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  1. This is our plan. We did the Rhine last May and it was nice, but was quite hot (and this is coming from a Floridian). We're going to go for late September this time. The upside I'm already seeing is our cruise was about 25% less than peak season, and the hotels rooms are very affordable. Fingers crossed for good weather and stable river levels!!
  2. I'm hoping as an annual visitor to Europe this isn't going to be a big deal. We will see.
  3. Start here... 🙂 https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=3175 https://cruisemaven.com/danube-river-cruise-review-bucharest-to-vienna/
  4. That's amazing! Congrats and have a *WONDERFUL* time! 🙂
  5. Thank you all for your help. We are going to go with the Early October option as the savings are just too good to pass up and the dates work well for us. I'll second that hot summer last year in Europe. I was in Oslo in July and it was hotter than back home in FLORIDA (92 F / 33 C)! Had to laugh how every hotel I went to that trip had these super plush down comforters - as if! Thank you all again and happy travels!
  6. We have done that and will do that when a jacket is required (that we know about) or if it's colder out. We tend to hop around a bunch before and/or after a cruise (e.g. 2 days, 2 days there, etc.) and find lugging the coat around (in the summer) can be quite uncomfortable. But that's just us. You'd think being Floridians we'd be used to the heat. 🙂
  7. Just want to point out that on my last (and only so far) River Cruise on the Rhine with Crystal, nobody wore jackets on the ship. HOWEVER, there were a few evening excursions to Michelin star restaurants, etc. that a jacket was required for. We didn't participate in these, however I just thought I'd share that. Personally, for us, NO JACKETS, but we travel quite light with two small carry ons.
  8. Hi all, Long time ocean cruisers here who took a river cruise up the Rhine last summer and *LOVED* it so we decided to do it again this year, but on the Danube! The itinerary we are looking at is a 10 day Vienna round trip on Crystal with Passau being the end of leg 1 and then Budapest being the end of leg 2 (again departing and returning to Vienna). We are debating which dates to choose and have the following embarkation options: Sept 10 Sept 20 Sept 30 The Sept 30 embarkation is substantially less than the other two so we are leaning in that direction as we do want lower crowds and don't mind a chill in the air (and the savings will basically cover our airfare). That said, is early October a good time on the Danube? We really appreciate any feedback.
  9. Would this look pass muster? https://img.shopstyle-cdn.com/pim/69/fc/69fc30d99194006bca40bde1c203f2f1_xlarge.jpg
  10. Thank you all - this has been very helpful. Sounds like for the most part, we would not be disappointed, especially if we choose excursions carefully. There is an itinerary on VO that is perfect for what we are looking for without an equivalent on Oceania so we may just give this a go. Thank you all again!
  11. Hello all, We are about to embark on our first river cruise on Crystal Debussy. As we will be traversing Switzerland via trains for a few weeks prior, we are packing very lightly and would like to bring only one pair of shoes that we plan to wear over. Is it OK to wear casual shoes in the dining room at night? Thank you!
  12. Thank you all for the feedback. It is most helpful. I do have one additional question - are the included shore excursions better or worse than Oceania in general? Reason I ask is that I find that 75% of Oceania's ShoreEx are not good. So much so that unless it's like a 15 person shop & cook kinda shorex, we just organize our own small group ones via the roll calls. I think the past 3 cruises with them (60+ days) we took a grand total of 3 "ship sponsored" shorex. Just wondering if we should follow the same route with Viking or not. As always, thank you!! We are about 2 days from booking the "In Search of the Northern Lights" cruise but I need to get a complete picture of what I'm booking. ;)
  13. Thank you all. I just checked that cruise out and it looks fantastic, however we are in some ironic way taking our first river cruise in July following the same path. Too late to back out now and the Rick Braun cruise is sold out anyways. Something to keep in mind for the future though. Thank you very much.
  14. Hi all, We are pretty frequent cruisers preferring the Oceania laid back style with the upper-scale ships. We really enjoy the larger ships (1200 passengers) as they are large enough to have good variety of people and amenities, but still small enough that they aren't mass market and all the fun that comes with that. That said, we are very curiously looking at a few Viking Ocean trips as it seems like a good fit for us. I would be most interested in feedback from people who have sailed both lines, and how they compare. Thank you! Dominic
  15. Hi all, Does anyone know of a place to find a list of upcoming jazz-themed cruises? We have found a few on Celebrity Infinity, but were hoping for something besides the Caribbean (preferably international) and a bit smaller size ship than Infinity. I'm about to just start checking each cruise line's webpage, but was hoping maybe this information was already listed somewhere before I do. Many thanks!
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