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  1. We were able to book a pre Maiden voyage for the Dream. It was a 2 day Charity cruise for Boys & Girls club. You had to make a "donation" and it did not count toward CC status. It went ridiculously fast but was still fun to be one of the first people on the ship
  2. The Wonder actually doesn't fit in the old locks anymore. Not since they added the "Duck Tail" I know they paid a premium to go during the day.
  3. Hi All We were going through the canal on the Disnwy Wonder and the Jewel was going through the other locks at the same time. Here are a few pics for anyone interested John
  4. As an additional note, if you are not able to prebook definatley stop at guest services desk once onboard and check for availability. they usually have spots leftif you check early enough
  5. We found that using the nursery around dinner time was best for us. If possible feed the baby before your dinner time, early or late, then bring the baby to the nursery so you can enjoy the dinner a little more. If the 6 and 4 yo like the clubs you may actually be able to have a meal with just the 2 of you. Hopefully you remember what that is like. We have found availability of the nursery to be pretty good. Depends on when your sailing is and how many under 3 yo there are
  6. As a side note Nix70, you can use the showers in the spa/gym area if you are a little cramped in the cabin ones. They have body wash, shampoo, conditioner as well as razors and blow dryers in the changing rooms by the showers. Glad you enjoyed your cruise
  7. Log into your reservation on the DCL site. In the main bix where you can view the details, make excursion ressies there is an option to schedule a character call
  8. If you are doing a 4 night I would do Palo one of the nights, as opposed to Remy. Since it is your first DCL cruise however I would suggest that you go to each of the restaurants to experience them. As for other times, we like to hang out the door tag at night and have room service bring coffee and fruit or croissants in the morning and then head to one of the DR for a sit down breakfast later. Your navigator will give you what DR and time. Again for lunch we prefer to have a sit down so we go to whichever DR is serving lunch that day. The caveat here is to not miss Cookies BBQ on Castaway Cay. Head down to Serenity Bay and enjoy a great lunch outside. Best tip, utilize room service, coffee in the a.m. - warm cookies and milk at night or Mickey bars (not on the menu but they will bring them) Just remember to tip the room service staff :D Have fun
  9. Congrats. If you do think you may want to do another be sure to book while onboard. You can book a "dummy date" for a 10% discount and you get a reduced deposit. If you use a travel agent, make sure to note it on the reservation and then you can transfer it to the TA and get their onboard credit as well. as a first timer on DCL you can book excursions, spa, restaurants at 75 days out. have fun
  10. I have it downloaded in my HTC One. It is available in the play store
  11. the story I got was it was pants and her name is Monica. The ships hull is called Monica Blue
  12. I believe thay stopped the bannana boat ride. My son and I did it about 10 yeatrs ago and we had a blast! We had so much fun we got Magical Experience Certificates and pins in our room that night. Apparently a CM really enjoyed us enjoying ourselves
  13. I have a fairly large collection of DCL pins. My wonderful wife made these banners for me that I display my pins on. Used curtain rods on the wall and hang them so they are all nicely displayed works very well for me
  14. Anyone have any DCL pins they are interested in trading? PLMK Thanks John
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