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  1. Is there an advantage to signing up and installing the app a short time before using it? I had heard elsewhere a long time ago, you could get some free credit when you first sign up. If it's true will it expire?
  2. Thanks for the update. Can you tell me how the Bodden tour was and where you went?
  3. Thanks for the update. Can you tell me how the Bodden tour was and where you went?
  4. Can I ask, which car agency did you use? We found the Avis shuttle to be over crowded and poorly serviced. Of course it may be different if this is a port of call versus disembarking.
  5. I just got a call from my TA. She said RC isn't aware of any change to this cruise (the original 7-day eastern caribbean) , they haven't sent out any notices on it. They are still investigating why it's coming up like this, it may be Wednesday before I hear back. It may just be a glitch in the matrix.
  6. Thanks for the quick answer. How do I find out which cruises those are?
  7. I'm also booked on this cruise. Booked thru a TA. How much can I expect in getting compensated on a different cruise? The same itinerary and same room is available on the Symphony a week later. Should I request a cruise on the SOTS at the Allure rate?
  8. Can someone help a newbie to St Kitts out and explain what is a 'Towles"?
  9. This past April, I got off RCL and went to the Avis shuttle area. It was beyond crazy. They didn't have enough shuttles for all the people returning and using their service. We saw shuttles come, fill up, and leave twice before getting on one. No orderly fashion of waiting in turn. It was like the hunger games. Then only two people working the counter once you got there.
  10. I just did it two weeks ago. Got off via self-assist and went to the car rental shuttle area. Picked up a car from Avis and drove to SFO in about an hour. I had over an hour to spare. Avis shuttle sucked, first van came after 7:30a and by then 30-50 people were waiting for it. Other car providers had came and went twice by then.
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