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  1. This virus could be caught anywhere so even if you don’t go on the cruise you may pick it up somewhere else, although at the moment it is not In every part of the world. The cruise ships will be doing everything they can to prevent infection, and that’s not an easy task. At least cruise ships are considerably cleaner and more conscious of infection than most hotels or resorts. But yes, I do think you are asking too much at the moment. I’m sure that if it is a real health issue the cruise ships will be the first to cancel cruises. After all, they don’t want people dying onboard. I’m afraid it’s a wait and see situation. If things get worse and it spreads across the USA, the Caribbean and on all cruise ships then of course cruises will have to be cancelled, but until then I’m afraid life must go on. Of course it’s worrying, but we have to rely on governments, and companies, to do the right thing. Whether they will or not I really can’t say.
  2. I bring two pop up laundry baskets with me so that I can put dirty washing in them, whites/light coloureds in one, dark in another. There is plenty of room in the Princess wardrobe to stand them in the corner, side by side. Makes it easy when I need to do some laundry onboard. I also fold any dirty items in the small zipped sweater bags from Dollar Store before packing them in the suitcases to take home.
  3. We have always been required to attend muster. Its a great feeling having the ship virtually to ourselves. A good time to take photos with no people in them! The whole process is usually very well organised. Normally there is a meeting prior to the last day when they explain how it will work. They usually escort you off the ship at the last minute and we have found immigration is usually very quick. Last time we did it (on a RCI ship, I have to admit) we just walked past the officer who simply glanced at our passports. We didn’t even have to go down to the main immigration hall, as he came up to the waiting area. Whilst the main doors through to the cabin areas will be shut, you can access them by just opening the doors. But be prepared for some quizzical looks from those just boarded who are anxious to get to their cabins! They may try to follow you through the doors for a sneak preview of their cabins! The stewards will politely turn them back. Hope you have a great turnaround day!
  4. I had never seen Cats before going on Oasis and I thought it was amazing. The stage, the costumes, the singing, the music was spectacular. The only thing that spoilt it was people walking in and out of the show. We went several times, as we were on the ship for two weeks, sometimes just seeing the second part, after which the auditorium was half empty. The quality of the singing was superb. Of course there is no ‘story’ as such, but a quick read on the internet would explain what is going on. i hope they don’t dumb down the show. So far Andrew Lloyd Webber has been unwilling to cut the show to accommodate those with a short attention span. Luckily there are so many wonderful shows on Oasis that even those who dislike Cats can find something to suit their tastes.
  5. Well I must apologise too as I hadn’t realised which thread I was posting in. 🤭 My photos etc were on our roll call thread so that is Majestic Princess October 18th, 2019, so I’m really sorry if I added to your confusion.... 🤭 If you look at that roll call there is information about the private tour in Vanuatu we are doIng for the second time. We loved Vanuatu, there is so much to do - Blue Lagoon, Village, turtles etc etc. If you need more details let me know.
  6. I’ve managed to find my previous post about Dravuni and Vanuatu. They were posted on May 30th on page 3 of the Roll Call. Hope this helps. 😎
  7. Are you saying that those who travel on the behemoths are neither extensively travelled nor communal???? Ha ha! 😏😂 In our experience we have enjoyed meeting some very interesting and incredibly friendly people from around the world - both professional and non-professional - and we have made some amazing friends en route. One of the joys of cruising I think. Luckily there are big big ships and small ships and everyone has a choice, so what suits one doesn’t suit another but there are no rights or wrongs. Personally, I hate sloppy dressing and welcome whatever dress code the cruise lines can cling onto, but that’s only my preference. Others prefer a casual approach. Neither is right nor wrong, it’s simply a matter of choice, and luckily there is plenty of choice out there so I don’t have to sail on a small ship with a small amount of, admittedly, well-travelled and ‘communal’ people, where there is no dress code. My loss. Their gain!😂 Actually, what does communal mean? According to the dictionary it means: Definition of communal. 1 : of or relating to one or more communes a communal organization. 2 : of or relating to a community. 3a : characterized by collective ownership and use of property. b : participated in, shared, or used in common by members of a group or community a communal kitchen gathered for a communal meal. Perhaps you meant that people are convivial, sociable, companionable, gregarious or just downright friendly? We've certainly found people on cruise ships, whatever their size, are all of these things. Roll on Majestic Princess! I’m looking forward to meeting all of you lovely people!
  8. Please don’t worry, I’m pleased to be of help. This roll call is getting very long so it needs a bit of investigating to find something previously written. I’m hopeless at finding things myself on CC! There are photos of Dravuni on a previous page and some info and photos about Vanuatu which I posted a while ago. If I can be of any further help just let me know!
  9. Here are some photos of the rainforest reserve in Savu Savu
  10. I posted information and photos about Dravuni earlier in this thread. It is a tiny island, with no excursions - just boat trips round the island for a few dollars. It’s an unspoilt tropical paradise and the day is all about the beach, the crystal clear water and the friendly culture of the Fijian people. There is a school and the people are very friendly. You can walk from end to end in about 20 minutes. We don’t snorkel but apparently the snorkelling is great. As you disembark the tender turn left and keep walking, there is a beach at the end of a track where you can snorkel I believe. There are other beaches if you go right. You can turn right and walk to the top of a hill for amazing views of the surrounding area and the ship anchored in the bay. We will just be enjoying the beach and exploring this time. At Vanuatu we took a private tour which I also described earlier in this thread (with photos). I’m afraid I’m not sure about snorkelling. We are doing the same tour again as we enjoyed it so much. i have also posted about Savusavu. Again, I’m not sure about snorkelling but we will probably hire a taxi and go to the beach. Hope me this helps. These photos are of the beach we went to at Suva. It was pretty unspoilt with no facilities. The water was very shallow.
  11. We picked up a taxi from the dockside (they are through the shopping area) and our taxi driver took us to the Martha Brae river and left us there, while he went to the drop off point at the end of the rafting trip. We did not pay him until we returned to the ship so no worries about him disappearing into the sunset. I’m afraid I can’t remember exactly what the taxi cost but I know that the taxi and the entrance to Martha Brae was still much cheaper than a ship tour. Our driver was brilliant and just waited for us to finish the river rafting. One advantage of doing this trip trip yourself is that if you get off the ship early you will get to the river long before the hordes arrive on the ship tours. We had the place to ourselves and had a lovely quiet relaxing trip down the river.
  12. We are also going on this cruise - for the second time. We first went on Diamond in 2018 and thought it was one of the best cruises we’d been on (and we’ve done over 60!] I’m sure you will enjoy it, and we are really looking forward to experiencing all that Majestic Princess has to offer. We love the big ships (including the RCI behemoths) and love the variety on offer, both with food, swimming pools, choice of cabins and entertainment. We would feel stifled on a very small ship, and love meeting a variety of people, but each to their own. Thank goodness some people prefer the very small ships, as otherwise there might not be room for us on the ‘big girls!’ As they say, one man’s meat is another man’s poison...... As for the ports, well we fell in love with Dravuni, had an amazing day in Vanuatu, thought SavuSavu was idyllic, with a wonderful tender into the small dock, and are looking forward to returning to the other ports for a different view of them. We are a bit wiser this time so hopefully that will help. The only port we were really disappointed in was Suva, a big industrial port, but this time we hope to find a beach where I can swim. Last time we made the mistake of not booking a tour and walked round the town, which we though was scruffy, and we didn’t enjoy the department store, which was full of dated clothes and souvenirs. We high tailed it back to the comfort of the ship I’m afraid! If if you have anymore questions about the ports then please do ask.
  13. It was $20 per person round trip. It was a good 25 minute drive. We were nervous of being stuck in traffic on the way back so the whole group agreed a pick up time of 3.00 (St Maarten time which is an hour ahead) to allow plenty of time for the to return but that would depend on the ship’s departure time. The traffic was actually not a problem. Hope you have a fantastic time. The iguanas and crabs are fascinating to watch, too.
  14. Can’t imagine ever needing to order 2 entrees. Perhaps it’s the result of those gluttons who order numerous plates of lobster tails? It could be a knock on effect. It certainly won’t worry us. Surely with all the food available on a cruise ship one entree should be sufficient, otherwise go and stoke up a bit more in the buffet if you are still ravenous! Or order room service. Steamed vegetables have always been available if requested on all the ships we have been on, and are an important and healthy part of any meal. Just ask.
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