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  1. I believe if you book directly then your child can accompany you. If its the piton hike you can take a taxi there or book through a company. Barefoot holidays, serenitytvl, stluciareps all offer the piton hike. Rainforest Skyrides offer a Jacquot nature trail, the site is located 30 minutes away from the cruise port. The hike is about 2 hours if I remember correctly.
  2. If you are to choose one or the other, the security guards will not allow you pass the point of the mud bath to take photos as it is an extra fee. I have seen a few people get away with it and others who have been warned. Please be guarded accordingly.
  3. Most catamaran companies do not offer half days as it is more economical to do full days given the distance. Only thing I can suggest is booking private and that will be expensive. There are a few companies with small catamarans such as Mystic man, Bateau Mygo or you can look to tour operators like Serenitytvl , Barefoot holidays to arrange something private.
  4. Yes there are sidewalks and it is safe. Be vigilant, though cause you will be walking on the main highway. If your cruise is berthed at Point Seraphine, enter the terminal building, take a right , walk all the way past the shops etc, to the exit, pass the black gate and the taxi drivers' and tour operators and the parking lot. Walk along side more taxis and coaster waiting to be filled up until you get to the main highway. You should see a gas station on your left and the St. Lucia Electricity services building on your right. Turn left walking along the highway(I suggest a small umbrella cause the sun can be super hot). At the end of that stretch you should see a soccer field and a small airport. Continue on, with the airport always on your left side, follow the road until you get to the roundabout. Turn left at the end of the airport, use the pedestrian crossing there to get on the other side, Rendezvous is directly in front of you. If you are at La Place Carenage, enter the terminal building, take a left , following the crowd out of the building. You will find lost of taxi drivers out there. Take a left after you exit the building, walk along side of the road(should be a parking lot barricaded with wood. Walk until you get to the second set of traffic lights(do not cross the street). Take a left following the road, all the way around the waterfront area, you will by pass the Castries Market o your right, Vendors arcade on the left. You should be seeing your cruise ship at this point. Follow the waterway, all the way around(4 big buildings will be on your right). Cross the bridge and follow the road until you get to the airport. From there same instructions as above.
  5. Reedprincess, I say this because I was trying to contact Sandals Grande for a day pass last month for a visiting family member and they did say that they had suspended it until further notice due to high occupancy. Called the other two and they were saying the same things. Don't know if that has changed.
  6. Definitely does. rendezvous is a boutique style hotel, very intimate and quiet despite being by the airport. Staff is really friendly and amazing.
  7. I don't think Sandals offers day passes anymore. Bu don't take my word for it. You can always call them directly. If they don't then you can contact Rendezvous, st. James Morgan Bay. Both of which offer all inclusive day passes.
  8. Yes there are walking trails at Pigeon island which will take you to Fort Rodney and Signal Point. Signal Point is a bit more difficult than hiking to Fort Rodney. The Windstar will tender you to Pigeon Island. Outside of the park there are taxis line up which can take you to other arts of the Island.
  9. There is Pigeon Island National Landmark. There is some snorkeling, only 30 minutes from cruise port and $35.00 one way for transfer up to 4 persons. Though beaches are small they are never crowded. There's also snuba done there, hiking up the fort, jet skis on the outside of the back for rent. You can rent you beach chairs. There are two restaurants there. a relatively quiet and inexpensive place. Serenitytvl offers a tour there and with drinks and chairs included. https://****************/portfolio/fun-at-the-beach/
  10. What time is your cruise ship will be in port. You are correct a lot of companies do offer this. I would suggest a speed boat to cut the traveling time though this option is a bit expensive. I say contact the companies and see if this is doable for you. Keep in mind that driving is 1.5 hours each way, the hike is approximately 4 hours depending on your speed. I have a friend who has done it so many times with his best time being 55 minutes up and 45 minutes down, but then he has had some practice.
  11. Scuba Steve, island Divers, Dive Helen
  12. I believe you have the wrong forum. Never heard of Shashamane tours in Saint Lucia. Are you sure it's St. lucia the Caribbean or Africa?
  13. Take a look at serenitytvl, st.luciareps, barefoot holidays. Though I don't think you may be able to get away from the catamaran options unless you do something private.
  14. All tour operators are away of the timing of ships who anchor out and do take that into consideration when accepting a booking. I would suggest you speak with whomever you book and express your concern. The most I believe they can offer is perhaps allowing you to do your excursion private. Can I ask what you are intend on doing?
  15. Debbie, Why don't you go directly to the stables themselves. There is Atlantic riding Stables and International Pony Club. a quick such should give you the information and save you some cash in the process.
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