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  1. STINGRAY CITY BAHAMAS Has anyone done this excursion at Cococay, Stingray city Bahamas. STINGRAY CITY BAHAMAS BAHAMAS
  2. I just printed the description from cruise planner, as I have purchased the PNAP for my summit cruse this Sunday. I will be speaking to guest service if they deny me smoothies.
  3. O boy! But that might mean no drinks being served at the Skylounge for that evening between 5-7.
  4. Senior Officer's party Do they load drinks on your card for that evening, Elite and above? Thanks
  5. Hello, Does any recent Summit cruiser remember what day and time this event is planned for? Thanks
  6. Can I buy a beverage package on the 3 day of the cruise? Thanks
  7. thanks all for the help!!! Where on the Summit is spa cafe located. Thanks
  8. Hello, Where can you get a smoothie drink on the Summit? Does anyone know what flavors. Thanks
  9. bonsai3s Thanks, most helpful information. I guess some folks like to high jack from original questions posted. Yes, Bloody marys is a great perk! I will not need a drink package if I plan correctly. Thanks
  10. Mynki Nope, just want to maximize my experience on the Summit. Have been on X years ago and want to know what to expect for planning my trip. I have had all types of experiences from Suite to Inside. So for what I paid, $115 a day plus port fees and drive to the port in 30 min. UM have a nice day. But thanks to the great X folks that helped with answer to better my experience.
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