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  1. Baltimore to Hawaii on a 737 is just cruel and unusual punishment.
  2. Depending on what boarding group you end up with you may end up still having to check you carry on. This is due to the lack of overhead bin space. They will check it for free at the gate, but be warned you might have to remove any stuff you don't want riding in the cargo hold. Medications, cameras, laptops etc etc etc.
  3. Nope, no issue at all. Spain, Italy, Russia, Japan etc etc etc could not care any less if you have a Real ID......They (and the airline) only care about if you have a valid passport and any required visa's.
  4. Correct, if you have a passport, passport card or Global entry card this is a NON ISSUE for flying domestically (USA).
  5. It's about 10 miles from the airport to the cruise port. When you fly in to EWR depending you which side of the plane you are on you will be able to see the port. It is maybe 4 miles as the crow flies, directly ESE from the airpot.
  6. Can I borrow those while you are sleeping, I have some Slayer, Iron Maiden and Motorhead I like to listen to while falling asleep. 😬
  7. I just love it when folks on here want to lecture the OP about this or that and NEVER actually answer the question they asked. To actually answer the original question......you can sign up for one of the streaming music services (I have sirusxm myself but you are correct that it won't really work on a cruise). They (the services) are usually about $10 per month give or take, and allow you to download as much music as you want to your phone for offline listening. This is all done right through the app and is very simple. I use amazon music when I travel (I sign up for a month then cancel when I am done with the trip) and you can simply download a song or album for offline listening. Google music has a service as well as apple music. (apple music if fine if you are using an iPhone but if using an android phone it is a pain in my opinion. ) There really is no need to spend time ripping cd's to your computer then even more time transferring them to your phone when you can just simply use one the online services. I don't know about pandora or spotify as I don't use those, so others can weigh in on them.
  8. You know you can wear a pair of pants more than 1 day in a row, and the ship has laundry service that only takes a day. So you really only need 2 pair of jeans. Then a pair of khakis and chinos each. Then send out to wash as needed. It's not like you are overhauling an engine and will get them filthy during the day.
  9. Well, I'm not paranoid like many on this website so I put my name, address and cell number. I don't overthink it.
  10. You must be taking the scenic route if it is taking you 1.5 hrs to get from Orangeburg to downtown Charleston.
  11. I'm going to have to try using my TWIC next time I fly. I've had the damn thing since they started requiring them and only had to show it maybe a dozen times over the years to gain entry into a tank farm or refinery in the Houston area mostly. Nice to know I can actually get some use out of it for a change instead of just sitting in the glove box of my truck.
  12. The passport card is the same size as a DL and fits in the wallet nicely when flying domestic.
  13. Nothing bad is going to happen. Once you "no show" for the return leg home they (the airline) will just cancel the rest of your trip. Now, if you make it a habit, then, they might say something, but as a one off it is no big deal. I've done it a few times myself (though not internationally) when flights have been so delayed and missed my final flight home and just grabbed a rental car and drove home from Dallas to Houston or Charlotte to Charleston rather than sit until later the next day for an open seat home. If you see a price you like, and don't care about earning the FF miles on the trip home, then grab it and don't worry about it.
  14. On the positive side, this is an original "need" or "want" for a hotel. Nice to see something different instead of the usual "requirements" for a hotel that get asked over and over again. 🤷‍♂️
  15. Apples and oranges. You friend flew to Peru and tried to enter the county thus the 6 month rule. Sailing from a US port and back is a different as others have said.
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