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  1. Westyone

    Freezers in the refrigerators?

    We were just in os on Insignia. No freezer.
  2. Westyone

    R-Class Owner and Vista suites

    I will chime in since there are few responses. We stayed in 6091 on insignia in late july. Although we did not use it I believe the sofa in the living room is a pull out sleeper. Don’t know if it is comfortable or not. There is also room to put a roll away if that would work better for you. There is a drape to pull for privacy between the rooms plus the half bath off the living room. The suite was fine. There was some noise from anchors or something when pulling into port. The rooms above may experience less noise....don’t know for sure, just guessing.
  3. Westyone

    On the Insignia Now

    Don’t miss the observation lounge on deck 10. Forget the exact name. Great place to watch the sunset going home from Bermuda. Very quiet in the evening and the bar is open.
  4. Westyone

    Early first impression of Insignia

    I would consider O again if it were with DH or a friend. If I cruised with Daughter, son in law and granddaughters, I would not. They need more action! I was surprised to see so many young children and young teens on this cruise. All were very well behaved! One boy I spoke with said he enjoyed the cruise. I asked if he wasn’t bored, he smiled and said yes, a little. My 13 year old granddaughter did a 7 day NE RC Cruise the same week with her best friend and family. She had done several suite experiences on Celebrity with us and her family. She liked the RC Cruise because there was more to do and in her words, wasn’t hoity toity! :D
  5. Westyone

    Early first impression of Insignia

    LHT28. “You should have spoken to the Maitre'd on your way out about the coffee fiasco The staff are changing not so many Europeans as in the past” Yes, I did speak with the Maitre’d on the way out because I believe the supervising staff should be aware. He wanted my room number but I do not think it mattered who I was or what level room I was staying in. The service did not reflect well on the line. He apologized, called me by name and said he would let the director of the dining room (forget the exact title) know. That director did phone the next day but I had a hard time understanding him. I do believe the situation got the waiter in trouble because he avoided eye contact with me. The maitre’d and waiters were very ingratiating after that, almost overly so. But as I said, the service even afterward was just off. I’m sorry for the waiter but either he needs more training or the dining room needs more waiters. I also noted it in the survey without mentioning names. On positive side, our butler was good although we only used him to bring breakfast. The ladies who took care of our room were also good. I don’t think I recall any European staff. A lot of men from India, men and women from Bali, Kazakhstan, and Pilipinos, among others. I want to stress, the service was off only in the dining room toward the end of the cruise that I noticed. That should not have happened. Other than that, the cruise was lovely
  6. Westyone

    Early first impression of Insignia

    Final thoughts after the cruise Overall, a nice cruise with some glitches. I will explain below. As StanandJim said on another thread, “There is a whimsey about sailing on a 650 passenger ship, which account for four of Oceanias six vessels, and part of that charm is the lack the glitz and technology of the Gigantics”. We liked that. We went expecting to enjoy the cruise with good food, good service, great fellow passengers, quietly elegant ambiance and that’s what we got ........for the first 3/4 of the cruise. Then, something happened in the dining room. I’ll cut to the chase. Very subjective, but I thought the menues weren’t so great those last few days......maybe I just ate too much and wasn’t hungry. But the service deteriorated. Example: waiter took our dessert order. DH wanted coffee, I asked for cappuccino. We waited. Maybe 15 minutes. DH cup came. We waited. Dessert came. Waited. Finally called waiter who was serving coffee to nearby table who came and poured DH coffee. DH asked for the cream and was told assistant waiter would bring it. We waited. Ice creams melting, coffee getting cold. No cappuccino. We finally decided to go to bistro for our coffee. As we got up the waiter suddenly noticed us and was all over us but we left anyway. Something like that should simply not happen. But it went on. Next day at lunch in grand dining room I asked sommelier for wine which never came and said sommelier was not in sight. Finally saw him near end of meal and he blamed it on the server on the other side of the room who was supposed to bring it! I would likely have left this out on CC and let this thread die if it were not for the gentleman I encountered in the elevator those last days. We made the usual small talk and I asked how his cruise was going. He said “Eh. Oceania is my favorite line but something is off with the service this time.” Elevator doors open and out he goes. End of post. :o
  7. Westyone

    Early first impression of Insignia

    Likewise, in case of an emergency, and the elevators go out, it is the cruiser, and/ or their accompanying travelers, responsibility to get them down the stairs. When we boarded and I asked a question about the muster drill, our butler suggested that I call reception to let them know my DH used a wheelchair. Just befor the drill sounded two crew members came with a wheelchair and took DH to the drill and stayed with us the entire time. They explained that they were assigned to DH in case of emergency. They left the folding wheelchair outside our room.
  8. Westyone

    Early first impression of Insignia

    Thank you! 🙂
  9. Westyone

    Early first impression of Insignia

    DH is 170 pounds......less without his prosthetics.😃 In occupational therapy they taught both me and DH best friend how to help him get about without hurting ourselves. It’s easy to hurt yourself if you are not careful no matter your size. It’s simply not the crews’ job nor responsibility. I don’t question that. But I digress. This thread is about my impression of the cruise as a first timer on O, and not about handicapped passengers.
  10. Westyone

    Early first impression of Insignia

    No one offered with a wheelchair assist although that could have worked. As I said they did offer to carry the scooter down if he would walk. It was the most strenuous acitivity DH has done in a long time. Obviously I was concerned. I took my question to the front desk and asked about Bermuda. She said there will be a ramp from deck 3 there. She said because of the tide level they could not debarkation from 3 in Halifax as deck 3 was below the level of the pier. Don’t know why they had steps rather than a ramp on 4 but they may have had reasons. Celebrity always had a ramp and staff to help getting down in the scooter so I guess I thought it would be the same with O. The Concierge is going to contact me “after4:00”. It is behind us now. I just wanted to give a heads up to others in our situation. If you have not lived with a double amputee you just aren’t aware of the difficulties you can encounter. Little things like a small step are no longer little things but a barrier. Other than that the cruise is going well and we are pleased. This is our first sea day and it is easy going. Had delicious fish over polenta with grilled veggies at lunch in dining room. And pistachio ice Cream!
  11. Westyone

    Early first impression of Insignia

    I think it’s a liability thing. All cruises’ contracts that I have read say handicapped persons are welcomed as long as they have someone along to assist as the crew cannot.
  12. Westyone

    Early first impression of Insignia

    Handicapped persons A caveat for those who use a scooter because of need, not ease. DH has been an amputee for 11 years. He can walk only very short distances with the aid of a cane, like to the kitchen or br at home. He no longer does stairs. Newport and Bar Harbor are tender ports and we knew that so had no plans to get off the ship. We’ve toured Boston before and there is nothing to do at the pier so again stayed on ship. Sooo, we looked forward to Halifax. Guess what? Only stairs and no ramp for the scooter. The crew very kindly offered to carry the scooter down while DH took the stairs slowly with difficulty. Crew is not allowed to help support I don’t think, so it was just me. I braced myself and walked behind just in case but I would have been a pancake if he fell on me. They also had him stand a rather long while going through security until I spoke up. Young people and the able bodied just don’t understand and likely neither did I when I was their age. Just be forewarned if you are in a similar situation. Celebrity always had a ramp and two crew members to help.
  13. Westyone

    Early first impression of Insignia

    “That's good to hear. Any problems getting a seat at the shows?“ Not unless you go at the very last minute. We were listening to the wonderful string quartet which plays in the atrium until 9:15. By 9:00 some couples began ambling through to the lounge. We left about 9:20 by the time DH found a clear path. We sit in the rear of the lounge where there is a ramp and there were several seats. Only a few seats were left by show time but there were some. The lounge is small so there are no bad seats. Beware: if you arrive after the comedian begins the show you will be heckled! 😂.
  14. Westyone

    Early first impression of Insignia

    Half the fun of anything is in the anticipation! Indian food in the Buffet last night and I missed it. Greek theme this afternoon. Good comedian entertainer this evening. He basically improvised the entire show. Very funny.
  15. Westyone

    Early first impression of Insignia

    Let me preface by noting when I say “rough” below it means I felt the sway but it’s only enough to remind me that I am on a ship and to walk a bit more carefully. I don’t think anyone is getting sick or using meds. We are in Halifax today and will be enroute to Bermuda tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes. We did have a bit of bumpy seas ..........forgive me as we are on a cruise an I find I am getting my days mixed. Bear in mind hat we are in an aft room so it is likely the second worst place for feeling the bounce. First is the front of the ship I would think. So, I think it was rough late after leaving NY, but the weather was a bit stormy in that area. Then leaving Newport, but a table mate who has a sailboat said water is always rough leaving a harbor. Also some roughness late last night. Most of the sway seemed to be in the middle of the night if at all so we don’t mind being rocked to sleep. So far we’ve experienced nothing for anyone to be terribly concerned about. :D We ate in Tuscan last night and so far we much prefer Polo and the Grand Dining Room. We are thinking of canceling our second Tuscan reservation. This could just be us not wanting Italian food right now. Again very subjective so don’t yell at me Tuscan lovers!