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  1. The BCN-AMS leg, while having a DL flight number won't be on a delta plane. It will most likely be on a KLM plane. The AMS-DTW flight could be either a Delta or KLM plane. The routing via JFK will be all on Delta metal. Just be aware of that. Could effect seat selection and if the have/don't have premium econ, extra legroom seating. Just something to keep in mind.
  2. Honestly, in my opinion, if you are staying around 37th street you can just take the train from Newark into NY Penn station and either walk or grab a taxi the couple blocks to your hotel. (Same from JFK, but I'm more familiar doing it from EWR). But, none of the 3 airports are overly hard to get into midtown from, I would just pick the one with the flight schedule that works best for you.
  3. Ship or no ship....the view from your apartment is spectacular.😲 Can only imagine what the monthly rent is. 😳
  4. What time of year and day of the week? If you are doing this during the peak of cruise season on a Sat/Sun and you arrive late/mid morning you will have a bunch of folks trying to get through security as well. That can add to your time (even with Pre Check).
  5. You can take I71 (north) to I76 (east) to I80 (east) that will avoid all tolls in OH and PA. Once you get into NJ on I80 take I287 (south) to NJ rt 24 (east) to I78 (east) right to Bayonne. You will only have 1 toll on I78 (the part from basically where it crosses the NJTP to across the bridge into Bayonne). {side note, on the reverse route you will have a toll on I80 leaving NJ. (you can enter free, but have to pay to leave...insert your own joke😉) The I70/I76 combo (plus then the NJTP) is all toll roads once you get a little east of I79 near pittsburg. August will be no problem weather wise, just traffic and any summer road construction. Not knowing what day of the week you are planning on doing this, but going east on a Sunday afternoon can get pretty busy on the eastern side of PA and NJ will folks coming home after the weekend and all the truck traffic heading that way for Monday morning deliveries. Friday going east is prob the easiest with most folks heading out of the NYC area for so most of the major traffic will be going the other way.
  6. So, do we need a passport and should I use a T/A when booking one of these cruises where i might talk or not talk to anyone? Plus what is the best way to sneak on booze and can I remove the daily service charge? Finally, will I like the food while talking or not talking to my table mates. Some one please help me to decide.
  7. In the time you are here what you want to do is quite doable. You can do Ft Sumter on friday afternoon from downtown. The boat ride out and back are the longest parts. You are only at the fort for 30min or so if I remember correctly. (and while i am a history nerd...after the ranger talk there really isn't much out there. It is mostly just being there that is the attraction in my opinion.) If you are already going to the Yorktown for a show on Sunday night then I would just make that my patriots point day (Patriots point is where the Yorktown is located). You can go to the Hunley in the morning as it is will only take you an hour or so to visit. You will need ether a taxi or uber to get there. It is located on the old navy base. (there is also a nice little park on the other side of the shipyard. Its a bit of a walk but its nice and has some displays from the navy days and the history of the base/shipyard if you are into that stuff like I am). You can kill a whole day sat just downtown with the carriage tour and visting other places downtown. (city market and old exchange and provost dungeon are just a couple that come to mind off the top of my head). With the exception of the Hunley, pretty much everything you want is within reasonable walking distance or via water taxi and downtown.
  8. Yet thousands of people go to and from Galveston EVERYDAY without issue. Can there be slowdowns...yes. But your over the top hyperbole doesn't help anything. Just because you got caught in a slow down one time, doesn't mean it happens all the time like you implied in your post.
  9. What airport are you planning on flying into? IAH is about 75 miles form the port (with having downtown Houston in between the airport and port) and HOU is south of downtown and about 35-40 miles from the port with a straight shot down I45 to the port. If you did a redeye and landed at IAH early 6-7am time frame you could make it to the port without problems. HOU you can prob get away with arriving 9-10am without much worry.
  10. You will in NO way shape or form go through the Katy area getting from either one of the airports to the port of Galveston. I lived in Houston for almost 20 years and never saw the bridge to Galveston closed (except for hurricanes) for fog. The port does get closed for fog now and then, but not the bridge. There are not ALWAYS delays. HOU is south of downtown and only 35-40 miles (give or take) from the port. IAH is about 75 and, unless trying make drive a rush hr, will prob take about 90 min give or take (depending on route taken).
  11. Nope. Partly because I don't ever remember but mostly because for something like that I would ratter just get the shot and if it has some noise so be it. I am not that big of a pixel peeper for action shots. Now if I am doing landscapes, nightspots or anything with a tripod then that's a whole different topic. But, I like to photograph the baseball and soccer teams in charleston and some of the night shots get up there in iso (my zoom isn't a f2.4 or f4) but the shots are useable enough for me.
  12. If flying in the day before none of them are overly difficult. You could fly United, for example, to Newark (EWR) then hop the train right to NY Penn Station and grab a cab to the port (or hotel). Same with JFK. No train/subway from LGA (yet) so you are stuck with the bus/subway combo or taxi/uber. Price wise I don't think you are going to find much difference between the 3 airports overall. Me personally, I find EWR the easiest, only because I have done it many times and find the NJTransit train to Penn Station pretty simple. But others will disagree.
  13. I'd just go auto iso and shutter priority at about 1/500-1/1000 (a few test shots before hand to test the light and move up or down if light becomes ad issue) and let the aperture fall where it falls.
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