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  1. No, it’s on Vision, Southern Caribbean, second week of B2B. The package couldn’t be booked for the first week!
  2. This is how RC can make some of their money back from this special deal. 😀Design a special t-shirt about enjoying the “messed up deal of the century” and sell them on the affected cruises! I have a cruise Feb 1, I’d buy one, it would be good for the rest of my 2020 cruises.
  3. I am glad RC is taking extra time to rethink things. It would be a really good PR move to honor all of the packages that were bought yesterday. RC made the situation worse by having reps on the phone telling people it was a special sale, so of course word spread like wildfire. RC should have had shut their website down as soon as the error in pricing was discovered, until it could be fixed. Instead, they not only continued to let people see the 18.00 price, people were able to buy the pkg for at least 6-8 hours after it was a known pricing error. I feel especially bad for those who cancelled previously purchased pkgs in good faith that this was a valid special sale. We did not know it was an error when we first booked the pkg. I thought it was a super cheap price, but I have seen super cheap prices before on occasion! Ironically, we have a B2B scheduled next Jan/Feb - yesterday both cruises showed the 18.00 price, but I couldn’t book the beverage pkg for the first week (Jan). Kept getting time out errors, so we tried booking the second week from a different computer and lo and behold, it worked! I know what the beverage pkgs on both weeks cost before the sales, I know what they are currently running price wise, and I will be curious to see how the “special offer” for this mistake really turns out. Hopefully RC sees the better light in this situation and just let’s the packages stay as purchased.
  4. This, exactly. People shared on FB, Twitter, even called RC to see if it was a mistake. This is the downside of Social Media, and instant information. I have benefitted from pricing/human errors in the past. Waited for months expecting the errors to be caught, yet our pricing never changed. The only people that ever knew about them were myself and my husband. We also benefitted from a super low dining package sale once - it was a sale listed for one day only, and I’ve never seen the price that low again. Looking back now, that could have been a glitch also.
  5. I had the exact type of surgical pins under a cast in my wrist/arm as it sounds like your son has. I was going to suggest you bring a copy of the x-ray which shows the pins, but I see you already mentioned you have a photo of the x-ray. Also, I suggest you talk to the orthopedic surgeon about your son’s permission to go in any of the pools. When I had the pins under my cast, I absolutely was warned against getting it wet AT ALL. Too much risk of infection. In fact, my cast was changed every 10 days to 2 weeks while healing so the dr could make sure there was no infections starting. I hope you all all can relax and enjoy your trip!
  6. You are not alone in your feelings. A freak incident at my grandson’s daycare several years ago left me with a broken wrist, requiring surgery, pins, a couple months in a cast, and a few months of physical therapy to regain use of my hand and wrist. It was highly inconvenient as it happened right after Thanksgiving, thus affecting the holidays, and I could not drive for a good portion of that time. The daycare’s Corporate office reimbursed all of my out of pocket medical expenses, and probably would have covered lost wages, but I had enough sick time banked up for any time I needed off, and my employer was quite flexible with my schedule while I was not able to drive myself. I did not ask for anything more. Other than that, I was grateful my injury wasn’t worse or permanent, and very grateful I was not carrying my grandson at the time of the incident.
  7. If you look at the detail of this cruise date on RC website, it still shows Key West as a stop. Whether that is accurate, I don’t know. Maybe check your cruise planner and see what the calendar now shows.
  8. If you checked the RCI site to see your itinerary has changed, you should have also seen the notice posted on the RCI site for the travel update they’ve issued with the option of cancelling or a 50% credit on the revised itinerary. FWIW, this isn’t RCI’s fault, and, imho, your terminology of wanting to “demand” a refund is a bit harsh, and completely unnecessary.
  9. The last time I saw a Tax Day offer was either 2016 or 2017.
  10. Besides the 3 night dining package for $60, I have also gotten Chops lunch for 17.99. I don’t know yet how different the lunch menu is from dinner, but thought it was a good deal for a change up on a long cruise.
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