgrades General preventative maintenance Equipment replacement
  5. We were able to visit 767 after our Tahiti to Fiji cruise in September and found it to be exactly what we wanted from a cabin. Great placement, good size, huge balcony, aft view, and a real walk in shower!! Disappointed it'll be gone, but taking the upgrade.
  6. The big whoop was that we love the fan tail! Also 767 is the largest of the aft cabins, priced same as category C, so it was a deal on top of it all! Walk in shower. Large cabin. Large balcony. Unique. I totally get that deck 8 is an upgrade. The captain's suite would be an upgrade too, but I would turn it down due to being so far forward you'll have a bumpy ride AND have to endure the constant anchor noise at every port. 😁 What's acceptable to one isn't necessarily a great deal to another.
  7. I am feeling your pain too! A cookie cutter cabin is no substitute for 767.☹
  8. Cabin 767 will be gone after the 2020 dry dock. The 5 aft cabins will become 2 suites. I picked the cabin specifically for its unique layout, shower and location and got an email December 31 saying I am moved to a cabin on 8 now. Not really happy about it.
  9. Thanks, all, for chiming in. A little background: This would be my 5th cruise with PG, so I know it'll be great. I have little choice in the matter now, since 767 will no longer exist, but I think my disappointment is valid and they should do more for us. Throw in some obc, something. That cabin would sell, regardless. I booked ONLY because 767 was available, the itinerary was on our list to do, AND it's over my birthday. We've spent close to $50k on trips with PG; I expect better care and customer service than their take it or leave it attitude.
  10. Booked PG marquesas while on board last September doing Tahiti to Fiji. Chose cabin 767 for its location, unique layout, and full walk in shower. Was alerted on December 31st she is going into dry dock and the 5 fan tail cabins will now be TWO cabins. No, they weren't emailing me to congratulate me on my luck, but to say we're "upgraded" to cabin 815 with a king bed, larger cabin, and a butler because our cabin will be no more. I don't see this as any upgrade. Trading unique for cookie cutter is no upgrade to me! Don't want a butler. Don't need a butler. I wanted the cabin I chose. That's why I chose it and booked the cruise. I said it when I booked in September for a March 2021 cruise. YES, I knew Ponant had bought PG. I was on the announcement sailing with the Ponant representative. I suggested they give us upgraded air to compensate but was told the "upgrade" was already worth $2000pp and there would be no counter offer. Now what? Chime in, please.
  11. What about the old Bali Hai, now Aimeo Lodge? I've heard very good things. Not fancy, but totally serviceable. And at under $200 a night for overwater bungalow, a STEAL!
  12. The ship was in dry dock in early 2017. She goes back to dry dock in 2020. Got new soft furnishings (pillows, sheets, etc.), new pool deck and furniture. La Palette got all new furniture. New seating on aft deck. The round loungers on the pool deck are WONDERFUL! And all the lounge chairs are PADDED now!!! :) She's a FINE ship.
  13. The banquets (half booths) near the entrance are very nice for two tops at L'etoille. Also, less movement there than in the main section if ship is moving. Those thrusters can cause a rumble!!! But, all the venues have plenty of two tops. :)
  14. They are more like a single than a twin size. So SMALLER in width. Still long enough for 5'6", though.
  15. The Sept. 7th cruise will be my 4th with PG. I would suggest the Ene'io Tongan Feast. There is a little beach for combing or swimming at the venue. You get a beautiful lunch of suckling pig, etc AND a gorgeous dancing show done by the family. Totally chill and no physical exertion. Weather can be a HUGE factor in going to Aitutaki. It it's too windy or rough, you won't even get off the ship. We didn't in 2017 when I did the same sailing you are doing this year, but I got my Aitutaki fix last year on the 11 day cruise. :) Happy sailing!!!
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