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  1. On the Majestic the cruise card is used to unlock your door by the pay pass or tap and go method. The hole that they put in mine did not affect it's ability to unlock our cabin door one bit.
  2. Bit of a pity that they couldn't reclaim Campbells Cove and extend the Quay pier.
  3. Replace the Harbour Bridge with a new, higher deck at the same time.😀
  4. There was no mention of any outbreak of noro on the ship, unless it happened between Brisbane and Sydney. I did hear of a few cases of it, but it was not like in the hundreds, more the tens. How many did you hear about?
  5. From memory, drink prices are as follows. Beer by the bottle $8.75 Draught beer $10.00 per pint Bucket of beer 5 for the price of 4 $35 Spirits start at $9.00 per glass Fountain soda included in the package (souvenir cup) Canned soda is not included in the package and I don't know the price Small bottle of water $3.25 Large 1 litre water not included in package, price forgotten Cheapest bottle of wine I heard quoted as $42, not sure about per glass, maybe $13-$14 Specialty coffees started at $3.50 for small Cocktails $14-$15.95 As I said, from memory so they maybe a little off. It might help some.
  6. Simple answer is no. Just got off Majestic and it is a personal choice, but you are limited to 15 per 6am to 6am.
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