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  1. Booked on the FOS for 2019 and have a Junior Suite. Pictures online are showing coffee pots. Are there coffee pots in the Junior Suites?
  2. We are booked on AOS for June 1, 2018 out of Cape Liberty NJ to Portland, Bar Harbor, St. John and Halifax. In JUNE does anyone know what the weather will be like and what clothes we should be prepared to take? I know about the winter months, but it's the JUNE weather that we are inquiring about. Also, anyone have excursions at any of this ports of calls that you would highly recommend or highly NOT recommend? Appreciate you guys! Thank you!
  3. We are sailing to Halifax in June 2018. Reading the reviews on the Maritime Museam and Titanic display, people complain they were rushed and didn't have as much time there are they wanted to. Does the Hop on Hop off tours make better since to see what you want and stay as long as you like? That is versus booking an specific excursion. Looking for suggestion that will allow us to make the most of the day.
  4. slavearlen

    Bottled Water - In Cabin Use

    See a bottled water package on the Celebrity Cruise website but it's description is specific for in restaurants, lounges, etc. On other cruise lines, we can pre-order 12 bottles of bottled water to be delivered to the cabin for use during the cruise. I don't see an option like this for Celebrity. Anyone know how to get bottled water in your cabin to put in the refridgerator for daily use?
  5. slavearlen

    Classic Beverage Pkg - Questions

    Thank you so much for your reply. I will email you.
  6. slavearlen

    Classic Beverage Pkg - Questions

    Thank you so much. The Celebrity Cruises website states that the wine is up to $9 per serving. Is that incorrect? I have a group traveling with me and all I am trying to do is address their questions and concerns. I'm very likely able to live with the Classic Package for like your said, it's not for all so just trying to understand some of the fine print. I know you understand.
  7. slavearlen

    Classic Beverage Pkg - Questions

    My guess is most drinks are more than the allocated amount in this Classic Beverage Package so when we receive this for FREE for the booking, it likely has little value. Your thoughts?
  8. We booked Celebrity 11 day on the Equinox. We received a complimentary "Classic Beverage" package. It allows up to $8 for wine, $6 for beer, etc. Has anyone used this beverage package? Assume if the wine is $12 for a glass, we pay the difference? Any other limitations we should know about? Appreciate any and all info regarding this package.
  9. slavearlen

    Fort Lauderdale Hotel Recommend Close to Port

    Embassy Suites by Hilton on 17th Street?
  10. Sailing on Celebrity for our 11 day out of Ft.Lauderdale April 2017. Would love to stay at the Hilton Pier 66 but the cost is to high. Anyone have a hotel they recommend that is close to the port, has a bar and restaurant inside or close by, and doesn't cost north of $300/night. Appreciate suggestions!
  11. slavearlen

    Atlantis Visit

    Larry ...thank you so much! I felt this was possible but had to be certain as there are several of us just wanting to visit the hotel. I love the idea of the water taxi and that just might be what we decide to do. Your the best!
  12. slavearlen

    Atlantis Visit

    Question for everyone! We are sailing to the Bahamas via Carnival in August. We want to go to the Atlantis Hotel. We don't want to take an excursion, just want to walk in, walk around, maybe have a cocktail, etc. Is it possible to do that or do you have to be a guest or booked on an excursion? If so, is there a fee to walk in and walk around? Sounds like a strange question but we don't want to participate in an excursion. Just a walk in visit, etc.
  13. slavearlen

    Celebrity Cruise Insurance - Onboard Doctor Visits

    I do need to read the insurance terms, just haven't gotten that far yet so trying the easiest and just asking. Thank you for the thumbs up on this itinerary. We are very excited to take this trip! May have to get some good input from you on excursion choices, etc. Really appreciate your response. Your up early too, good morning!
  14. We are sailing on a 11 day to Costa Rica, Colon, Cartegena, etc., and have purchased the travel insurance. Does anyone know if this insurance also covers onboard doctor visits if you get ill during your cruise?
  15. Everyone that has seen my posts looking for the Royal Caribbean C&A pendent, finally I got it onboard Liberty of the Seas, 2 weeks ago! Sooo excited. They said RCCL had stopped selling them but they are back by popular demand! Yipee!