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  1. Thank you. On our first visit to Bermuda we hired a private driver for the day and he gave us the whole island tour but as expected our stops were short and limited. We did indeed see the ducking of the wench and I remember there being a small church near by. All our other visits we have stayed near the dock. But this trip the ship will be staying overnight and we would like to explore Hamilton and St. George area on our own. We are arriving on a Monday morning so I will look into the ferry schedule. Your information is useful thank you for responding.
  2. Our cruise ship is docking overnight at the Royal Naval Yard in June. We want to visit the other end of Bermuda on the day we arrive (9 AM) and would like to snorkel. I figured if we go this day we don't have to worry about watching the clock to get back to the ship. I read that there is snorkeling at Tobacco Bay, how is the snorkeling there and what is the best way to get there? Is there any other must see things in the area also? Are the caves close by? We have been to Bermuda a couple of times but only for the day, so we have already explored and snorkeled in the area surrounding the Naval Dock Yard. Thanks
  3. The local bus was in the middle of the parking lot. There was a guy just standing there and we asked him and he pointed to the local bus. It's the same parking lot where all the vendors have booths to sell tour tickets. We didn't mind having to walk once we got there since we were off the bus early to go for a walk before our early afternoon whale watching excursion.
  4. We went five years ago, my husband thinks the local bus was only $2 pp each way. This did not include admission to the museum. We walked along some trail to the visitor center and then to the falls. This is a local bus not the shuttle bus that offers narration. We caught the bus in the parking lot where all the tour vendor booths are. This was not something I had planned on doing or researched since our whale watching tour later in the after noon was stopping by Mendenhall Glacier for a quick distance view. We were just off the ship around 7 - 8 AM wandering saw a sign and asked someone in the parking lot about Mendenhall Glacier and he told us to take the local bus, he said it was leaving in about 5 minutes. He said it ran often. For us it worked out well. Our ship was docked close to where the bus parking lot was and we didn't mind walking once to we got to Mendenhall Glacier.
  5. We took the local bus. We got off the ship very early just to walk around and we saw the booths with all the vendors. One vendor told us that the local bus was leaving in a few minutes so we took it to Mendenhall Glacier, the bus was empty. Once there we walked to the falls and back (about a mile each way). We spent less that two hours there. The bus heading back to the ship was also empty, it was late morning. Had plenty of time to have lunch on the ship and head out to our afternoon whale watching excursion.
  6. For 2500 points it's $50 off your folio in the form of OBC or you can download the $50 to play. After that it's $5 for ever 250 point increment. If you want the OBC you have to let someone in the casino know, it is not automatic. If you want to play it just download it to what ever machine you are playing on. If you decide to download it on the machine your points will drop by what you downloaded but don't worry the casino host keeps track of the original points you earned. I took a photo of my points before I did it.
  7. Change it manually, it's important that when returning to the ship that you are on ship's time. There will a notice in the Cruise Compass and an announcement to change your clocks accordingly.
  8. I don't know where the sea caves are that you are looking for - St Martin's and Hopewell Rocks both have sea caves. If you are looking for the part of the Bay of Fundy where you can walk on the floor and see little islands protruding up from the ocean floor you need a tour that goes to Hopewell Rocks, it's about a two hour ride each way from port. If that is what you are looking for just ask if the tour is going to Hopewell Rocks. Walking on the ocean floor is only available during the low tide cycle. The Bay of Fundy is a huge area and on our first visit I too was excited to be visiting then Bay of Fundy - when we stopped at a dock in the Bay of Fundy there boats were sitting on the floor but it was nothing like I imagined...needless to say I was disappointed. It was then that I found out that those iconic images are from Hopewell Rocks, a two hour bus ride from port. Next time we went I picked a week where we will be there at low tide and booked an excursion to Hopewell Rocks. See image below. St Martin also has sea caves but not as dramatic as Hopewell Rocks. We visited this place on our first trip...we did not have access to the caves since the tide was high. Hope this info helps you.
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