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  1. Thanks - there are 7 of us going and we are going to do entertainment and excursions tonight so your answer came in at the right time!
  2. Do the alternate nights or does one do the first 3 nights and the other does the next 3 nights?
  3. I am cruising on the Harmony - June 2nd. Our entertainment has opened and I am not seeing Hideaway Heist. I am wondering if I am not seeing it because it is already full or is it not being performed on our cruise. Also, are there different comedians every night? Thanks for the help!
  4. I am looking at this company for a cruise in June. There will be 7 of us flying in the day before to Orlando Airport to cruise on the Harmony (Port Canaveral). I don't want to try and UBER/Lyft 7 people plus luggage. I have some questions and hope someone who as used them can help with the answers: How are they at picking you up at the airport to take you to a hotel? What time do they pick up from the hotel to bring to the port? Any recommendations for hotels included in the package close to the port? Thanks.
  5. We had a great time. I did take pictures of the room. I can send them to you when I get home. I am not sure how to upload them. As for the perks: fruit basket in the room, we got a cheese plate one night and other goodies one night, concierge lounge that had free drinks and snacks nightly and the concierge was wonderful and left a message everyday telling you what was going on, there was a suite brunch which was very good on the first sea day, separate line for embarking and a breakfast in chops when disembarking, reserved seats in the theater, and free room service. If you know how to upload pics, let me know. I have never used shutterfly or photobucket
  6. I just finished an Alaskan Cruise on the Radiance and stayed in Grand Suite 1530. The room itself is nice and very roomy with lots of storage space. There is a pool closet across from the room and the pump runs a lot of the time. We got used to the noise after a while, but you can definitely hear it in your room. We seldom heard the chairs above us, I think just once or twice.
  7. My itinerary has us leaving Denali, going to Anchorage and then to the ship all in the same day. So I am wondering if I will make my 5:30 reservation for my time dining?
  8. Hi, My husband and I are going with my sister and brother in law to Alaska in mid July. We have the pre-tour first starting in Fairbanks. My questions are: Going from Denali to Anchorage, our documentation says it is 6 hours. Does anyone know what time we leave Denali and does the 6 hours include the time we have to walk around Anchorage? Lastly, we are trying to figure out dining for the first night. Does anyone know what time we will get to the ship? Thanks for everyone's help.
  9. If we use our drink coupons at the bars on the ship or in the dining room, can we get anything? I thought at one point in the past I read that they could only be used for the alcohol that was in the diamond lounge. I would like to be able to use them for a frozen drink and I am wondering if I will be able to. We are sailing on the Radiance this summer if that matters. Thanks for the help.
  10. We are on a pre-cruise starting in Fairbanks on 7/18. We board the Radiance on 7/21.
  11. Thanks for the ideas. I was wondering if anyone had actually taken any of the tours we were looking at and if they had any comments on them. This is trip to celebrate my sister and brother-in-laws 25th anniversary, so we want it to be memorable. As for the specialty restaurants, my cruise planner says bookings are not available yet. Guess we will need to wait until it gets closer.
  12. My family and sister's family are doing an Alaska cruise next summer. We have some questions on some excursions. We are limiting our options to only Royal sponsored tours. We have been on a few cruises where we were late coming into ports due to medical emergencies and we do not want to have to worry about rescheduling or missing one of the independent tours. We are currently looking at: In Juneau - Pilot's choice glacier explorer Skagway - looking for suggestions Icy Strait - Whale and Marine Mammals cruise Ketchikan - Exclusive Private Air Tour I understand that some of these are expensive and we can probably get them cheaper, but we don't feel comfortable with possible missing them. Also - does anyone know how much each of the specialty restaurants cost? Thanks for any help. I am sure there will be more as we go along. I had thought about putting these question in the Alaska forum, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of Royal Caribbean information there.
  13. We did the Anthem this past June/July. We were in a grand suite. We were traveling with my sister and her family. There were 3 of them. We were told we could only bring in two people for dinner with us. We decided to just do room service from coastal kitchen for all of us. It worked out fine. Food was delicious and hot.
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