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  1. We were at Darkwood about 3 weeks ago and it was amazing. It is a quiet beach with the most beautiful water ever. There is a great restaurant and bar. It was perfect. My new favorite Caribbean Beach. We were on a 14 day cruise, visited 8 islands and Darkwood was number 1
  2. That was the only one I saw, but it was great.
  3. Thanks so much, it has been a difficult road for her and her family. She was pregnant and 27 years old when she was diagnosed. He prognosis is pretty good, but she is BRCA positive, so we know (others in family have not done so well with same mutation) how precious life is. We wanted to make memories for the family and give her and her hubby a break. We have done a few Thanksgiving cruises, we might have to go back to that. I wish I could do the Bliss sailing next year. Who knows maybe hubby will hit the lotto, lol. Good luck to you. I didn't get to meet you on the cruise, bc I was late to the M&G. I did get to meet Don and a few others. 🙂
  4. The next day we went to the buffet for breakfast, which was a nightmare, lol. I realized that people on January cruises do not like children. I can't tell you how many people were downright rude, because we had children. It made me very angry. One day my S-I-L was waiting for an elevator. When the elevator came, a women pushed in front of him and tried to close the door before he could get in with the 14 month old in the stroller, this seriously would be a common occurrence. There were many people that were awesome too, but I was very disappointed in how many were rude. The buffet was a mad house and people were also being so rude to the crew. None of this was their fault, and they were all working double duty. We ate our breakfast and then went to explore the beautiful ship. The ship was awesome!!!. For lunch the 12 of us ate at O'sheehans, which was a lot of fun and the food was good. We next hit the shops, just to see what was available. We all went to the show After Midnight at 10 pm. It was pretty good, but I started falling asleep towards the end, as it got boring to me. After the show we stopped by the casino to make our daily donation. I ended up not doing bad, but hubby....not so much, lol. The next morning it was pleasantly warm. We were so excited to sit out in the sun. We got a couple of lounges on deck 17 near the bar and enjoyed the sun....and some frozen concoctions. BTW we had the drink package and we purchased a 7 night dining package. We were a group so we enjoyed free gratuities. We spent the day out in the sun and my Daughter took the 3 y/o to the splash zone. The 14 month old was in the stroller sleeping. She is an exceptionally amazing baby, who never never cries. She isn't walking yet, a she was a premie, so she is super easy. The 3 y/o is a typical 3 year old boy. He is potty trained, so he was able to enjoy the splash pad. On that day he met a little friend from the UK, so he enjoyed his time. Later on in the day we played Deal or no Deal in the Atrium. I won 50.00 and a free photo, so it was a good day for me. For dinner that night we went to Savor. We had a pretty good meal there, but I was too stuffed for the desert. After dinner we visited our friends at the casino, where we donated. We play either Let it Ride, or Three Card Poker. We do love to gamble.
  5. I will start out telling you a little bit about our group. There were 12 of us sailing together, all from New Milford CT. We are a group of 6 50 something year old friends, all married couples. My daughter, her husband and their two children ages 3 and 14 months. We stayed at the Watson Hotel in NYC the Saturday night before, as bad weather was headed our way. I highly recommend the Watson, excellent hotel. Embarkation was the worse ever I have seen. I even talked to people who had 72 cruises under their belt and they said the same. Ship was supposed to sail at 3:00, hubby and I didn't get to board until 5:30!. This was supposedly all due to the fact that the cruise before had a few hundred people sick with the Norovirus. While I appreciate the cleaning that was taking place, better communication would have been nice. We were told to report to the port at 10:30, it was a disaster. Once we got on board it was even worse, and I am not one to complain. Our cabins were not going to be ready until after 10 pm, so 4200 people were stuffed into the buffet and a few other areas. It was just crazy. Finally an announcement was made that we could drop our carry on's into the rooms, but they were not ready for us to stay in. We dropped our bags off and headed to La Bistro, where we had dinner reservations. Dinner was good, but service was very slow. This would be a theme for the fist half of the cruise, because in the buffet the crew had to serve you, so any extra crew were either in the buffet or cleaning the ship. I didn't mind, as I knew our rooms weren't going to be ready yet anyway. Finally at 8:30 we started sailing, only 51/2 hours late, not bad for all that was going on. We went to our rooms at about 10 pm. There was no coffee makers, no robes, no ice, no soaps, no books/magazines. It was bare minimum, as everything had to be sterilized. We met Anthony our cabin steward and he was amazing from day 1!!!! These crew members work so hard, they were all awesome the entire cruise :). BTW we had 5 mini suites and mine and my daughter's were connecting. I loved the extra large bathrooms, and the rooms were a bit larger than the regular balcony rooms. Also the balcony was a bit larger. Perfect for us. We went to bed, as we were all wiped.
  6. I did use a TA, so should I put her? Thanks 🙂
  7. Hi I just got back from a 14 night cruise. I purchased the Nationwide Luxury Cruise plan way before I left for my cruise. This plan, for me (live in CT), has an itinerary change part, where if the itinerary changes BEFORE you sail, each person on the policy gets a payment of 1250.00. A few months before we set sail the itinerary changed. I knew I was going to be able to make the claim. So I am filling out the claim form and it is asking who the Travel Supplier/Provider information is. I know some of you have collected on this exact benefit (that is why I purchased this particular plan), so does anyone have an answer? They make these forms tricky. Thanks for any and all help, Cathy
  8. I know, believe me I wish I could, but I am a teacher and I got special permission for this vacation because my daughter has cancer and we wanted to treat her and her family for a celebration of life trip. I will never be able to sail in January again 😞 I have to sail during my time off, which is Thanksgiving, Christmas, March, or the summer 😞 Otherwise I would already have that trip booked.
  9. They do have Starbucks, but I don't drink coffee, so I can't give details
  10. cathi007

    Darkwood Beach

    We were just at Darkwood beach last week. It was amazing!!!! The most beautiful beach. It would be perfect for adults and teens. We took a cab (van) from the port. I think it was 8.00/person, each way. Tell the driver what time to pick you up and he will be there. Great bar/restaurant, chairs and like I said an amazing beach. Enjoy
  11. Here are some photos of Bikini Beach. I wish I took one of the bar/restaurant
  12. OK, came off of the Escape this Sunday and I have not had a chance to do a review yet. I will come back this weekend and try my hardest to write one. I am a teacher, so being gone for 2 weeks has put me way behind. We had an amazing time on the Escape and I wish I was back on her now
  13. OK I went to Orient Bay (Bikini Beach) during our cruise. The beach was just as beautiful as ever. The lounge chairs were awesome. 2 chairs, umbrella, and a nice table that has 4 built in cup holders for 30.00. I didn't think that was bad, considering the chairs had very thick cushions, very comfortable. I will post pics this weekend. The hurricane damage is evident all over the island. The bar/restaurant at Bikini beach was awesome
  14. Just go back from our amazing 14 night cruise. We went to Orient Bay (Bikini Beach). It was a great day! The water was a little rough that day, but they are open and ready for your visit. Driving to the beach the hurricane damage was very evident. But at the beach it was beautiful as usual. I will add some of my pics. Notice how the mountains are now brown. I will add the photos over the weekend, as I can't seem to find them all, lol
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