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  1. Yes,it was..in my opinion,he should had been shut off from the alcohol.......oh well,not up to me,.
  2. I was on the same cruise........ Story is husband/wife(or BF/GF) had a huge fight at the comedy show that night......were told to leave...... Shortly after(around 10pm),I was in the Champagne Bar and noticed people all looking outside.. Seems the lady jumped off her balcony on deck 9........4 doors from mine. Was rescued,fortunately. THEN according to the husband(bf) he said they both spent the night in medic that night.... He happened to be sitting at my table at Teppenyaki the next night.He was almost bragging how his gf was the one who jumped....He kept going on and on and telling anyone who would listen. It was quite obvious he was drunk and had 2 glasses of wine going for him,in front of him.He mentioned they were celebrating their 6th anniversary! (nothing says love like a huge fight). He said they questioned him and let him go. He told the waiter to get a plate of food to go for her(since,according to him) she was confined to her cabin(or maybe brig??).. He stayed and ate dinner with his friends,then left with the food for her. I do blame too much alcohol in all of this. I saw quite a few OVER the top drunks,who could not walk or barely talk and security would not try to step in to get them safely to their cabins........ Heard of a few physical fights too and nothing was done...... BUT anyway,that's what I know about the overboard. Their cabin was sealed off(with yellow tape) and if she wasn't in the brig,I am sure she was NOT put back into any balcony cabin.
  3. PH8


    McKenzies is where we always go..have been for years!!
  4. PH8


    Asking for someone else.I have been to Nassau more times ,then I can count,but usually either: stay on the ship OR take the jitney out of the port area. So,if someone wants conch,whether it be fritters,cracked,salad,whatever..........where would you tell them,that they can go within walking distance.... Thank you.
  5. PH8

    Port of Miami

    Thanks.....that is all I needed to know..;)
  6. I know it is $22 a day to park at the port.BUT how do they calculate the total?? I know some ports charge you x5 for a 4 night cruise.....does Miami ?? Or do they charge $22 x4?
  7. Thanks.......guess it is not the norm.......was just wondering... and for the record,I did a search for SBS(as I was told that is the term used here on CC) and nothing pulled up. I still say it is a b2b........if one is cruising back to back......but whatever.Whatever you call it,I guess the answer is no.........I did email the concierge to ask....waiting to hear what he says.
  8. Thanks, I know at one time they did offer this service. Sorry I used the wrong CC terminology.
  9. If someone cruises B2B on two different RCCL ships,yet same port..will RCCL transfer the luggage for you? Or do you have to lug it yourself? Thanks!
  10. HM,no longer available?? Did you have it booked ,Ellen?? If so,that is the reason why...;););)
  11. He didn't say he knew he passed. Just said,he tried to call him( as friends do on occasion)
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