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  1. If there is one person on this whole message board I would NOT enter into a debate with on maritime legal issues.....that person would be Mr Aquahound.
  2. The Tico's, Spruance class DD's (the Tico's were built on Spruance hulls) and Kidd class (modified Spruance class built for Iran) all had/have 4 LM2500 turbines for propulsion. They also had 3 GTG (gas turbine generators) for electrical power. I don't recall any diesel generator. If we lost the load and went dark.....we better hope we had some good GS's and enough compressed air to start the generator that was is in emergency stand by. And for the record....I never dropped the load while switching from shore to ship power or in the reverse. Knew a few guys, including the MPA (main propulsion assistant) who got the "Prince of Darkness" pin..but thankfully I never "won" it. 😁
  3. I haven't stayed at either of these as I live here, but the HI will give you a better view of downtown. Will you have a car or are you going to be using taxi/uber or something? Neither one is really close (walking distance) to anything touristy. Hard to tell you of things to do as we don't know what your interests are. There is the Yorktown, Ft Sumter, the plantations, the city market and so on. If you want the downtown stuff you might want to find a hotel in the historic district downtown, you'll pay more but will be in walking distance to many things. (I am assuming your mom is mobile as you didn't say otherwise). There are a few threads in this section with stuff to do here, just scroll and find them. (not trying to be a schmuck, it's just that not much has changed.) Hopefully by Oct everything will be fully back to normal. I know the last couple months when I get home for my days off I have been bored to tears sitting at home.
  4. Off the top of my head the Navy still has about a dozen or so steam ships and none of them are going away anytime soon. All 8 of the Wasp class LHD's are steam powered as well as both of the tenders (granted with MSC running the engineering spaces) and the command ships Blue Ridge and Mt Whitney (with the Whitney being like the tenders with a split MSC/Navy crew). The Comfort and Mercy are also split crews. With no more BT's they just have the MM's doing "BT stuff" now. (but I am sure there are still many old MM's who used to be BT's that were just moved over)
  5. And the History Channel used to be about....gasp...History related stuff. Plus the ultimate one...MTV used to actually play music at one time.
  6. Seems like I have been getting almost weekly emails from Delta during this whole thing keeping me/us updated on what they are doing. AA, UA, Hilton, Mariott etc etc etc not so much. Not that it really matters, just one persons random observations.
  7. And this whole CDC thing doesn't make a bit of difference if the states keep the cruise ports/operations closed (pretty sure cruising doesn't fall under any "essential" activites). If the governors of the states with cruse ports say no....there isn't a thing the feds can do about it. Other than go on twitter rants, talking heads shows or talk radio to whine that is. 😉
  8. NCL has a laundry service. Just put in the bag and they bring it back to your cabin (either that night or the next day) all washed, dried and folded. I can only assume RCCl has this service as well.
  9. I am a runner and have done the bridge run many times and all I can say is that date is asinine (I get that the logistics are probably a massive undertaking. But they are just asking for trouble with the amount of "non runners" who do that run. Not bashing them, just not sure how many are have the knowledge of summer running.) I'll just eat my entry fee this year as there is NO chance I'll be doing that run in Aug. The bridge run is usually my wind down run for the season anyway and I only do a few "easy" 5k's during the summer. (The Race the landing ones at Charles Towne landing are cool as they feed you dinner after 😁). Guess I just start looking forward to the fall running season now.
  10. Just fly into EWR and don't over complicate this. You are coming from Chicago...The headquarters and one of United's main hubs into their NY area hub. You will have the most flight options with the cheapest ground transport to the port with them. (depending on which way they are landing and which side of the plane you are on you will see the port when you land as it's basically just on the other side of the NJTP). Get over the whole southwest thing. by the time you land and either JFK or LGA and figure in the cost of transportation and time to get to Bayonne are you really saving anything over just going into EWR (on whatever airline) and a short cab/uber ride to the port?
  11. You do understand that trees are a renewable resource and are harvested like corn, wheat and tomatoes (albeit with a longer grow time) right? They cut them down and replant them with new trees. Also, there is a very good chance that the stuff you are getting in the mail is made from recycled paper, thus no new trees were harvested. I just picked up 40k lbs of rolled paper stock from a mill in TN yesterday and it will be delivered in SC Monday. In the time it took them to load me, they unloaded 2 trucks of scrap paper which in a few days will be shinny new paper. So not really harming the trees in any way. 🙄
  12. I found that putting lots of things in "quotes" by the op really helped make the points. But to really put it over the top, they should have added lots of words IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. 😉
  13. Typical isn't it? An OP, not just this one, but anyone who asks for bot positive AND negative replies gets them and suddenly doesn't like the negative ones. 🙄🤷‍♂️
  14. Just download a while noise app for your phone. 😉😬
  15. It's only about a $20 price difference so I'd go for Global Entry. Plus check with your credit card, they may cover the cost as a benefit. (My global entry renewal was covered as a benefit by citibank on one of my credit cards). But don't wait, start the process now, my GE expires in Jan and I did my online stuff in early Oct and it is still (as of 30 seconds ago) "in progress" 🙄. Not that I have any flights planned for the next few months anyway, but I might have to actually fly to either Atlanta or Charlotte to actually do the final interview as Charleston doesn't have a place to do it.
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