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  1. Sounds like theres a good chance they may do as they did to Navigator, its a shame that the deck plans are not updated accordingly for post AMPLIFIED viewing.
  2. Hi All To my understanding Voyager of the Seas will return from Singapore Dry docks to Australia in latter 2019 after it has undergone its Amplified refurbishment. Does anybody understand if the existing gym will be moved AFT to what is currently the Childrens Adventure Zone? and as part of that relocation the Mens and Womans free Dry and Wet sauna will be removed? I believe that is what happened on Navigator of the Seas. Cheers
  3. Hi All Can anyone confirm that Navigator of the Seas NO LONGER offers free dry and wet sauna (mens or womens) as part of the gym? I believe that after the recent AMPLIFIED refurbishment the Gym has been moved Aft to what was the children's Adventure Zone and now no longer offers any form of Sauna facility? is this correct? Many Thanks
  4. Even better news, will have to venture back onboard as haven't sailed with Celebrity for appx 14 months due what I thought at the time were some pretty miserable measure to Elite and Elite + members !
  5. Ok, well that sounds a change for the better, I was getting annoyed at being handed out 3 coupons and that was it, even in the sky lounge where they hosted the nightly event. To be able to select from the menu at all the qualifying bars is a great improvement and just hope its consistent across the fleet. Cheers all
  6. Hi All, just wondering if Celebrity are still handing out the food stamps for happy hour? is it still limited to 3 drinks per night?
  7. To be honest I would be disappointed if it was Mystery Island (dont get me wrong its a great little out with great water and beaches) however it wouldnt be a new destination, my hope is its a QLD island so it can be reached on shorter cruises and be incorporated into longer sailings .......re Mystery Island I did notice that additional work has been done around the island but my take was that its just ongoing work by the locals in Vanuatu
  8. LOL.... lets hope the Miami bean counters gave the real estate scout a full jar!
  9. Im hoping its more ports and the new "Perfect day " island. Royal needs something for short 4 day cruises ex Sydney/Brisbane that is something akin to P&Os Moreton island but with facilties similar to Laberdee and Coco Cay in the Caribbean......would also be a great inclusion on longer sailings - hopefully they have found the right piece of real estate!
  10. Wonder what our new "Adventure" is for the South Pacific? new destinations maybe even the Perfect Day island?
  11. Wonder what our new adventure is in the South pacific? New destination or maybe our new Perfect Day island?
  12. No this is Navigator and Mariner of the Seas - Royal Caribbean
  13. Agree, I see the Concierge club has been removed so assume its Suits and Pinnacles in the new Suit lounge and Diamond + and Diamonds in the Diamond Lounge? as you said thats better than the alternative.
  14. Great update, appreciate the detail as it all helps when your planning different trips, nothing worse than finding things that you appreciate onboard have been removed. I guess it wont be too long before crown and Anchor lounge access gets changed, as it appears the suit guests are getting a lot of attention due the better yield they create, add that with the exploding loyalty members and its a recipe for change.
  15. Some have said that the Mariner retained these spaces after it was "Amped" so perhaps its market a segment approach? One day the bean counters may find the most important beans are not in the jar any more and by that I mean their customers lol
  16. Thanks, reason I ask is that it appears on Naviagtor the Gym has been repositioned Aft Port side with the complete removal of the sauna facilities? Im just hoping the same wont happen to all Voyager and Freedom class ships. Cheers
  17. Your correct my mistake, must have been cross eyed lol ......the ship in question should have been the Independence OTS.
  18. I believe Liberty OTS was amplified in 2018, does anyone know if the GYM floor space is still in the same format and does the Men's and Women's change rooms still offer dry and wet sauna facilities? Cheers
  19. Thanks again, what you have noticed pretty much appears to be reflected in the new deck plans, Im really hoping they dont play with this area too much on all Voyager and Freedom class ships as I agree with you the current set up is the best offering. cheers
  20. Thanks, I notice on another thread the cruisers said they have just returned from a Navigator sailing and they report that the Gym has been relocated to the Aft port side of the ship and the Mens and Womens change rooms/steam/sauna are gone?
  21. Well according to RCL Facebook page it looks like Seranade got the slot.......somewhat disappointed, Brisbane is the winner as they now have Radiance (soon to be refurbished) Sydney gets a new ship albeit the same class as Radiance and not refurbished. A newer line up in the fleet may have been worthy of the expectation they alluded to in the promo earlier this week. .......Oh well be grateful Sydney received something I guess. I hope their yield boffins are crunching the numbers for a year round posting sometime soon!
  22. I thought Seranade may get the slot given its last position for any sale has it in Hawaii, whilst great news that Brisbane has been given Radiance its somewhat a little disappointing Sydney is getting back the same class of ship. The news could be made better if it was a full year round deployment as I believe theres capacity there to compete with Carnival and P&O duting the winter, any way lets see what the official story is and just be greatful we gained another ship (well kind of as we lost Explorer in Sydney)
  23. Thank you for the great review, in it you have answered one of the main questions I had about the new refurbishment of Navigator and that is your confirmation that the GYM has been relocated further aft and that the Mens and Womens change rooms are gone that previously offered the steam and sauna rooms. I agree the Voyager and Freedom class ships offers/offered the best set up and I'm now fearing that both class of ships when "Amplified" will suffer the same fate as Navigator........do we know if the same was done to Mariner when it was amplified?? Could you tell if the new Gym area was offering Mens and Womens steam facilities? cheers
  24. Just wondering if anyone has sailed on Mariner or Navigator since they were "Amplified" if so have they changed the gym and change rooms? has the gym floor space changed and do they sill have seperate steam and sauna in the mens change room? cheers
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