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  1. Perfect! Thanks for your replies! This has given me the info that I need.
  2. If we are in anytime dining, can the waiter save any leftover wine for the next day? I like to have a glass or two with dinner, but I don't need the whole bottle. Also, on another line, we could have the waiter save it, and then pick up the rest of the bottle in a bar or club later. Can we do that on HAL? Thanks
  3. We're on the Oosterdam in June. There are 3 of us in our cabin. I called my cruise consultant and asked how much it would be to upgrade from the Verandah we had to a Signature Suite. It was $70 per person, with the third person not being charged. SIGN ME UP! Just the extra room for three people is worth it. So I called my sisters and sister in law, all who have triples booked, and they upgraded, as well. I think that if it were only my husband and I in the room, I wouldn't have bothered. It's a cruise celebrating my younger son's college graduation. He's in the room with us. I've not told him I've upgraded. My other son and his gf are in an interior room. If they want to upgrade, it's on them! HA!
  4. Thank for the photo with the couch folded out...it answered many of my little questions. are there more than one outlet, too? This is a "Come for the graduation, stay for the alaska cruise" family trip...we have 6 cabins, and 4 of them are Signature Suites! My younger son is graduating from UW, and we're celebrating getting him off our payroll!
  5. Thanks. That's what I figured. I wanted the more spacious room, because our adult son is traveling with us, and it will be nice to have the room to maneuver around. Of course, I promptly contacted others in our group in a similar situation, and they all took the upgrade. Woohoo! Alaska, here we come!
  6. After the recent price drop, I was able to upgrade to a Signature Suite and still save 650 on my cruise (yay, me) I understand there aren't a lot of perks with this, but does it include priority boarding? This is my first HAL cruise....I am afraid I will be spoiled and not want to go back to regular balcony cabins!
  7. I know this has been asked before, but I can't seem to find the search feature any longer, so please indulge me. Is there an app available for texting among passengers? Can someone supply a link to more information? Thanks!
  8. We have a group on an Alaska cruise next summer...20 people. We all picked the your choice dining to offer more flexibility. Can we make a reservation if we have a table of, say, 8 people that want to dine together? Is there a table size restriction for such a thing? Thanks in advance
  9. Does that mean you could, technically, bring another bottle back for personal consumption from port? <hopefullly>
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