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  1. The end of yet another ‘perfect day.’ After the lovely long sail away we dash back down to our cabin for a shower and a change of clothes before making our way up to the theatre for the show. Now I have to admit I have a soft spot for ventriloquists if they are good. So we really enjoy the show by Dan Horn. He is very experienced and extremely talented and we have a good few laughs. After a relaxing interlude it is time for dinner. Now I have to tell you that for some reason I forgot to take any photos of either the menu, or the f
  2. Think we should organise a Crusing Adventurers ‘meet up’ in the future to experience the delights of the pie and the noodles together!
  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one who makes typos. Actually, some of my worst examples are when I text and my phone thinks it knows better than me what I am writing. It can be quite embarrassing.☺️🙈🤣
  4. It certainly looks light and fluffy, cr8tiv1. I can’t wait to try it! 😉
  5. You won’t believe your eyes and ears..... Today there were only two Trivia, and of course we missed the first one at 10.30 am, but managed the Afternoon Trivia Challenge at 4.15 pm. To make up for the dearth of Trivia there was the Celebrity Heads Game Show at 12.30 pm, Part 2 of the Scavenger Hunt at 5.00 - 9.00 pm, and the Gift of the Gab Gameshow at 6.45 pm. There were several activities today, including: Pickle ball Open Play at 9.00 am - 12.00 pm Speedy Suduku Challenge at 9.15 am Lawn Bowling Tournament at 9.45 am Giant Jen
  6. I’m learning so much, cr8tiv1. I had to look up the chiffon pie and it certainly looks delicious. I can understand why you brought one back with you and shared it around. Something else to add to my bucket list I think! 😒 I think this is a picture of a chiffon pie?
  7. So what did everyone else do while we were exploring Kauai? While we have been enjoying ourselves on the island there have been lots to keep everyone occupied onboard ship, so I will give you all a brief run-down. As you know from my virtual cruise to Fiji I am a great fan of all those amazing free seminars and treatments. I would never miss one unless I was busy doing something else, and as you are already aware, the results are absolutely incredible, as you can see from my ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos. Today is no excep
  8. Thank you, Purple Traveller. I hope it gave all you lovely Cruising Adventurers a boost. We certainly need it after the miserable weather we’ve been having recently. Hope it brought back some lovely memories for you.
  9. I love grape hyacinths, my father used to grow them in our garden. They are so delicate. Spring flowers are so beautiful aren’t they? They just seem to arrive when we are feeling at our lowest from the cold winter, and they bring a feeling of joy as we watch new life emerging. The trees are very late this year. It’s already May and some trees are only just in bud. Sorry to hear that you will have to cancel your UK cruise. I think it will be a very cautious return to cruising here in the UK. I read today that Saga is cancelling it’s July cruise as Scotland will not yet
  10. I think the world could do with focusing on our similarities rather than our differences. When it come to a pandemic, no-one is safe, and it would be good if we all built on the positives rather than the negatives. Ha, ha! We love your accent, and I know that people always comment on our British accent. Funny how we don’t actually notice it ourselves! 😄
  11. Hope all goes well for your October trip, Marilee, Fingers crossed! 🤞
  12. How lovely to be returning to Honolulu, AF-1. Hope you have a wonderful family vacation. 🌴🏄‍♀️🏖️
  13. So pleased that you enjoyed the bluebells, cr8tiv1. You are so right, they are actually quite purple, as it is the Spanish bluebell, not our own variety, which is bluer. Unfortunately, the Spanish variety has overwhelmed our British variety in many areas, so it is good to see our natural bluebells surviving and thriving.
  14. So glad you enjoyed the bluebells. How amazing that you have visited this area. Although we live quite close by, it’s the first time we have managed to see the bluebells in full bloom. We are so glad we did, they were an absolutely magical sight.
  15. Thank you, Reader0108598. Yes, we are well, though surprisingly it was me who had a bit of a reaction (mild and short lived) to my second vaccination. DH was, thankfully, perfectly ok. We are hoping that our adult children will soon be offered the vaccine. That will be a great relief. But we will continue to remain cautious, and I cannot envisage wanting to be in a public place without a mask, and social distancing. It’s not over yet, and the vaccine, though wonderful, is only part of the story. Hope you are keeping well and remaining safe.
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