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  1. We don't need assistance either. Thinking that there may have been an incident and now there is a lawsuit.
  2. Is this something new? I have never seen a weight limit for guests that need assistance getting on and off a tender. (100 Lbs.)
  3. Just off the GEM and no ashtrays are outside on 7 - and also noticed no smoking signs posted.
  4. Hello, Is anyone able to post the PPB red wine list please? Thank you!
  5. Another quick question please. Are both bottles opened at dinner? Or are you able to take one unopened back to your room/balcony to have later? Thanks again for the info!!
  6. Hi - are there better wines offered by the glass? I see the list for bottles offered at dinner - but does not mention by the glass. The wine list by the glass for the regular package is so-so. Thank for your assistance!
  7. Thank you for your reply! I did some searching and it looks like the red could be Le Terre - cab and merlot. I've never tried either, but online reviews of them are pretty good for what it's worth - $9.99 a bottle.
  8. Good point - Thank you! Ship is Meraviglia and it would be either sailing caribbean or canada.
  9. Hello all, Can anyone provide the names of the wines included in this drink package? Are they drinkable? Thanks in advance!
  10. Quick question. On our itinerary it is noted that we arrive in Costa Rica at 8:00am. Is that ship time or will that be local time in Costa Rica? The reason I ask is that we have booked a private excursion that starts at 8:00 local time. Thanks for any answers!
  11. Hello! I recently read that the cheers package does not apply when you are at HMC. How do they handle payment...cash/credit card or your cabin card? Thanks in advance!
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