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  1. Hi all...we are booked on the 5-night out of Miami on March 15th. We have a bunch of family going as well, and everyone has booked separately, save for my parents. Now, Explorer has completely disappeared from the March/April calendar. I know the drydock was scheduled for March 21-April 20th (I think), but I'm wondering if they pushed it up? My SIL called to change her family from two balcony cabins to a panoramic oceanview suite, and they said it was sold out and that the ship is going into drydock and that they will have to get back to her with some options. I called twice, and got two different answers, but both basically stating that it's not cancelled. However, it's "sold out", and I cannot switch to a suite, but may be able to in a couple days. Weird. I suspect they are planning to cancel? Just the other day, my in-laws booked and there was wide open availability for all cabins. Just seems weird, and I can't get a straight answer, and now the rest of our family cannot book!
  2. We are also on Oasis tomorrow, in a JS on deck 8! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. This ship does Great Lakes cruises, seems she was getting some work done. There was all sorts of cleaning, pressure washing, painting, etc going on. I looked up the ship, and the sailings aren't cheap...accommodations seem a bit spartan too. Ahhhh, first drink of the day. We have purchased the drink package, most recently on our Cuba cruise on Empress last July. We just find it's really not a good deal for us. We're pretty healthy, and on that cruise I just drank and drank to get my money's worth...and by the end of the cruise I think I gained 12-15 pounds....moreso from the alcohol. I looked GROSS! Yikes. James doesn't drink much, not his thing. But we do enjoy nice wines (I'm a wine connoisseur), and sometimes a cocktail before. I think for both of us, we spent maybe $150 on individual drinks? We do bring two nice bottles of wine onboard as well.
  4. Not the greatest weather day, it was chilly and windy. We wound up being last to sail out of the port, so it was neat watching all the other ships leave. I'm on the left in the red hat, James is on the right :) Let me just say, LOVE having an actual shower door. The bathroom is certainly nothing to write home about, looking forward to comparing it to our JS on Oasis next week :D Might never be able to go back to a regular balcony cabin! We were on Deck 7, Cabin 7518. As you can see, two down from the very front. We liked the location, it was quiet and easy to get around. Seas were calm, so we didn't feel too much movement Now I will say, Indy was showing her age here...which is sad because she's not THAT old. I would say well-used is a good way to describe it. Things looked worn and tired, but I didn't find any part of the ship unkempt or overly dirty. She just needed some TLC...which hopefully she got at drydock. I'm curious to see all the places they put in extra cabins.
  5. Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of follow through. In any case, here we go: CRUISE DAY :cool: After grabbing a coffee and breakfast in the hotel restaurant, I ordered an UBER and we waited in the lobby until it arrived. From the Marriott, I would say it was maybe a 12-15 minute drive? Not bad at all. However, Port Everglades seems to be a mess...like I remember from 2012. Our UBER driver could not have been more disinterested in life, and she was on the phone WITH HEADPHONES! Twice I said, "we are on Independence of the Seas, Terminal 29". Did she listen? Of course not :loudcry: So here we are sitting in line for Terminal 18 as Harmony was also sailing that day. Took me at least a minute to get her to stop talking and hear me out...WE ARE IN THE WRONG LINE!!! Now that we are heading in the right direction, I can relax a bit! We pull up at around 10:15AM, and of course there are still folks getting off of the previous 5-nighter. This Terminal is atrocious. No signage, no one directing anyone (yes the terminal was open for check-in and they were letting people in). We ended up waiting 5-minutes in the airport transfer line until some behind asked if this was the line to get in the terminal, and then we figured out we were in the wrong line DOH. Security was pretty quick, thankfully we arrived early because the line got SO LONG. I would say we were through security within 5 minutes of getting into the correct line? Check-in was also super quick, and before we knew it we were sitting and waiting. They made us wait a while, at least an 45 minutes on the lower level of the terminal, and then another 30-35 minutes on the upper level. Oh well. Talked to a few folks and had some laughs. I will say this: People, listen to the boarding announcements. Don't get up unless you are called. There were hoards of folks blocking the way and no one could get through. Then a port employee started yelling and that seemed to work. Ha. I'm going to post a bunch of pics for now, and I'll let those do the talking. We headed to the windjammer and had no issue finding a table. Food was meh.
  6. Tomorrow everyone, promise. I just got back from a biz trip to Portland. Stay tuned Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I would say get the letter. Because work related issues are usually covered even if you don’t have cancel for any reason. Submit that letter and I would think you’ll be good to go to get her fare refunded. You shouldn’t have to pay a single supplement since you already paid for two. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Don’t cancel, just tell them she no-showed at the port. Since you’ve already paid, no reason to make any changes. Unless you can find someone to take her spot. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. You would file a claim with the insurance company and they would advise how to proceed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Oh no!! I’m so sorry :-( Did your Dr say how long until he can travel? I double ruptured my the same eardrum, my doctor had put me on a no flying for 4 weeks restriction which has just passed (I travel weekly for work). But then I found out I have Valley Fever, which is just fungal so I’ll survive. Perks of living in AZ. Joy. I always use Insuremytrip.com, as they have a lot of plans to choose from. Nationwide has a specific policy for cruising, and you can add a cancel for any reason endorsement. We’re on Oasis on 8/12. I hope your son’s arm heals quickly and you can reschedule very soon. I know there was still space on the 8/26 booking.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I was simply giving MY opinion, having lived there in 2015-2016. Not so dated. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Sure. It’s about a 2:45-3 hour drive give or take. But if the ship happened to be delayed you’d be SOL. It’s a straight shot down I-95. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Thanks! I’m working on the next, will try to get some posted tonight Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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