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  1. Hi everyone, we will be on our first Seabourn cruise this July, family of four with two separate bookings. Can anyone refer us please? PM me and many thanks in advance.
  2. Re the Pursuit visit, I thought the ship looked fantastic. It is understated and elegant. Richard Twynam was an excellent host. The food was superb and the staff so friendly and efficient. Really looking forward to embarking tomorrow!
  3. AllisonJames, I'm sure your photos will be keenly awaited. Photographs from the Maiden Voyage will be very interesting and different. Bon voyage!
  4. Thanks for your reply. Today's visit must be slightly different to the LCV visit on 31st as it includes lunch, which I believe is in Aqualina. Hope it's not just pastries!
  5. Quick question. How was the food?
  6. Looking forward to hearing all about it.
  7. :oThey might have forgotten them and gone back to collect as it seems the Pursuit is now back in Belfast!
  8. There are some lovely photos on the Pursuit Twitter feed of the finished ship. Getting quite excited now!
  9. This sounds exciting!!!
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