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  1. as always thanks Rich for taking the time to post this! happy cruising everyone
  2. thanks for posting your views, glad you enjoyed your cruise with HAL
  3. if you have the SBP you have paid up front, there are no further charges for any local tax or VAT, if you dont have the package then any local tax or vat is applied.
  4. last week on koningsdam in europe it was 5:30 and 8:15
  5. thanks as ever for taking the time to do this, on the koningsdam Monday, so nice to see she is still in the med!!
  6. yes in the UK we pay for cruise in pounds but all extras , excursions, dining, spa etc are in dollars
  7. i also wesr my tux, you will be in the minority, but i always feel comfortable
  8. thank you for taking the time to do this
  9. Sad news indeed - RIP Walt and condolences to his friends and family
  10. thank you for posting these, very useful, enjoy your cruise
  11. copper and rich - thanks for info, we in europe only have 1 zero, so find double zero a bit cheeky , adding a 3rd is just theft!!!
  12. copper, if you get time and are wandering past the casino, can you check the roulette wheel please? rumour has it that they may have added a 3rd zero, thanks very much, and enjoy what remains of your cruise. super thread with a lot of info
  13. thanks very much for the great photos - kongingsdam looks great , will have the pleasure of sailing on her in May and November - have a great time on your cruise
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