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  1. ABOUT YOUR UPCOMING TRAVELS Dear Guest, Well, this round’s on us. On Monday, July 1st, 2019, from 4:00 PM to 1:30 AM EST, we posted incorrect pricing of $18 USD per person, per day, for Deluxe Beverage Packages. Given that we typically price these packages at about $55 USD per person, per day, it was the (messed up) deal of the century. This was a BIG mistake! It might have been bad code, a random computer glitch — or maybe we just need to reinstate our intern typing test. Any which way, it was our error, and we’ll own it. Enjoy your deep, deep discount — while we go drown our sorrows. Happy 4th of July! Sincerely,
  2. Same here, stopped us while picking up luggage. Need a taxi? Got in the back seat and hub realizes there is no meter I start gabbing about us knowing the area. Got to the Embassy, driver said $50. !! no way,, ok $40. I looked at his licence plate, went over to him and said "you're a crook and you get nothing" he left !!!
  3. What a selfish attitude. We will soon be pin *(after an average of $2,000. per cruise and that's light) a pinnacle couple has invested over $200,000.00. You bet I'll be in suite lounge with you.
  4. We love SAS great vans, nice people $15.00 pp Can't go wrong with this company
  5. We always stay in FLL and have SAS pick us up and take us to the port in MIA they also pick up at port and take you back to FLL.. $15.pp can't beat them. Great company
  6. Any time they would run late,(seldom) they call you. I love that company and the prices are great. Use them all the time.
  7. Not anymore. We just returned from FLL, and they would not let us in. Had to wait 4 hrs. before we got through security.
  8. I've given up on them . Just too much stress wondering if I have the dang res. or not. I watch for price drops on other hotels. so far so good. Terrible customer service
  9. We're on the Navigator right now. Asked the LA for a print out of our cruise history and points ;p. Hmmmmm we are not Emerald instead of D+ lol lol
  10. Coastal kitchen is for suite guests. JS and up. JS is only for dinner
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