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  1. With regard to the funicular in Bergen, if you are docked at the container port, P&O run a shuttle that drops you in a central square in Bergen. From there it's a 10-minute stroll to the fish market, the Bryggen old quarter and the funicular. Check if there are lots of ships in port on that day because if so there will be big queues. I think you can possibly buy tickets in advance online. Can't help re the ice bar.
  2. It's a slippery slope waughy! We'd enjoyed cruising so much before children, we promised ourselves that we would take them on a cruise one day. We did, they loved it and haven't looked back. DD in particular is totally hooked. Now when we discuss family holidays, cruising is always pretty near the top of the choices. I hope you and your family have a wonderful time.
  3. I should have been clearer - you can have any combination of the courses you want, i.e. if you want two starters and skip the main course you can, but I seem to recall a couple of years ago P&O syaying they were dropping courses/switching to what is effectively a three-course menu as it was more in line with modern dining trends, i.e. people don't want to sit for hours over a multiple course dinner, but prefer to be around the ship doing things. I feel you are "encouraged", however, to think that the Starter/Soup/Salad is your first course, your main course is second and dessert course is third. As mentioned previously, many of the waiters will not automatically offer the cheese course. The cynic in me says there are two reasons for this - 1) they have cut the number of waiters and wine waiters, they now have to serve a greater number of tables and so have less time. Particularly on Freedom dining, which so many pax opt for now, they like to keep the turnover flowing. We've had waiters starting to clear the table for the next sitting while we were still finishing desserts and coffee. 2) If you're not lingering over dinner, you're more likely to be in the bars, or maybe shops, spending money, therefore increased revenue for P&O. I struggle to eat more than 3 courses, when we did the tasting menu in the Glasshouse on Aurora it was amazing and highly memorable, but just about finished me off!
  4. We're 58 and 56. First cruise was in around 1991/92 on Canberra, followed by Sea Princess in 1994. Then had a 17 year break, returning to cruising with our teenage children on RCI Voyager of the Seas in 2011. We cruise once every couple of years and have since been on Aurora x 2, Azura and Britannia. Most people are parents/grandparents and don't mind children. As another poster said, there are plenty of adult-only ships to cater for those who prefer a child-free ship. I'm sure that even if your children are playing up - and they all do, even (especially!) the teens - people will understand and appreciate your efforts to calm them. Hope you have a lovely holiday.
  5. What we like about P&O: Sailing from Southampton - it's not a deal breaker for us, but the embarkation times mean a reasonably leisurely start to our holiday. Tea-making in cabin (love my morning cuppa) Reasonable drinks prices Brilliant kids clubs (sadly no longer needed) Generally good, sometimes excellent food. Speciality restaurant supplements are still not too pricey. Buffet (yes, I know not everyone likes it, but DD adores buffet breakfasts. If you get swept aside in the corridor one morning by a slip of a girl, it's probably her powering her way to her cooked breakfast!) Sea days - sailing from Southampton means more of these - we love lazy days at sea Formal nights - in our day jobs/ordinary lives neither me nor DD get to dress up, so we love a chance to glam up Friendly people, from the staff to fellow pax. On other lines we've found the mix of nationalities tend not to chat (inhibited by the language barrier, maybe?), whereas on P&O often someone will strike up a conversation in a lift, in a bar, etc. Entertainment - not to everyone's taste, including ours sometimes, but we have seen some really good acts/shows, we like a good quiz or two, I enjoy the dance classses. We cruise much less frequently than most on this forum, but every time we do we have a fab holiday with wonderful memories and are thankful we have the opportunity.
  6. I may be behind the times or have missed something galeforce, but I was under the impression the drinks package idea had been quietly dropped because the one trialled recently did not go down well.
  7. Why would you be slated for your reason for marrying? Friends of mine married for exactly the same reason. Like you they had been in a relationship for a long time. On a different note, please be aware that if you are a same sex couple and plan to marry during a Caribbean cruise, Bermuda does not permit same-sex marriages, so you can't be married on any cruise ship registered in Bermuda, which includes P&O vessels. It doesn't matter whether the ship is sailing in the Caribbean or elsewhere in the world - it's the registration that counts.
  8. Priority is usually given to P&O-organised excursions when tendering. If it's a port where you can walk off, as is Stavanger, then pax on organised excursions make their own way off the ship at the appropriate time for their tour. Whether or not the ship will be late docking is impossible to predict. In August the weather shouldn't be an issue, but it's the North Sea, so anything is possible. Barring a mechanical problem, however, I would think you have a pretty good chance of docking on time.
  9. The hour was mainly dictated by the need to decide whether it was safe to tender or not, given the swell, and then by a passenger who was very nervous stepping from the ship to the tender and took quite a while. i didn't think an hour from entering the theatre to stepping ashore was bad under these circumstance.
  10. When we tendered from Britannia in the Caribbean, we had to go to the theatre, collect a ticket, take a seat in an area allocated to those ticket numbers and wait to be called. Disembarkation was delayed a little because of the heavy swell - the previous night the Captain had said we might not be able to call at Grand Cayman at all. They started as soon as it was safe, but there were the usual impatient people chuntering about the delay and getting stroppy with the Ents staff who were doing their best. Supposedly people who were on P&O tours were given priority, but I can't say I particularly noticed that. System also fell apart a bit because pax had been asked to enter the theatre and take tickets at stalls level, but people were coming in higher up and just sitting down without tickets or jumping the queue of people coming in at stall levels to take tickets. Once it got started it went smoothly and havinf gone down to the theatre around 9ish, we were ashore by 10 am at the latest (we had a rum distillery tour booked for 11). No problems with queues coming back.
  11. I'm pleased for you Pamjp that you have been able to transfer your points, but this annoys me immensely because we had accumulated about 21 nights' worth of points. We stopped cruising for quite a few years and when we resumed, my husband specifically asked if we could carry over the points to the new system and was told yes, but when we received our points statement they had not been added. He contacted P&O and this time was told no. We would now be well into Atlantic tier rather than languishing in Pacific - not that it makes much difference these days, but it's the principle.
  12. If the gardens you mention are the tropical gardens on an island, you could get a boat tour to them from the harbour - literally a few hundred yards from where the ship was docked. Just walk up, they had a signboard with a description and the prices. A family who were on our table at dinner did the tour, they said it was very good and a fraction of P&O's price.
  13. Thanks Zombatar, I've never sailed on Ventura, but I was assuming it's the same as on Azura as they're sister ships. Does that mean it's no longer available on Azura too?
  14. He can get glasses of chilled water from the buffet at any time, or the pool bars. P&O ask passengers not to fill up water bottles from the buffet for hygiene reasons. He could also fill up his water bottle in your cabin - it's all the same water. IMHO the kid's drinks package is not worth it, as it only covers a choice of 3 or 4 fizzy drinks, not fruit juices or anything else and is not much of a saving on pay as you go. My children don't drink fizz either. We take a bottle or two of squash on board with us and use that for them to have drinks in the cabin or in their drinks bottles. It's easy to buy extra supplies in port if needed. The enomatic system on Ventura would help you budget as you load up a wine card, so if you can stick to your limit that's fine, but it's only available in the Glass House and buffet, so I don't think that would help you if you're in an MDR or a lounge after dinner. I think it's possible to check your account on the TV on Ventura, so that would help you gauge what you are spending.
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