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  1. 150 Central Park is the best! Enjoy and have a wonderful cruise😊
  2. Thank you for posting! As I originally posted I’m booking three cabins with one older couple, one younger couple and us. I want to make sure, if I can, that I get the cabins assigned with the least disturbances for our older friends who will probably be spending more time in their cabin than the rest of us😊
  3. I am sincerely looking for CC members input who may have stayed on Deck 14 midship. The noise from the pool deck is a given so unless you have stayed in the area I am asking for help, please no snarky responses. Thank you.
  4. In an effort to clarify, we have sailed Oasis class multiple times but usually lower decks 7-9. Booked a group of us with a guarantee and were assigned 2D, thus my limited selection. So I have our group midship on deck 14. Asking specially about noise level above that area with the pool deck above. Thank you in advance to those who can offer information on this area😊
  5. I searched and read the previous threads on Oasis class deck 14. Just would like to see if anyone has more recent information specially about any Oasis class ocean view balconies midship. My options are pretty limited and I’ve never booked this deck. Thank you for any feedback.
  6. Love those tracks on the Oasis class ships! Puts all my routes at home to shame😉
  7. We actually looked into going to Izumi but there were no reservations available. Not sure if they are included in the BOGO promotion but have been told they get sold out regularly and early. We enjoyed the MDR on nights 3-7. Food was fine but our waiter and his assistant are why we went back each night. We have had good MDR service in the past but these two were in a league of their own!
  8. They did have Pickleball last week! Friends play so I definitely made a mental note😊
  9. Staterooms were ready at 1 and we never have really felt any motion on the Oasis class ships. Last week it was super windy and the wind was really noticeable up on the pool decks but that’s about all. As far as San Juan, last week it rained from about 10:30 ish till 12:30 or so and we just stayed on the ship. However, last year we did walk up to the fort for the history and great views. We had a restaurant named Mojito’s recommended to us. It is walking distance from the ship and hope to be able to make it there next time😊
  10. Our favorite deck is deck 8. It really is so convenient. Casino on 4, Promenade on 5, Boardwalk on 6 and Central Park with it’s specialty restaurants on 8. MDR is on decks 3,4,5 as well. The only time I took an elevator was up to the pool deck on 15😎
  11. Formal nights were Day 2, your second Sea day and Day 6, leaving Labadee.
  12. We went to the Diamond Lounge in the evening for our drinks. We did not try to use the drink benefit in the MDR or with our specialty dining. Sorry, I can’t help...
  13. We took the water taxi into town in St Martin and did some shopping. No one followed us in town or during shoppping at all. Everyone was very appreciative of us just being there. We never felt unsafe. Sorry, I can’t offer any insight as we didn’t venture over to the French side on this cruise.
  14. Missing the Allure this morning....😎 Yes, you board on deck 5 but always so excited I don’t remember exactly where....possibly by Sorrento’s? Outside Terminal 18 was crowded. We arrived at the port around 11:30. Inside moved smoothly though. Inexplicably only one of us had the expedited arrival (not sure how that happened!) and there was some confusion about what line and where but we were onboard by noon so alls we’ll that ends well! We did not go to Wipe-Out since we were on deck 8 and Park Cafe was just too easy😉 We are Diamond, however, we enjoyed our evening drinks in the Diamond lounge and didn’t try anywhere else. And yes, 4:30-8 nightly. We had the two night specialty dinner package booked precruise. I am not aware of any additional offerings onboard but there could have been. Sorry, no help there...
  15. Since we have been to these ports previously, we did a bit of shopping in St Martin (they are trying very hard but evidence of the hurricane is still visible). That said, still a beautiful island and one of my favorite. On previous cruises to St Martin we have gone to Maho Beach. I grew up in the airline industry and still love the airplanes. We stayed on the ship in San Juan last since it was pouring rain but in the past we walked up, yes, the walk is a bit uphill, to El Morro. Beautiful views! There’s not a lot of time in San Juan 7am-2pm. We typically don’t do ship excursions and venture out on our own so I really can’t offer any help there😊
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