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  1. I had a 6/13/2020 Casinos at Sea comped cruise cancelled. It was originally booked with two CruiseNext certs and the residual charges were put on my credit card. The cruise was cancelled and I elected to take the FCC + 25% which was only on the portion that I actually paid. Today I called to rebook and after some major numeric gyrations, got everything done. A couple of notes: 1. The individual with whom I spoke was darn good with all the calculations. It took me a bit to wrap my head around them. Good customer service. 2. Casinos at Sea extended the comped cruise offer for the new one - same level cabin. 3. After all my credits and discounts were applied, I still had a FCC balance. 4. We were able to include the drink package gratuity and a FCC balance remained. 5. I was unable to use my two formlly applied CruiseNext certificates as they have not been redepositted yet. 6. I learned that FCC is only good towards the cruise charges incurred before embarkation. Residual goes into my account - going to prepay some excursions or dinners. 7. A non-comped couple traveling with us rebooked, upgraded, prepaid daily and drink gratuities, and still had plenty of FCC left over. Their one CruiseNext cert was not available. 7. Fingers crossed we sail. I was a tad dissapointed that the CruiseNext certs were "pending" redeposit into my bank. There is no reason for this except to get the FCC off the books. Really close to a wash; a minor irritation, as the credit covered the cost. Wish us luck!!
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