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  1. hrprof

    Taxis from NYC port

    We will shortly be taking a cruise which will end on a Sunday AM in NYC. What should we expect re taxi availability to mid-town hotels?
  2. hrprof

    Duchess River Club

    I really appreciate your response - have cruised on the "Queen" and the River Club is a new choice. Will try breakfast.
  3. In a couple of weeks, we'll be taking our 1st cruise on the Duchess. The River Club requires reservation - how difficult is it to secure a reservation? Is it worth it? A second question - for anyone who has stayed in 301 - how troublesome is that "lift" which is adjacent to the suite?
  4. We had a bunch of trips on Explorer always in cabin 230. Early morning? Head for Chart Room - self service coffee and cookies with full forward view through windows or seated outside. All meals provide an opportunity to meet fellow passengers. After dinner programs are not to be missed - lecturers from Lindblad and NG. If you are serious photographers, you will be overcome with professional help. No dress code - very casual. Bar service is excellent - you may find that the bartender will know what you want after the first couple of days.
  5. We took this cruise a few years back and really enjoyed it. We suggest that you sign up for the pre-cruise extension - well worthwhile.
  6. hrprof

    Scuba diving in FP.

    Hey,it's coming right up! Let us know how it goes - the diving is really great. Ted
  7. hrprof

    Scuba diving in FP.

    As pleased as we are with Oceania, we would suggest that you consider the Paul Gaugin if you are really into SCUBA. We have taken 5 cruises on PG and have really enjoyed diving from the ship as well as going with their selected shore based operators. It is smaller than R type O ships, so works better on touring the islands. Consider taking a look at it. Ted
  8. hrprof

    Any advice from those who have sailed with Oceania?

    We did our early cruising with Regent when it was Radisson. We switched to Oceania when we discovered more interesting itineraries and greater value. We prefer the R ships because they are smaller - we always spoil ourselves by booking Owners Suites - all are in the stern. We we used the Vista once - for the Panama Canal (SF to NY) cruise. It was the perfect choice for the Canal transit. On the R ships, the Vistas on deck 7 are preferable. deck 6 places you right over the lounge where evening entertainment is staged. Yes, the wind can be a threat - the balcony is open to it. It didn't bother us a bit.
  9. On our first Antarctic trip way back in 1997, our recollection is that the parkas were sent to us at home and we packed them to take down. On our second in 2003, we received them when we boarded and left room in the luggage to take them home. Since dress expectations on these adventures are very practical, not dressy, it is fairly easy to fit the parka - going or returning.
  10. Duchess has 4 OS offered. The diagrams provided in recent publications suggest that 301 is the least desirable choice. It was the only one available, so we booked it. Anybody out there who have sailed on the OS's? What's your reaction? Ted
  11. hrprof

    6 bottles

    Thanks - just what I'm looking for!
  12. hrprof

    6 bottles

    Can anyone out there provide the list of 6 bottles provided for suite passengers? And, is delivery of the bottles made on boarding day? I have received this benefit on previous cruises, but would appreciate a response.
  13. hrprof

    Would "O" Class Fans Like the "R" Class Ships?

    We have cruised on all of the "R" ships and have found that the OS fits our space preference. We experimented with one cruise on Riviera - too many people - OS not worth the money. "R" ships have more attractive itineraries in our opinion. And, oh yes, Horizons offers a wonderful setting for an early morning cup of coffee!
  14. hrprof

    A disappointment

    Crystal Serenity has a cruise leaving Charleston on 12/20 and returning on 1/3 - how does that sound?
  15. Well, Orion is moving from 7 day visits to Europe this past summer to 10 and 17 day swings through FP next summer. There, they will be competing with Paul Gaugin. My wife and I have had 5 cruises on PG. We were attracted to its on- board SCUBA capabilities, and wonder if Orion's SCUBA equipment will be restored. I am looking forward to receiving one of the SPECTACULAR marketing mailers introducing Orion's FP future. I am especially curious to see how SCUBA is treated. French Polynesia is one of the most beautiful areas to visit in the world - hope that Orion might go back and forth from there to the Antarctic!