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  1. I'm considering a Xmas/New Year's Panama Canal cruise with my family, including my wife and daughters, ages 20 and 17. I understand that normally Panama Canal cruises have an older crowd. Would there be a number of people in the upper teens/early 20s on a Panama Canal cruise over the holidays? We've done long Caribbean cruises over the holidays and they have had lots of teens and other young people for them. I'm hoping that would also be the case for a Panama cruise. Thanks.
  2. I am considering a PC cruise over the holidays in December with my wife and two daughters, ages 20 and 17. I understand that a lot of PC cruises generally have an older crowd. Would there be other older teens/early 20s on a PC cruise over the holidays? Specifically, I'm asking about a Princess cruise. Thanks.
  3. During our December cruise, we had booked one adult and one teen (17 and 14) in each adjacent cabin. This was primarily because DW and me had previous a Princess cruise and thus a lower booking cost. Once aboard, we went to customer service and they reassigned the Medallions so that DW and me were assigned one cabin and the teens in the adjacent cabin. It worked just fine. They don't care if you move within a group traveling together. Only one person needs to be 16 or older in the cabin.
  4. It does appear on the website as a special resident offer and provides the excursion credit for residents of certain states. Offer is available to residents of Pennsylvania, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida who are 21 years of age or older.
  5. My experience on CB in December was also hit or miss. I had times where a drink was delivered in 5 minutes. I had times where it never came and was simply marked as "canceled" after 20 minutes or so. The app is spotty for location, so that may have been part of the problem. In many spots where people hang out a lot (MUTS), the app said I couldn't order a drink. If I moved 10 feet in one direction, it would work fine. The other strange thing was that about half the bartenders and waitstaff would not even need to scan the Medallion because I would automatically show up on their system. The other half would have to manually record my cabin number because the system wasn't working for them either. I completely agree about the texting. It was so irritating to have members of my group send a message and later ask why it wasn't responded to. I would look and see that I had one, but there was no notification at all. And no way to tell how old the message was. For locating other shipmates, it worked pretty well. That was definitely it's best feature. So, I agree with your assessment. If they ever get this working properly, it will be amazing. At this point, however, it is not yet ready for implementation and is a source of frustration.
  6. On CB in December, immediately upon boarding, my party had lunch in MDR. I went to talk to the maitre'd and he added our party to the list. On a 14 day cruise, I believe they did Chef's Table twice. Try to get on the list immediately upon boarding.
  7. I have no idea what Princess' purpose of this policy is, I'm simply contrasting it to other cruise lines in other ports. During this waiting period, nobody was allowed to board and the gate attendants and other Princess personnel provided absolutely zero information about the status of the situation. And, as I said, the room was full of people waiting to board. There were people who had to stand as all the seats were full. I had the earliest boarding time, although not priority boarding. So, you could say that I arrived too early for my boarding time, but so did everyone else in the waiting room. And again, I've never had to wait at all to board at other ports for other cruise lines. I always arrive at the port about 10:30 or 11 and usually walk right on the ship. This time, the check in process was flawlessly fast. The boarding process was incredibly slow.
  8. I don't know if this is port specific or cruise-line specific, but I have never waited so long to board a cruise as I did at Port Everglades in December. We arrived about 11 and waited nearly an hour. When I've cruise RCL out of Port Canaveral or New Jersey or Celebrity out of Miami, I have literally walked right on to the ship when arriving at the port. I'm impressed with the speed of check in with the Ocean Medallion. There was no need for pics or other security issues other than scanning passports. But I did wonder what the point was of speeding up the check in process if they're simply going to make us wait for an hour in the lounge. It got so full that there weren't enough seats for everyone waiting. Why is Princess (or Port Everglades) so much slower with boarding than the others?
  9. We were in Martinique a few weeks ago. They take both Euros and dollars. Interestingly, they quoted the prices as 1:1, i.e., $5 or 5 Euros.
  10. I don't have specific experience with Royal, but we were recently on CB. I have 17 and 14 yo daughters. They generally used the teen club to meet up with other teens and would then move around together to do other things on the ship.
  11. Dining is already a problem on the Princess ships. They've changed the set dining times to 5:00 and 7:15. On our recent cruise, the ATD line was really long. We spoke to passengers who waited a VERY long time for a table. I fear that further segregation would only make it worse.
  12. From my experience, Princess has more people who dress formally than RC or Celebrity. When we were on CB during the holidays, there were a very large number of tuxes and gowns on formal nights. Not everyone dressed that way, but there were definitely more than on RC or Celebrity. We enjoy dressing up (we don't have many occasions at home to dress formally), so we appreciated it. Even on other nights, people dressed nicely in the dining room.
  13. I was on the ship a few weeks ago. The Ocean Medallion system still has a lot of bugs to work out. I'm not sure it's really ready for use. The ship, on the other hand, is in absolutely fine condition. There were no issues at all with the ship and she looks great.
  14. They have paper straws available, but you often have to ask for them now. They are not always provided without asking.
  15. On CB during the holidays, ordering a drink with the Medallion was only about 60% successful. Sometimes, they brought it in 5-6 minutes. Other times, it never arrived and the status simply was changed to "cancelled." It was pretty frustrating. There were times on the Sun Deck where the app couldn't find me, so it wouldn't let me order. Then, i moved 10 feet in one direction and it worked fine. It's a great idea, but still pretty buggy at this point.
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