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  1. Hi everyone, I am looking for tour recommendations for Mahagony bay? I looked at Little French key but it looks very expensive especially with everything costing a la carte once you get there. Thank you!
  2. We are torn between these 5 places to go to in Nassau.Any recommendations?We are going 2nd week in December so wondering if too cold as well?. Balmoral Island Blue Lagoon VIP Hilton British Colonial Melia. Riu palace
  3. Thank you so much.Do you float through the cave where the cenote is or just swim in the cenote?
  4. Do you have to snorkel?How deep is the water?Do you float in it without tubes?We are not strong swimmers so that's why I am curious.
  5. Thank you for posting this.We were looking at this one and couldn't find any info.
  6. Thank you!So chips and salsa and quacmole are seperate from the 4 courses?We can eat a ton of that by itself.
  7. Thank you we were looking at that excursion in Progresso.We are in port 9 hrs can you stay as long as you want?
  8. Is the food all you can eat all day?Can you spread it out during the day?How many courses?
  9. With the AI is the food unlimited as well?Can you eat wherever you want?Can you use the pool and the beach?
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