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  1. Depending on what route you take to Mt Pleasant you would have to cross the two big bridges on I526 as well. So MTP might not be for you anyway. Look around the airport area, there are many hotels in this part of town (airport, arena, Tanger Outlets) and you would not have to cross any bridges to get to the port.
  2. It can be a blast furnace hot/humid or it can be decent. All depends on what you are used to I guess. The gardens will be in full effect by then, the start to bloom in April I believe.
  3. The OP has been a member of this website for ELEVEN YEARS and couldn't figure out how to search the HUNDREDS of "do I need a passport" threads. 🙄 and of course, like always, this "passport" thread turns into people sniping at each other just like clockwork.
  4. What body are you using? Going to assume a DX (crop) body and if it is one of the higher mega pixel ones you can probably get away with what you have. Maybe grab something wider if anything. Of course (depending on your budget) you an alway grab a 150-600 and really get out there. Or just rent a longer lens, no need to spend over $1000 if this is only for this trip. You can rent a 150-600 for about $100 for the week (give or take depending on which version you get) from a place like lensrentals.com (not endorsing them, just using them as a reference point for price).
  5. So basically after 4 pages and 80+ posts is that this is an insurance issue and NOT a NCL issue. Can a moderator change the title and place it in a more appropriate section of this website.🤷‍♂️
  6. I'm going to say that checking with Carnival directly would probably be a better source of information than Facebook or here for that info. Or at the very least some sort of official word from Carnival on a social network site rather than relying on opinion and speculation.
  7. Yup, domestic is pretty much all priced as one way segments. It's the international stuff that kills you on the 1 ways. 😳 I just spent the last hour checking the various one ways from Charleston to Boston/Portland Me for a trip I am making up there next month. Not that it matters to anyone but me, but, did end up with a decent deal on CHS-BOS on DL. Flying into PWM is easier, but I just can't justify the cost when the shuttle bus only costs $50 r/t.
  8. I'm with you 100%. I lived in Houston for almost 20 years and now Charleston for the last 4 years and am very aware of the power of storms. If Snit it sensitive they should just move on. Just because someone lives in NY doesn't mean squat, they could have been born and raised in the "hurricane zone" down here and moved up north. (heck, they could even be snow birds) who knows.
  9. I wonder what the % of folks is on here that have absolutely no clue about this reference. 🤔😂😂 (I own the movie by the way).
  10. You don't say where you are flying from. Last I knew SAS doesn't fly to Kentucky so you are going to have to take at least 2 flights with one being a positioning flight to get on that SAS flight then the one across the pond. (then 2 flights in reverse).
  11. I now need to wipe off my keyboard after I spit out my drink laughing after reading this. Apparently CCL didn't get the memo about "good stewardship of the resources".
  12. Denver and Newark are both big United hubs so you will have the most choices of flights going to EWR. From Newark airpot you can just hop the NJ Transit train right into NY Penn station for $13 ($9 for seniors and children) from there there are a million hotels in the Penn Station (Madison Square garden)/Time Square area. Either a short walk or quick taxi ride to the hotel. (or depending on where your hotel is the subway is an option). Once there a quick subway ride is about the best and easiest (IMO) way to get around the area to see the sights. Cruise day...a quick cab ride to the pier form whatever hotel you end up at. If you have never been to the city, definitely stay in the Time Square/Penn Station area to experience it at least once.
  13. No. They answer to their shareholders who want profits. They (cruise lines) are, much to some folks shock, are for profit companies and want to make money.
  14. To my above post...I was bouncing around and didn't realize this was the "east coast departure" section. Disregard that part of my comment. 🤦‍♂️
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