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  1. A Little Tour Here are a few photos of the ship, starting with Alfredos. The Casino The Photo Shop
  2. The telephone rings to inform us that our Room Service order is on its way. We order fruit, a croissant, and tea each morning, which keeps us going until a late breakfast/brunch. I pop out onto the balcony and am surprised at how rough the sea looks, as inside the cabin we have felt nothing. There are plenty of white horses to be seen, but Majestic is a very stable ship and we have not been affected by seasickness at all. We make our way to the Vista Gaming Lounge, where our Trivia team mates are waiting, and we enjoy having our brains challenged. We have nothing planned for today, apart from the Progressive Trivia, which is at 12.15 pm, so we enjoy sitting chatting. Today is the Pub Lunch so, knowing that this is a popular event we make our way up to the Crown Grill to be in the queue before 11.30. It’s a good thing we are early as people Soon start arriving. But we are shown to a table and the food comes quickly. It is very good, piping hot, and the bread and butter pudding is delicious and just as we would make it in the UK. DH chooses the Ploughman’s, while I opt fo the fish and chips, with mushy peas. We are just in time to dash down the corridor to Princess Live where our Progressive Team are ready and waiting in our usual seats on the left hand side. Princess Live is not a suitable venue for a quiz as you cannot gather round to discuss answers, but here the chairs are movable so it is easier to manage.
  3. Monday, October 28th At Sea We are on our way to our final port, Noumea, a distance of 696 miles, so we must keep up a steady speed of 18.1 knots. By noon, the nearest land, Anatom, Vanuatu, is 113 miles on the Starboard Bow. The depth of the ocean is 3,000 metres (9840ft) and we have travelled 359 nautical miles since leaving Lautoka, with over 300 NM to go until we reach Noumea. The temperature is 24 C or 75 F, with sunny skies and light clouds. There is an East- South Easterly wind of Force 6. For the more active among you there is Zumba at 9.00 am, Ping Pong Tournament at 9.30 am, a traditional Afrikaans Dance class at 9.45 am, Line Dancing at 10.45 am and Ballroom Dancing at 1.15 pm, not to mention Dicey Wooden Horse Racing at 4.00 pm. At 9.30 am there is an ‘Enrichment Presentation: Navigation at Sea,’ and, as I am a clairvoyant, I predict that Azbirdmom will take part in this... At 11.30 am there is an ‘Understanding Your Camera’ class, and at 1.00 pm there is a presentation on Health Wars in the Pacific. The Scrap Heap Boat Building Challenge is at 9.30 am, Fun in the Sun Pool Games at 2.00 pm, Ukelele Progressive Class at 2.15 pm, Wine Tasting at 3.00 pm and Arts and Crafts:Butterfly Art at 3.15 pm. There is lots of Trivia today, starting at 10.15 am, the Progressive Trivia at 12.15, Afternoon Trivia at 3.00 pm, Early Evening Music Quiz: Cheesy Dance Classics at 5.30 pm, Evening Quiz: What’s That I Hear at 8.30 pm and Flags of the World at 9.15 pm. Of course there is Movies Under the Stars: The Secret Life of Pets 2 at 9.30 am, Music Concert: Hall and Oates - Live in Dublin at 12.15, and a Music Concert: Santana at 5.00 pm, with the Evening Movie: Men in Black International at 7.00 pm and 9.30 pm. This afternoon there is an Encore Comedy Showtime with Pearson and Harvey at 4.15 pm, with tonight’s highlight, the International Crew Show Extravaganza at 7.30 pm and 9.45 pm. Of course there is plenty of live music around the ship, from Piano Melodies with Vadym Tutov, to Poolside Grooves with Jaame’s Band, Ballroom Dancing with the Zinger Quartet, Classical and Contemporary Melodies with Music Wave String Duo, and Dixie Land Jazz with Antonio and the Majestic Princess House Band. Our favourite, Rudi Douglas is in Crooners from 8.00 to 11.00 pm. For those who enjoy the Casino there is a Slot Tournament at 12.00 noon, and as I am clairvoyant, I am sure that azbirdmom will take part in this. Not only that, I predict that she will be the winner and will walk away with $500, before being taken for a celebratory lunch paid for by her DH in the Dining Room....last of the big spenders Mr DH. (Please contact me by leaving a note outside my cabin for private readings of Tarot Cards, Crystal Ball, Palm Reading, Tea Leaf analysis etc).
  4. Glad to have you back. I agree, it’s amazing to watch a sunset from the deck of a ship. The ever changing cloud formations, the bursts of sunlight, the myriad colours, it’s mesmerising. DH is making good progress after a slow start. I don’t think he realised how much pain he would be in at first. But he seems a lot better today. Thank you so much for asking.
  5. Good Morning, Good Evening, G’day! Well, after all that excitement it’s a sea day, so plenty of time to relax, to do something, to do nothing, that is the beauty of cruising. Today we have our little grandson coming to see us, so I will see you all later.
  6. Hello, again, Gail! It certainly was a great day, and I’m glad you were able to finish it in style, sitting on your virtual balcony, watching that amazing sunset. Can life get much better? Dinner was good, too, and I’m really pleased that, thanks to it being virtual, you were able to enjoy that delicious dessert with no problems. Now, because I seem to have forgotten to take a photo of this beautiful dessert, I have just popped into my Tardis to get you another one, so you can enjoy it again. I will have it sent up to your room, so you can sit on your balcony and savour it, whilst watching the ever changing vista before you. Enjoy!
  7. Tonight, the main theatre production show is ‘Fiera!’ which is one of my personal favourites. It is colourful and entertaining and advertised as a ‘musical journey through through an enchanting late 19th century European fairground.’ We do manage to get out of dinner in time to join our lovely Trivia mates for ‘Movie Mania’ Trivia, but once again, we are woefully inadequate, and no help whatsoever. Thankfully they make up for it with their incredible knowledge. We take our leave of them and dash to the theatre where we are able to see the last part of the show, and it’s as good as I remember. Our favourite entertainer, Rudi Douglas is playing in Crooners as we walk back from the theatre so, as it’s pretty empty, we sit and listen to him until it’s time for our night-time cuppa in the buffet, before making our weary way back for a bath and bed. Tomorrow it’s a sea day and a chance to recharge our batteries before Noumea, our last port. The time is going way too fast, but we are grateful for the many opportunities that have come our way.
  8. Time for Dinner DH chooses the Twice Baked Goat Cheese Soufflé whilst I order the Chicken and Lentil Soup. DH orders the Poached Lemon Sole, whilst I choose the Rack of Lamb, with a baked potato and steamed vegetables as usual. Today it is a Chocolate Jpurneys: Chocolate Pistachio Dome Almond And pistachio Nougatine but we both choose the Warm Soft Centre Chocolate Pudding. Delicous . A lovely meal as usual - but I'm not sure where the photos went.....must have been too ravenous to stop and take pictures.
  9. The sun finally sets, like a fiery golden orb, it drops into the sea.
  10. Well, I have been shorn, and it feels really good, especially as it is so hot. Please don’t apologise. I loved hearing your story of the casino, and the photos of the sunset were gorgeous. I’ve been a bit busy today, so haven’t had time to finish Lautoka, so off we go again.
  11. Well, I’m very glad you gave the hula hooping a miss. Don’t want you dislocating your hip when we still have Noumea to enjoy! 🤣
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