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  1. One thing to keep in mind is your choice of which airport you fly into. Narita is quite a distance from Tokyo while Haneda is much closer. We just flew into Haneda two days ago and from the time we excited the plane until we climbed into a taxi is might have been 20 minutes. This included getting three pieces of checked luggage. It was a 20 minute taxi to the Shinagawa area where our hotel is. Not everyone is able to fly into Haneda but if you have the choice I would really recommend it.
  2. If we are not flying out on the day our ship arrives in Vancouver, what happens when you walk off the ship? We will be walking off with our luggage with a private car picking us up. I assume we will need to clear Canadian customs. Does anyone know how long this usually takes at the pier?
  3. Here is the picture posted showing the shower curtain. This was from the FB group and a TA posted it.
  4. Would appreciate any input on weather during TP crossing (Berring Sea) during early May. What kind of temps and sea conditions did you experience? TYIA
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